The Who, What, Why, & How of Digital Marketing: A Step-by-Step Guide



The world of technology is experiencing a fast growth almost in every field and so is digital marketing. Digital marketing is a term which is used for describing the marketing services that are integrated. The main objective of digital marketing is attracting the customer’s engagement and converting customers online.

Digital marketing makes use of the several channels like marketing content, marketing of influencer, social media and SEO. It proves to be helpful in connecting with the customers. Uncovering the performance associated with the programs of marketing in real-time is easy with digital marketing. It is an effort initiated by the company for associating with the clients via e-technology, email, mobile marketing and other communities of online customers.

What is digital marketing

Digital media is so pervasive that it allows the users to access the information from anywhere and anytime. It is the continuous source of entertainment, news, shopping and what not. There are some tactics which are associated with the digital marketing. These tactics are as following:

Search engine optimization (SEO)

It is the process to optimize the website for higher ranks in search engines on result pages. This is helpful in enhancing the nice amount of traffic for the websites.

Marketing of Content

Digital marketing is useful in creating and promoting the assets of content so that the generation of brand awareness is easy. Content marketing is modest through digital media and helps in gaining the huge traffic growth. Lead generation is also simple while promoting the content on social media.

Inbound marketing

It is referred to the approach that is full-funnel to attract, delight, and convert the customers through the use of online content.

Social media marketing

It is the practice linked to the brand promotion and the content on the platforms of social media. It is also beneficial in enhancing the awareness of the brand, driving traffic and generating leads for the business.

Pay-per-click (PPC)

It is the method to drive traffic to the website through paying every time when the ad is clicked. The most common sort of pay-per-click is Google Adwords.

Affiliate marketing

It is associated with the performance-based advertising where one can obtain the commission to promote other services or products on the website.

Native advertising

It is linked to the advertisements which are entirely based on the content and featured on the non-paid content platform.

Marketing automation

This is referred to the software which exists with the objective of automating the actions of marketing. Most of the departments of marketing have to automate the tasks that are repetitive like emails, actions of the website and social media.

Email marketing

Businesses make use of the email marketing so that they can easily communicate with their customers. Email frequently is used for promoting content, events, and discounts for the business website.

Online PR

It is the practice to secure the coverage is earned online with the publications of digital, blogs and websites based on content. It is similar to the PR that is traditional but only in the space that is online.

Why choose digital marketing?

Digital marketing choosing is necessary because most of the people use social media platform for any sort of information. Digital marketing is the finest ways to reach the customers. Digital marketing doesn’t only work in the favor of marketers but it also offers some innovating things to the clients. Let’s discuss why choosing digital marketing is beneficial for the businesspeople and marketers:

Enhances growth options for small businesses

The significance of digital marketing for the business relies on the option for selecting a marketing method according to the budget. A decade back, it used to be a tough task for the small businesses to get their product in the market. As the modes of digital marketing are affordable and customizable so businesses that are small could manage to reach the market. It opens the huge range of options for them to promote their products and services to the customers.

Higher conversion rate

Businesses that are using the online method of marketing can easily measure the rate of conversion. They can easily identify the viewer’s percentage and can see the leads converted. Viewing the list of subscribers and buying the product or service also becomes easier for them. Methods that they can use include SEO, email marketing, and social media marketing as they hold the higher conversion rates. It also helps them in generating the rapid and efficient channel of communication with the customers.

Better revenues

Digital marketing is helpful in generating the better revenues for any sort of businesses such as traditional ones or e-businesses. It offers a bunch of nice benefits for them so that they can appreciate the incomes that are higher and better. It helps them in promoting the services or products in both the markets that are local and global.

Brand Reputation

It is tough to interact with the customers for promoting the services but digital marketing solved the issue efficiently. With the use of digital marketing, businesses can easily increase their brand reputation. They can make use of the social media platforms for promoting their brand, services, and products. It allows them to collaborate with their customers and provides them the information associated with the brand.


One of the main benefits of using digital marketing is that it is cost-effective. Individuals who are using the digital marketing don’t have to worry about the price part. Businesses that are small cannot afford the expensive resources for marketing and promotion so it helps them in an efficient manner. It allows them the scope for reaching to their customers within their budget. They can easily build the strategy which is affordable for them and can initiate the promotion further modestly.

Digital marketing opened the huge range of options for the businesses to promote the products and services. Collaborating with customers has become very easy for every business that is traditional or online. The future of digital marketing is going to be very bright as it is being adopted by most of the organizations and the users.

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