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Search Engine Optimization is a proven technique to increase website traffic by improving qualitative digital footfall. SEO targets various genuine and efficient traffic sources to increase the exposure of the landing website or web pages.

Group Buy SEO tools

SEO group Buy is a service that shares SEO tools for different types and businesses across the globe. SEO tools provide insight into various data to manage and analyze website traffic. Group Buy services include graphic, writing, recommending tools that are useful for a digital marketer.

As Digital Services grow in the market, the need for better ranking also arises. 

Numerous SEO apparatuses like Semrush, Ahref, and Moz are some of  the best tools that are available at a reasonable price. 

SEO tools for Keywords research

SEMrush: It is an online all in one suite (SAAS Product) to increase visibility. It is helpful for various businesses in the domain of PPC, SEO, Competitive research, PR, Content Marketing, Campaign Management, etc.

Google Keyword Planner– It is a keyword planner that helps you to research keywords for search campaigns. Google Keyword planner is used to discover new keywords, a monthly report of searched keywords, determining cost, and creating an ad campaign.

Long Tail– This tool helps generate high value organic website traffic. Long tail SEO  services use long tail keywords that have lower search volume and competition rate. Users usually use long phrases search queries (eg. blue colour shoes, best mobile under 10 K rupees) that are specific during the last stage of their purchase life cycle. These may be tricky in starting, but when you use them wisely, it becomes pretty valuable.

Specialized SEO

  1. Screaming Frog– Screaming Frog is a  UK based search marketing agency and creator of a famous website crawler that brought a revolutionary change in the field of SEO tools and services. This website crawler can be used on different operating systems such as macOS, Windows, Ubuntu. It runs a check on outer connecting, HTTP statuses, inner connecting, and some more components.

Main features include

  • Finding Broken Links
  • Analyze Meta Data
  • Audits redirects
  • Discovering duplicate content
  • Review Robots and Directives
  • Generating XML site map
  1. Deep Crawl- It’s a complete end-to-end technical SEO platform to run your website efficiently. The two prominent tools are Deep Crawl Detect (SEO Analytics Hub) and Deep Crawl Protect (SEO Automation Hub).  Deep Crawl detects crawls JS file and CSS to check and report various HTTP statuses such as disallowed files or broken links.

Deep Crawl Protect is the world’s first automated SEO testing tool that ensures that the code is SEO friendly and the developer can use them in their website.

Main features include

  • Detect growth
  • Website position
  • Prevent SEO error
  • Improve SEO 

   3. Woorank is an automated website reviewing tool with advanced SEO monitoring, keyword tracking, power site crawl, etc.

Backlink Monitoring And Analysis

  1. Ahref: It is a well known toolkit for SEO analysis and backlinks that audits and analyzes website’s common SEO issues and monitors website performance. 
  2. Open Site Explorer: It is an optimization tool that works as a search engine for backlinks. It helps to identify the links that lead to the website. It is a part of off-site search engine optimization.
  3. Majestic-. A powerful tool that does SEO audits and page analysis focuses on backlinks and link analysis.

Important SEO devices

  1. Buzzsumo– It is a cloud-based platform that can be used to achieve engagement, outreach, and content. It also helps to find trending keywords, customer queries, and content success. The working model is simple, Buzzsumo finds out those topics that are trending on social media and analyse them with the competitor content or website. This method of analysis gives Buzzsumo an upper hand over its competitors.
  2. Alexa – An incredible SEO tool mainly used for keyword exploration and reporting. Alexa rank measures the popularity of the website. It shows the progress of the website and how it is doing in comparison to other similar websites.
  3. Moz – It is a popular all-in-one SEO suite that increases the visibility of web content. Key features include keyword explorer, rank tracker.
  4. Keyword Revealer – It is a standard keyword research tool that gives keyword suggestions. One of the best tools to find low rivalry keywords.

Top 10 efficient and effective Group buy SEO tool providers.

  1. SEOToolAdda – SEO Tool Adda is a one-stop solution for all your SEO needs that can be applied on your website and YouTube channel to grow traffic and make them rank higher. One can choose the plan according to the extension of utilization. They offer one plus year guarantee and 95 % uptime. To tackle various customer issues, they have 24*7 support.
  1. Toolszap – They provide moment login access and update their apparatus on a constant basis. They are known for their uptime and cost of the services. The client assistance is incredible and works 24*7, 365 days..
  1. Fikover is a famous SEO tool company that does not provide its own software or tool but acts as a 3rd party service provider for SEO tools such as SEMrush, Ahref, Moz, Canva, Alexa, etc. Fikover is an Indian Group buy SEO tool administration; hence you can deal in Rupees. The supportive network is dynamic and easily accessible to address various issues.
  1. Pro SEO tool – They offer group SEO tools like Ahref, Alexa, Moz, Spyfu, Buzzsumo, Serpstat, etc. One can buy a 20 pack combo tool that includes a top content writing tool, Lynda, Grammarly, Netflix, etc., available around INR 600 for 30 days.
  1. Supreme SEO – A notable group buy SEO specialist organization that can be accessible 24*7. These are known for customer protection and data. For security purposes, many things are blocked, such as project adding, site audit, account details, API access. 
  1. SEO group buy kit – An award-winning group buy SEO apparatus supplier in the year 2019-2020. The plan starts from $ 10.99/month for the combo. One can purchase a single tool, and payment can be made through PayPal, Visa, American Express, etc.
  1. Frozenfry – Frozenfry SEO services have an uptime of 90% and a “one client one access” model that guarantees data protection of customers and the least cost for their plans and  services. They are practical and one can purchase any plan in INR (Indian Rupee).
  1. SEOTools Access– Offering more than 30+ SEO tools with 7 days unconditional promise, SEO Tools Access is a well known service provider with high customer satisfaction. According to their official website, they offer 100 % uptime that is truly remarkable.
  1. GroupbuySEOTool – They offer moment access (limited and authenticated access) with the introduction of their chrome module. With the assurance provided by the GroupbuySEOTool of 95% uptime and 24*7 support, they are one of the best service providers in the industry. To start, one has to register on the website and choose a plan according to the extent of utilization. They have a discount strategy to attract customers and pay attention to security, and boycott credential sharing.
  1. SeoToolsGroupBuys – SEOToolsGroupBuys is one of the cheapest service providers for SEO tools in the market with a good reputation among their customers. They deliver methods for sharing SEO tools for portable, chrome, RDP, cloud server extensions with a user-friendly interface. Services are focused on and used by bloggers, SEO experts, Ad campaigners, etc. 

SEOToolsGroupBuys offers more than 35+ groundbreaking SEO tools that will help the ranking of the website and cope up with the competition in a better way. The main advantage of this SEO  service provider is that they cover different types of segments such as customer service segment, including Skype meeting, email marketing, and a ticketing system for support, SEO segment, and many more business building segments.


So, it all comes down to select the best and most suitable SEO Group Buy service for your business. Choosing the right service will save you thousands of dollars and a lot of work. Since SEO tools are quite expensive if they are purchased directly from the big companies  (SEMrush, Ahref, Moz, Canva, etc.) but when they are purchased under the SEO GroupBuy umbrella, then it is affordable and convenient. The saved money and time can be utilised to develop other blocks of the business.

FAQ :-

Q. Who is the best provider of SEO Group buy tools?

Ans. SEOToolAdda

Q. What are the basic tools required for SEO?

Ans. Ahrefs, Semrush.

Q. Who can buy tools at the group buy SEO tools?

Ans. Anybody can also buy.

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