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One of my least favorite aspects of blogging is deciding what to write about in my next piece. I constantly feel like I’m struggling to think of something to write about. Today, I’ve chosen to compile a master list of travel blog post ideas for both you and myself to draw inspiration from in the future. No need to look any further because this page contains a comprehensive list of over 100 travel blog name suggestions. Choosing the best name for your blog or Instagram travel account is critical as you embark on your online adventure of sharing your experiences. A good name will get you one step closer to free travel around the world. Blog writing can help you build your business or career, whether it be photography or another type of business. It demonstrates your expertise and comprehension of the subject. You can share your excellent experience with a large number of people by writing about it. Your site may also be useful to some aspiring wedding photographers who are looking for authentic information to learn something new. There is a lot of information to disseminate. It’s all about sharing your expertise with the rest of the world. So, if you’re considering establishing a blog. Then the moment has come.

Travel Preparation

When I’m seeking tips on how to plan my next vacation, I always go to Google or Pinterest. While planning a trip, I rely on other bloggers for assistance with everything from airfare searches to packing lists to lodging recommendations. Consider topics on which you’ve sought assistance in the past and create a post about what worked and what didn’t! Also, avoid using tough words that your readers would not comprehend. It is preferable to utilize simple language that your audience is comfortable with. Do your homework and look into what’s going on in the travel industry right now. Look for useful stuff and frame it in your own unique way.

1. How to Get the Best Deal on a Flight

2. When Should You Book Flights?

3. How to Plan a Trip for a Large Group

4. How to Plan a Solo Vacation

5. What to Wear on Vacation Days

6. Packing a Suitcase

7. Hotel vs. Airbnb: 

8. How to Travel with Only a Carry-On

9. Best Travel Websites

10. How to Prepare for Abroad Time


You may say, “Well, I’m not a beauty expert.” Even so, when you’re arranging a trip, you think about these kinds of things. Make a list of your favourite beauty items or consider what you do in order to plan what you’ll wear on a trip! Beauty and fashion is such a popular issue that even if you don’t think about it when packing, I’m sure some of your readers will!

1. How to Prepare for a Winter Vacation

2. Packing for a Summer Vacation

3. What Should You Always Pack and Why

4. What You Shouldn’t Pack and Why

5. Combine and contrast 

6. Essentials for Clothing and Beauty

7. What to Bring When Traveling Abroad

8. What to Wear to Look Like a Local

9. What’s in My Bag 

10. The best photo locations

Experiences blogs

One of my favorite topics to read about on other travel blogs is other people’s travel experiences. Consider areas you’ve visited in the past or places near your house. To you, it’s just your hometown; yet, for someone else, it may be a complete trip!

1. It Was My First Trip Abroad

2. What I Enjoy About 

3. What I Despise About 

4. My Scariest Travel Experience

5. My Favorite Travel Experience

6. Volunteering in another country

7. Best Restaurants  

8. Top 10 Things to Do 

9. Destination Travel Guide

10. My First Solo Trip


Another type of travel blog article that I enjoy reading is inspirational. Create your own inspiration lists to encourage yourself and your readers to get your creative juices flowing! I’m confident they’ll be a big hit with your readers.

1. Favorite Travel Quotes 

2. Your Bucket List

3. The Top Ten Best Beaches

4. Favorite Travel Literature

5. Top 10 Overrated Vacation Spots

6. Top 10 Underrated Destinations 

7. Favorite Travel Bloggers 

8. Best Road Trip Destinations

9. How to Get Travel Opportunities That Are Sponsored

10. How to Create a Profitable Travel Blog


I don’t have money to travel, is the most common phrase I hear when I ask people why they don’t travel more. Share with your readers how you save and earn money both in your preparations for travel but also while you’re traveling. No one ever likes to waste money. Money is a point that everyone can understand!

