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Nowadays, several firms are investing in digital marketing and social media, in order to grow their brand visibility and selling goods online. 

Search Engine Optimization ( SEO) plays a critical role in popularizing websites in global search engines and positioning keywords and landing pages. 

In specific, we will start doing SEO for the website by conducting an initial SEO audit.

Nevertheless, today, you can track and audit your website on your own with the help of various smart SEO devices. If you feel like you can do SEO on your own, there are a bunch of useful resources that can help you do it. These tools review and analyze your website, as well as your rivals, to provide you with detailed reports on what needs to be changed, what needs to be achieved, and to show you the key problems that need to be resolved.

In my article I had discussed a wide range of different SEO resources and here’s our list of the 10 best tools to check out. Through using them, you can quickly find issues with your website and see how to enhance it to perfection. 

Let’s check one after the other.

10 Best SEO tools for auditing and monitoring websites:

Here I am listing the top 10 best seo tools that help to simplify your work for easy. They help you to check with the websites stats and performance reports etc.

  1. Google Search Console
  2. Ahrefs
  3. SEMrush
  4. Moz
  5. Ubersuggest
  6. Screaming frog
  7. Hubspot website Grader
  8. Raven tools
  9. Found SEO audit tool
  10. Buzzstream
  1. Google Search Console

The Google Search Console is among the best SEO tools offered by Google. The search console will allow you to understand the Google perspective of your website. It also helps to correct problems related to website indexing and site maps.

It offers comprehensive information on web search traffic, such as how many people visit your web, how to locate your site, mobile or desktop media traffic, the most common sites, the main keyword ranking list, and many more. Website owners are unable to neglect the google search console because it is the cornerstone of your SEO.


  • You can submit a sitemap to your website through a search console that helps to crawl. 
  • It allows you to identify which of your web pages on the search engine is performing better. 
  • This tool can execute a mobile system testing on known web pages that are mobile-friendly or not. 
  • It allows you to address issues related to indexing on the website.

Ahrefs is one of my favorite SEO software for auditing and tracking websites. It’s the second-fastest web crawler, and it has the best user interface of any kind. It is primarily used for backlink audits, keyword studies, competitive analysis, and URL rankings.

This tool tracks a lot of data that the consumer uses for link building, content marketing, SEO tactics, and keyword analysis. In particular, I love their site explorer feature , which allows you to examine competitor websites and help you create additional strategies.


  • It can be used for both competitor backlink analysis and traffic search analysis. 
  • This feature gives you a thousand keyword ideas with a search volume and a keyword difficulty ranking. 
  • You can search for any keyword and phrase and find the appropriate pages with their SEO metrics. 
  • You may track your rank and get your keyword updates every day.


SEMrush is one of the most powerful methods for the study of competitors. It lets you assess both your rivals and your website. SEMrush has used the number of website owners and businessmen to consider the SEO tactics of their rivals. This is one of the most common resources on the market. The tool offers best practices for SEO , PPC, Keyword Analysis, SERP and many others.


  • SEMrush demonstrates the quality of the results and traffic of your website. 
  • This function has been used to learn the top keywords used by the competitor. 
  • This feature lets you run a successful ad campaign.

4. Moz

Moz is one of the best SEO devices on the market. Entrepreneur or website owners primarily used MOZ tools for Site Auditing, Rank Monitoring, Backlink Analysis and Keyword Research to improve their site ranking on search engines. Moz helps them recommend a number of page optimization techniques. You can also use the Moz plugin extension that enables page review, Moz ranking, and page optimization.


  • This feature was used to identify any errors on your website.
  • This lets you discover new keywords. 
  • Used to boost the rating of websites.

5. Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest is a free SEO auditing tool that focuses on generating new keyword ideas. This tool is developed by Neil Patel, an entrepreneur, and has a strong reputation on the market. It helps you find new keyword ideas for your content marketing campaign. 

