What is Search Engine Optimization: A Beginner’s Guide to SEO?



In the world of digital marketing, SEO plays a very significant role as it is useful in generating the traffic from different sources like free, organic, editorial or natural search results. SEO stands for search engine optimization and is mainly associated with the process of enhancing the traffic quality and quantity for the websites. The finest way for comprehending the SEO is through breaking down the complete meaning which is elaborated below:

  • One of the main aspects interlinked with the SEO is marketing discipline and this is very crucial for the efforts related to the market. Marketing discipline helps in driving the traffic for websites and generating leads with the conversions. Content is the main essential for marketing discipline and it must be ensured that it has been written as per the likings of Google also it should have the efficiency of resonating with the audience.
  • In SEO, it is relevant that the best practices for the optimization of content should be initiated because this is the main way of competing with the traffic. Individuals who have the appropriate understanding of the search engine optimization are highly sought as ROI they instigate is huge.
  • Creation of dope content and generation of leads for free proves to be very amazing for SEO. Changes to the algorithm must also be there so that the website can experience a nice amount of traffic.


When a user goes for a search on a search engine like Google so the results that are presented to him/her most of the times are linked to the websites that are appropriate as per the searches and query of the user with the authority of domain that is solid.


There is a set of factors known as on-site and off-site favored by the Google and search engines while ranking the websites. There are numerous factors which lead to affecting the rank of website but with the use of certain factors, the website can be improved through easily working on them. These factors are as:

  • Authority of the domain is a metric that depicts how much trust the website has managed to obtain through backlinks and age. The age of domain matters a lot as the older domain leads to huge domain authority.
  • The beginning of SEO starts with the right keywords and the main strategy for keywords can be to make use of the keywords that are medium to low competition and then gradually speeding up the target to the terms that are highly competitive. LSI keywords must be included that is making use of the synonyms to the targeted term.
  • Relevancy is another factor that must be considered in SEO as search engines have become smart enough to identify the difference between the page that is relevant and a page that is copied. The particular niche must be followed in SEO to build the website and obtaining the expected traffic.
  • The speed of the site is very important as the Google cares about this factor. So, it is important in SEO that the website should load quickly. Website speed can be obtained by using the caching plugins like W3 total cache or CDN for delivering the content in a quicker manner.
  • Websites that are clean and responsive can be considered the finest optimized ones. Mobile-friendly designs are preferred by the Google than the sites that don’t have. For instance, if any specific website is using WordPress then AMP plugin can be installed for loading the website more quickly.
  • The length of the content is another factor that must be considered in a website. It is important that the focus should be on providing more details so that a reader can connect himself/herself with that content and can easily understand the whole idea.
  • The URL structure of the website is another relevant factor to be categorized because if it is not easy then it becomes tough for the reader and Google to understand the post. Hence, the URL structure should be easy and simple so that it can be comprehended by the reader and Google.

In a nutshell, the most appropriate way for learning SEO is through doing it. If the website is having a content that is natural and unique then only better results can be anticipated. The most important consideration that should be kept in mind is that like other practices of digital marketing SEO necessitates time hence patience must be there and there should be no place for discouragement. SEO in digital marketing is not a job that is one-time but is a recurring strategy that must be focused on every website. It would take time but the results can be seen in a long-run.

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