Top 20 Best Travel Affiliate Programs to Earn Big Money



Travelling can fill your soul and pocket! Yes, This year offering you a golden opportunity to earn big money with lucrative affiliate programs. Travel Affiliate programs are fundamentally a digital marketing strategy wherein the owners of the website/social media influencers promote a travel company’s products/services and earn a commission in return for every sale! Generally, all the travel affiliate programs offer free of cost enrollment and the commission is paid to the publisher at the end of the month. 

If you own digital space in the form of a website or social media channel, then rent it and earn from it! Affiliate programs are beneficial for all, the travel companies earn quality leads and sales, the publishers earn commission and the audience gets to grab exclusive offers such as cashback, discounts, rewards, and more.     

Scroll down to know all about the most trusted and highly popular Travel Affiliate programs in India that have a high commission rate for publishers.    

  1. MakeMyTrip Travel Affiliate Program. MakeMyTrip is a household name for being the most trusted online travel portal that caters to numerous travel needs of travelers under one roof. With MakeMyTrip, it’s a cakewalk to book hotels, flights, buses, trains, cabs, and homestays in just a few clicks. Causing a ripple in the market with its affiliate program, MakeMyTrip lets you earn a commission of around 5% on domestic flight bookings, or INR 500 on international flight bookings, special rewards for converting a first time visitor into a successful sale, and equally rewarding benefits on same customer sale.     
  2. GoAir. A leading name in the aviation sector, GoAir connects all Indian states with regular flights and the warmest hospitality. The affiliate program launched by the leading airlines offers big discounts, jaw-dropping cashback, impressive rewards, and deals on future flight bookings that you must promote on your website or social media account. GoAir offers impressive commission percentage to its affiliates, so go grab the opportunity now!      
  3. JetAirways. One of the premier airlines operating in India, Jet Airways is preferred by passengers and affiliates in India for its exclusive reward and loyalty programs. One such well-paid initiative is its travel affiliate program wherein the affiliates can earn up to INR 250 commission by promoting the deals on domestic and international flight bookings. Affiliates may share the marketing collaterals such as banners, videos, or posts on their website, blog, or social media channel. Big rewards are waiting for you, so, JET SET GO!
  4. Yatra Affiliate. has long been the most favorite online travel portal in India that offers all the essential travel information beginning from details about the destination, to making travel bookings and reservation of hotels. In short, if you are looking for anything related to travel, visit! You may enroll in the affiliate program for free, and earn a commission of INR 225 for domestic flight bookings, INR 425 for international flight bookings, and up to INR 1000 on domestic hotel bookings. More sales mean a bigger commission for you!   
  5. Cleartrip. You can earn a handsome commission simply by renting out your digital space to a travel company like Cleartrip, and here is how? Join their affiliate program and let your visitors know about the season’s hottest deals on flight and hotel bookings. You are required to paste the affiliate link on your website, blog or social media account for your visitors. If any of your visitors click on the link and make a purchase then you become entitled to a commission of up to INR 400!  
  6. Mobikwik. The Mobikwik affiliate program offers a commission to publishers on bus ticket bookings. You generally see lots of discounts and deals on flight and hotel bookings but here is a program that caters to road trip lovers and budget-travelers. If you are a travel blogger or are a digital influencer, then you may introduce your visitors to the amazing offers on bus bookings by Mobikwik. Every successful sale through your affiliate link will bring a good fortune of up to 9% commission directly into your bank account!     
  7. Agoda Hotels. Agoda can help you find the best accommodation anywhere in the world! From hotel, resorts, homestays to flight bookings you can do all of it with the utmost ease. By signing up for its affiliate marketing program you can earn up to 6% commission. You just need to upload the banners or posts with seasonal or occasional offers on your digital platform for your visitors to see, click, explore, and purchase!     
