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If you have basic wine knowledge, enjoy it more than every other alcoholic beverage, and can differentiate wine regions, then you should join a wine affiliate program. 

The good news is that becoming a wine blogger and affiliate isn’t only a fun pastime; it’s also a viable way to make money online in the wine industry.

By 2027, the worldwide wine business is predicted to be valued at $434.6 billion, up from $326.6 billion in 2020.

In the United States, the average household spends more than $130 on wine each year at home and $34 at full-service restaurants. To cut short, it appears that we live in a wine-loving world.


Growing a social media, blog, or YouTube channel following might be difficult, but you don’t need millions of followers to make money from your wine blog or channel. Simply join an affiliate marketing network and use affiliate or referral links to wine goods in your content to make money.

How does It work in General?

A link to a product with an “affiliates” specific ID is known as an affiliate link. This enables the advertiser to track the amount of traffic and revenue generated by a given site or user (a.k.a. your blog or YouTube channel). When a transaction is made through the ID-enabled link, the affiliate (that’s you!) is paid a “commission,” or a percentage of the sale’s revenue. As a result, the advertiser is effectively paying you to refer your followers to their items.

Why You Should Join a Wine Affiliate Program?

For a blogger, the wine industry is a dream come true. You can earn a lot of money if you can generate traffic to your wine affiliate programs with amazing content and an actual understanding of wines and the wine industry. To say the least, it’s a competitive niche.

It may be tough for new bloggers in the popular wines industry to get traction. Persistence and a keen understanding of your target audience, on the other hand, will pay off in the long term. For every specialty, maintaining a positive relationship with your audience is essential. However, in the wine industry, it is critical.

You must grasp your readership’s preferences on every level, or you risk publishing information that does not appeal to them. But if you can make that connection, you’ll have one of the most devoted readerships in the world. One that will gladly follow your advice and, as a result, provide you with the opportunity to earn some wonderful commissions for your site.

Now let’s see where you can go!

  • is an online retailer dedicated to providing clients with the broadest possible range of premium wines, separated by region and varietal, as well as expert advice from a staff of wine enthusiasts. The wine site sells individual bottles as well as wine presents such as glassware and wine accessories, as well as wine and food gift baskets, and much more.

The Rakuten Linkshare affiliate network powers’s affiliate program. Affiliates receive a flat 5% income on all sales, as well as high-quality banner ads and logos to use on their wine blog or website.

  • Cellars Wine Club

Cellars Wine Club offers six different monthly, bi-monthly, and quarterly wine clubs, all with free shipping and no commitment to continue.

The wine club has been in operation for 26 years and has shipped 3.4 million bottles of wine. Subscriptions to the wine club range from $29 to $79, and the site also sells wines by the crate.

The average order value at Cellars Wine Club is $192. According to my calculations, its wine affiliate program pays a 10% fee for each sale, which equates to an average payment of a little over $19. Commissions are paid daily, which is very convenient.

Affiliate marketers can use the brand’s extensive library of high-resolution graphics, and a specialized affiliate management team is available to help with customized campaign plans. Seasonal promotions and incentive programs are also available at the winery.

  • The Commission

Affiliate partners can earn a generous 15% commission from the California Wine Club. A fantastic affiliate commission, especially for a brand with such a lengthy history. Typically, as an affiliate program evolves, the commission percentage is reduced. This is frequently due to their brand becoming more powerful in their niche, reducing the amount of money they need to pay affiliate partners.

The ShareASale numbers are outstanding, as you could expect:

-They have a phenomenal average sale of $192. 

-The average commission for California Wine Club is $36. 

– However, the Earnings Per Click (EPC) is extremely high, coming in at $387.

The tracking cookie is amazing as well. After the affiliate has made a few sales, they can obtain up to a 90-day cookie. It’s only going to get better from here. This affiliate program’s 90-day cookie is a terrific bonus.

In any subject, this is one of the best affiliate programs. That’s it. For a retail affiliate program, the commission is excellent. The subscription model is fantastic, and it provides the blogger with a recurring commission of a reasonable sum. The wines are frequently expensive, and in many situations, the wine is sent once a month.

This is an excellent must-have for a wine blog, especially with the great cookie and underlying analytics from ShareASale. This is an affiliate program around which you may build your entire blog. It’s simply that good. This is a fantastic affiliate program.

  • Share a Sale

Shareasale is an affiliate marketing network that offers over 3,900 affiliate programs in over 40 categories and genres. Affiliates can promote their products and services by including links, adverts, and banners in their content and on their websites.

Your reward will be made through cheque (USA Residents Only) or Direct Deposit after your affiliate account balance reaches $50 or higher.

  • Vinebox

Vinebox, as you might expect, sells wine boxes. Its wine selections come from all around the world and are packaged in themed boxes like the festive 12 Nights of the Winebox.

Each box includes nine 100 mL wine tubes, as well as thorough information, pairing suggestions, and amusing facts about each wine. Only 1% of the over 11,000 wines tasted by the Vinebox staff reach the final cut.

  • Plonk Wine Club

Etty Lewensztain, a renowned food and wine expert with qualifications from the Wine & Spirit Education Trust and the American Sommelier Association, founded Plonk Wine Club.

It has a variety of wine club subscriptions available, ranging from two to twelve bottles every shipment. Wine club subscription costs start at $110 per month, and members receive a selection of the greatest premium and boutique wines every month.

  • Get Wines Direct

Get Wines Direct is a large family-owned and operated company that sells high-quality wines from different small and large international brands at accessible prices without requiring customers to join a club or make a long-term commitment.

Because the average order value is over $200, you may expect to earn roughly $16 in commission every sale.

  • WSJwine 

WSJwine was funded by The Wall Street Journal. WSJwine was founded in 2008, and they now sell tens of thousands of delicious and healthy wines across the country. Their experts sample over 40,000 wines a year, which are served to millions of wine enthusiasts.

Customers can also join their Discovery Club, which is a wine club where they can have their favorite wines sent to their homes every month.

Rakuten LinkShare manages the WSJwine affiliate program, and affiliates will be paid a 5% commission on non-club sales and a $20 flat fee on wine club referrals.

  • Wired For Wine

Wired For Wine focuses on high-end wines as well as sake (a Japanese rice wine, in case you didn’t know).

Most orders ship from the site’s warehouse within three business days, with free delivery across the continental US on orders of 6 or more wine bottles.

Wired For Wine also runs the 90+ Wine Club in addition to selling individual bottles. It only sells white, rose, and red wine that has received a 90+ rating from wine critics and comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. The club’s quarterly subscription is $169.97.

Within the 30-day cookie window, the Wired For Wine affiliate program provides a 7% commission on all sales.

  • Organic Wine Company

“To protect and enrich the health and ‘Joie de Vivre of our customers and the environment by promoting organic viticulture,” says the Organic Wine Company’s mission statement.

This means it focuses solely on wines created from organically farmed grapes and offers high-quality goods at cheap costs.

Individual bottles and multi-bottle sample packs are sold on the site, as well as four curated wine clubs: six-bottle red, six-bottle mixed, 12 bottle red, and 12 bottles mixed.

The cost of a wine club membership ranges from $125 to $250 per quarter, with four deliveries per year.

All sales generated through the Organic Wine Company affiliate program earn a 5% commission. Payments are delivered every month or when your profits surpass $50.

It’s nice when you can turn your hobby into a small business, especially when it is wine, so pure pleasure. Take care!

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