It provides a range of free tips and makes your content more appealing, increasing your website’s chances of ranking in search engines.


  • Suggestion of relevant keywords for your audience. 
  • The key function is to evaluate the approach of competitors. 
  • This tool offers a targeted keyword that helps you optimize your website content.

6. Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog provides a wide variety of useful features. It is primarily used to search the website and review all issues related to technological SEO. It easily detects broken ties, redirects, server errors, and a bunch of other stuff that could damage your SEO.

With the support of Screaming Frog, you can track the layout of the web as well as look at page titles and metadata in bulk. Most notably, by integrating with Google Analytics, Search Console and PageSpeed Insights, this tool effectively measures the output of your website. A fantastic tool to review the basics and polish the website to perfection.


  • The software scans the websites you select, and analyses the URLs for specific SEO issues. 
  • You can export any or all of the data to Excel for further review. 
  • The Java software is very intuitive, with easy-to-use tabs.

7. Hubspot website grader

A simple and easy solution to track your website. All you need to do is insert your website URL and email — Website Grader will provide you with a final report on the performance of your website. This tool uses a variety of metrics to search a web page. This includes efficiency, mobile readiness, SEO and protection.

As a result, you get a score of 100 to see how good your website is and to take into account what needs to be improved. Sounds too tempting to be free of charge? Yeah, it’s safe, too.


  • The tool can analyze the size of your site, requests, speed, and key SEO metrics. 
  • The tool can test if your website is designed to provide the best experience for mobile users. 
  • The tool will determine whether your website is easy to find — both by humans and search engines. Checks for factors such as page index, meta descriptions, content plugins, and descriptive text links.
  • The tool will check to see if your site is secure for your users. Checks to see if your site is running on HTTPS and has secure JavaScript libraries.

8. Raven tools

A great way to increase the visibility of your website. This tool can monitor your website and identify errors, redirect problems, content issues, semantic issues and speed. These are the keys to improving the platform and, as a result, surpassing the rivals. The Raven Tools Web Auditor is highly customizable so that you can select the pages you want to review and choose your own schedule.


  • With this tool, we can get all the suggestions related to website pace, design , social media credibility, backlinks, and online visibility. 
  • Raven tools include a list of SEO resources for analysis and optimization of your website. The tool is easy to use for audit, marketing , and social media coverage. 
  • Raventools is the best choice if you want to run marketing campaigns and increase your website.

9. Found SEO audit tool

Want to climb above the rivals on the results page of the search engine? 

The SEO Audit Tool by Found is an easy-to-use resource for marketers looking to find (and resolve) common SEO errors on a website.

We just need to put the URL in the tool to get all the specifics of the audit related to Technical Problems, Content Issues and External Connection Review. 

The findings of auditing can be downloaded in PDF format to communicate with clients and others.


  • This reports on factors such as domain canonization and XML sitemaps. 
  • This focuses on important variables such as keywords and metadata. 
  • This is intended to determine the quantity and consistency of external ties.

10. Buzzstream

BuzzStream could be the cheapest way to handle your outreach to people who can provide inbound links to your website.

While backlinks to your website are vital to Google ranking well, the outreach you do when building a connection may feel a lot like a cold call. BuzzStream makes it easy to find the right people, come up with successful email messages, and track who accepted each connection request.


  • BuzzStream lets you recognize outreach candidates based on their profession and how they are active across different social networks — so you know who would be most open to your backlink question and raise your Google ranking.


There is quite an option, as you can see, between the SEO tools to be used. Growing instrument has its own peculiar site optimization algorithms. There are several things that all these devices have in common. This is the goal of making your website stronger and higher in ranking.

It’s not enough to make the website beautifully appealing. To increase your sales, you need to enhance the overall user experience on your site. There is an abundance of information to deal with in order to do so. 

We trust that our list of resources will come handy, and you’ll find the one that best fits your website and your business. Work extremely hard and leave all of your competitors behind.

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