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Your social media marketing is a game that will take many twists and many turns throughout your time online. You will have to keep working on the strategies to grow on social media platforms as the world changes in trends and new tactics to be online. There are many ways you can grow online but sometimes we just don’t know where to begin. We happen to get stuck in the loop of never-ending tries that do not reap enough results to see our social media pages growing. Growing social media pages will attract more leads and hence website clicks to help you rank higher in search results. 

But the following social media marketing podcasts will have you covered in where to begin, how to lead, and where to take the turn of course of events so that you can get the best out of this marketing. Listening to these podcasts you will get a great way to polish up your skills and get suited according to the changing trends. Learning form podcasts is a lot better as it allows you to multitask. There won’t be any visual content and hence you can do several daily life tasks and tune in to these podcasts to avail the knowledge you seek. You can be doing dishes, working out, or can be traveling form places and listen to these podcasts. Listening to podcasts has been proved to maximize your critical thinking and help gain a boost in learning skills.

This post is all about the most important podcasts you must listen to win the game of social media marketing and everything related to it.

1. Social Pros by Convince and Convert:

Hosted by: Jay Baer, Convince & Convert and Adam Brown, Salesforce

Contents of the podcast: 

Since he found internet marketing in 1993, Jay has advised more than 700 brands from everywhere throughout the world. He has been known as the advisor with the most tried and tested strategies that are sure to win. Likewise, he’s a New York Times bestseller of various books, bloggers, influencers, and stunning podcaster. It’s consistently a joy tuning in to his podcasts since he talks about topics that have already been talked several times and have long debates over with astounding guests and it’s consistently educational. It’s afresh, functional, drawing in, and facilitating the absolute best personalities, for example, Neal Schaeffer, Brian Fanzo, and Madalyn Sklar. Social Pros has been named best podcasts mostly on social media marketing by Content Marketing Awards.

2. Social media marketing Podcast with Micheal Stelzner:

Hosted by: Micheal Stenzler

Podcast content

It’s not an unexpected event that the tycoons at Social Media Examiner made an outstanding piece amongst other podcasts in the social media space. Micheal Stenzler gives the most sought after social media marketing advice that can make any brand’s marketing campaigns win. Much similar to their stunning web journal, they welcome extraordinary specialists on the show and talk about strategies and genuine actions that help experts with keeping fresh and updated and win in the social networking space. You’ll get some answers concerning automatic messenger bots, improving your Ads, constructing a social strategy, overhauling your channels, and how to benefit as much as possible from your social strategies you run on your social media accounts.

Michael structured this podcast to support advertisers and entrepreneurs to comprehend what works better in digital promoting.

3. The Art of Paid Traffic Podcast:

Hosted by: Rick Mulready

Podcast content:

If you’re new to running promotions or advertisements on social media for yourself or customers, this podcast is an extraordinary beginning. Through this podcast, people can learn the best techniques to get going with all the requirements of running social media marketing ads. Rick realizes all the succulent stuff and conveys valuable information in each of his podcasts. Many people have gained from him a great deal of social media marketing knowledge. It’s not all about the strategy you adopt, but besides, helpful strategies that you can apply for your business. Rick’s attention is on creating ROI from all the paid traffic you’re getting and it’s presumably precisely what you’re searching for. These podcasts are enjoyable to tune in to and consistently conveys proficient substance in his digital podcast. If you would become a listener of his podcasts you will stay waiting for his next ones for sure.

4. Social Media Social Hour:

Hosted by: Tyler Anderson

Contents of the podcast:

This podcast has been around for 5 years now and around 214 of its episodes have been aired publicly. Consistently, Tyler meets the top brands and influencers to talk about the most recent strategies in digital promoting, social media and content advertising for all the social systems you can consider. This podcast has so much value to knowledge that one can collect a huge amount of information by listening to each of his podcasts. It’s consistently quick and gives a new perspective to the listener. Tyler has the skill of how to arrive at the point speedy yet detailed in explanation enough that it’s ideal for both beginners or amateurs and also for master audience members

5. Sophisticated Marketers Podcast:

Hosted by: Jason Miller

Product content:

At regular intervals, Jason interviews some of the social media marketing specialists from all around the world. His podcasts are based on the most important of the factors contributing to marketing campaign success. He welcomes significant experts of knowledge on building a superior social media interaction on LinkedIn for yourself and your business. It offers a reviving edge to the subject of LinkedIn Marketing that makes his show special and important for advanced advertisers. Besides that you’ll be flabbergasted by the number of equals there are among marketing and rock and roll. The choice is yours to hire him and get your social media campaigns the hit they need.

6. Copyblogger FM:

Hosted by: Sonia Simone:

Podcast content:

This podcast is by Sonia and has delivered quite some knowledge worthy information over the few years. This podcast is where she breaks down and discusses the latest points in digital advertising, copywriting, content promoting, email showcasing, change streamlining, and some more. Their methodology is straightforward, honest, and transparent. You won’t have any query questions asked in haste while you are listening to her. Every concept will be fully absorbed in you during the whole episode.

7. The Goal Digger:

Hosted by: Jenna Kutcher

Podcast content:

Jenna is known as the #girlboss of social media influencing world, a lady who took a $300 Craigslist camera and transformed it into a million-dollar domain and she’s all hyped up about social media like crazy. Her podcast is literally as If she is talking to you in person which is a fact many people love listening to her podcasts a lot. In case you’re hoping to make cash on the internet, work from home, leave your 9to5 daily job, make easy income generation and transform your passions and likes into benefits then that is the podcast that will support you.

Consistently, Jenna brings profitability tips, social media methodologies, business hacks, and stories that can assist you in improving as a business owner utilizing social media advertising.

Additionally, she’s interviewing some of the most incredible experts in the business, like Amy Porterfield, Melyssa Griffin, Lori Harder thus some more.

8. Online Marketing Made Easy:

Hosted by: Amy Porterfield

Podcast content:

Amy has an easy to understand kind of vibe and she is always talking about marketing related concepts and information. If you are heading out to begin an online business then Amy can be of big help. She will help you make your youtube presence strong, in building your SEO plan, making money as an affiliate, and other big questions.

9. Digital marketing:

Hosted by: Ciaran Rogers and Daniel Rowles

Podcast content:

This podcast rolls out weekly and is based on digital marketing products. People from across the world listen to this podcast to look for important interviews, updates in the world in digital space, and also talk about spreading out the best knowledge and skills. This podcast is equally entertaining and fun.

10. Write podcast:

Hosted by: Julia McCoy

Podcast content:

This podcast is briefly all about SEO keyword research, about content marketing online, social media tips, etc. Julia is trying her best to bring her passions in the world for people to learn and succeed from her tips.

Digital marketing is your way to go:

No matter how great of the content you have on your social media sites, you will at some point come across the need of having social media marketing done for your business. At this point, you must first listen to the information and data that is already available on the internet in the form of podcasts. These podcasts have helped beginners and experts alike in getting them the most positive results for their business. You must not be stepping into the waters with both of your feet and hence make sure that you do not end up wasting all your social media marketing ads. You aim to get the best results and we are here to suggest some of the top podcasts you should listen to. Once you try these marketing strategies you will slowly start developing your own set of strategies to help you boost sales and website clicks. You can be an expert in the field of social media marketing but still, listening to these podcasts will give you more information about the subject.

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