  8. Expedia. Expedia deals in various domains such as car rental, travel packages, flight/hotel booking, and affiliate travel programs. Association with Expedia is much more fruitful when you partner with the brand as an affiliate. By becoming an affiliate/publisher you can make quick money through a profitable commission of up to 11% by advertising Expedia’s services/deals to your audience.   
  9. Air B&B.  Air B&B has become a trusted name in all the metro cities of India in a short span. By bringing together all the budget-friendly bed and breakfast options on a single platform in every city, it has allowed travelers to save money. Besides saving money you can also make money by enrolling in its affiliate program that brings a lucrative commission percentage on each sale generated by the referral link.    
  10. Travel Yaari. TravelYaari is another reliable bus ticket booking website that has a high-paying affiliate program. TravelYaari does not pay commission for the canceled tickets hence you must thoroughly read all the guidelines/payment clauses and stick to them to avoid any confusion. The payment in this program entirely depends on your engagement with your audience. If you can successfully influence your audience to make the purchase, then you are rewarded with up to 5% commission.   
  11. Musafir Affiliate Program. is a leading travel website that offers assistance in domestic/international flight bookings, business travel bookings, hotel bookings, holiday planning, and visa services. Besides the wide range of travel services, also runs an affiliate program under which publishers can gain a commission of up to INR 300 on each flight booking. The thumb rule of this program for publishers is to talk about the latest deals and encourage people to make a smart purchase. 
  12. Hello Affiliate Program. A popular and highly trusted affiliate program that gives you a whopping commission on every successful sale. Hello Travel track the leads using cookies, which ensure the publisher’s commission even if the user returns to the website directly in a given period. The billing cycle of the program is 30 days and begins on the 26th of each month and ends on the 25th of the subsequent month.    
  13. You always recommend, share, or advise your friends in your network about the latest offers you come across but never get paid for that recommendation! But by sharing the exclusive travel offers by TravelEngine in your network you can earn up to 15% commission. You become entitled to this commission for every visitor that you send from your digital platform to the TravelEngine website. 
  14. Affiliate marketing in any industry is a million-dollar idea that brings the opportunity to earn millions! If you have a platform and are passionate about traveling then join the Affiliate Partner Program. By signing up for their affiliate program you can earn big money in the form of a whopping commission.     
  15. Trip Advisor Offering a minimum 50% commission on sales of hotel bookings via an affiliate link, Trip Advisor is one of the most talked-about travel affiliate programs in the country. Trip Advisor pays you even if your user makes a booking in the next 14 days after his first visit and also when he is into the booking stage. 
  16. Goibibo Affiliate. You can save money by choosing exclusive offers on travel services like car rental, flight bookings, and bus/train/cab bookings and to make money you can join Goibibo Affiliate Program. Get jaw-dropping commission on flight and hotel bookings done through your referral link. 
  17. Kayak Affiliate. Now you can earn from traveling too, you just need to join the Kayak Affiliate Program and you are all set to earn a fortune! Place the hottest deals related to flight/hotel/cab bookings by Kayak on your digital platform using banners, videos, animation, and other multimedia posts and direct your visitors to Kayak and earn a commission. 
  18. TravelGuru Affiliate. The world is not the limit for TravelGuru as it has a network of nearly 4000 and 9000 hotels in India and abroad respectively. On every 10 bookings that you generate from the referral link, you get INR 300 that goes on to INR 500 and above for more than 30 bookings or as committed in the policy.   
  19. Ixigo affiliate program allows you to manage your earnings, and work as per your convenience. As an affiliate, you can choose the best offer to promote on your digital platform and redirect your visitors to Ixigo’s official website. This way you can make money and can also let your visitors get benefited from the great deals.     
  20. Lonely Planet. 12 to 15% commission is what you can earn by promoting the deals offered by Lonely Planet on domestic and international travel packages, and bookings. Lonely Planet is a top-notch travel website that features everything that comes under the travel domain. By associating with their affiliate program you can make a lot of bucks and help your audience save a lot of bucks!     

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