1. Best Budget Destinations

2. Best Luxury Destinations

3. How to Save Money While Traveling

4. Creative Ways to Save Money

5. Best Travel Credit Cards


Nobody wants to become sick when traveling. Readers will want to plan ahead of time to avoid getting sick while traveling. Readers will be interested to hear your comments on everything from simple tips and tricks to vaccines.

1. How to Maintain Your Health While Traveling

2. What Vaccinations Should I Get Before a Trip?

3. How to Maintain Your Fitness While Traveling

4. What Medications Should I Bring?

5. What Should You Do If You Fall Sick While Traveling?

Mom Blog Post

Blogging is an excellent option for mothers to supplement their income. Mom blogs perform particularly well because there are other moms out there dealing with similar life issues and demands. The challenge is coming up with new ideas to write about, especially if you want to publish on a regular basis. Remember that one of the keys to being a good blogger is consistency. Consider one of the following blog post ideas if you’re stuck for ideas.

1. Giveaways of Freebies for New Moms

2. What to Pack in a Hospital Bag 

3. Nursery Decoration Concepts

4. Recipes for Smash Cake

5. Must-haves for a First Birthday

6. Ideas for Halloween Costumes

7. What Keeps You Awake at Night 

8. Things You Didn’t Know Until You Became a Mother

9. First Books for a Baby

10. Baby Girl Nicknames

11. How to Open a College Account

12. Back to School Preparation

13. Back to School Lunches 

14. Creating Holiday Wonder

15. Teething Techniques 

16. Putting a Newborn to Sleep

17. When you are pregnant, your body changes

18. Pregnancy Registry Checklist

19. Where to Register for a New Baby

20. Things that Aren’t Too Difficult

Graphic designer blog

A graphic design blog has a variety of topics that cover all aspects of graphic design. Photography, fonts, logos, typography, and any other facet of graphic design that you can think of might be covered in these blogs. Blogs on graphic design are an excellent resource for staying up to date on the newest trends as well as learning new graphic design insights. An excellent graphic designer blog will provide detailed analysis, industry trends, usage statistics, and much more to the graphic design professional.

1. What exactly does a Graphic Designer do?

2. How to Choose the Best Graphic Designer

3. Why Should You Become a Graphic Designer?

4. What are the current graphic design trends?

5. How do I become a one-of-a-kind Graphic Designer?

6. Is there a demand for graphic design?

7. Why is white space beneficial to a Graphic Designer?

8. Things to Consider Before Hiring a Graphic Designer

9. A Lighthearted Introduction to Graphic Design for Filmmaking

10. Advantages of Working as a Graphic Designer

11. Recognize the significance of visual designs in graphic design.

12. Understanding the foundations of effective graphic design

13. 5 Graphic Design Inspiration Websites

14. Consider the look of the blog you’re building 

15. 3 Signs You Should Outsource Graphic Designing

16. How to Use Infographics to Raise Funds

17. In Graphic Design, how do you turn visuals into ideas?

18. 10 Questions to Ask Your Client Before You Begin Graphic Design

19. 3 Methods for Providing Edits to Your Graphic Designer

20. What are the characteristics of a good graphic designer?

Wedding blogs

Blogging can also be used to attract customers. Clients will get to know you better this way, and they will be able to see your work online. When doing a wedding photoshoot, attempt to gather as much material as possible to use in your blog. This provides your writing with a more personal touch. Making a relationship with your audience is essential. Whenever you write something technical about photography, try to describe it in layman’s terms so that whoever is reading it understands it right away because not everyone is familiar with technical jargon in photography.

1. Frequently Asked Questions About Hiring Wedding Photographers

2. Tips for Incorporating Your Pet Into Wedding Photos

3. Preferences for Pre-Wedding Photography Locations

4. How Can You Make Your Wedding Photos Look Better?

5. What You Should Bring to Your Wedding Photoshoot

6. What prompted you to pursue a career in wedding photography?

7. Something You Should Know About Your Favorite Wedding Photographers

8. Amateur Wedding Photographers: Beginner Tips

9. Wedding Photography Equipment You Must Have

10. Include a photoshoot from a previous wedding.

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