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When we Googled ‘PPC blog’, thousands of searches came up. While some of the search results won’t be PPC blogs, it is clear that there certainly isn’t a shortage of PPC blogs out there. 

With so much content, the difficulty is finding a good PPC blog that has high quality, accurate and up to date information on PPC management. PPC marketing changes slightly every year as new features are added by advertising platforms, best practices become worn out, and consumer trends change. 

You can learn a lot by reading PPC blogs. Many blog authors will write about their own experience with a certain PPC marketing practice. This allows for PPC experts to learn from other people’s experiences and experiments. 

In this blog, I have highlighted 20 PPC blogs that I would recommend that people interested in PPC management read, to keep their knowledge up to date. 

Making sense of the data

The top 20 PPC blog results are not necessarily sorted from the best blog to the worst. This is likely to be subjective depending on what type of information the PPC marketer requires, as well as their own personal writing style preferences.  The list is sorted by the highest expected monthly organic traffic in descending order.

Each listing contains a brief summary of the blog, the URL, some stats from ahrefs and their social media following. I have used ahrefs data to give the domain rating, number of backlinks and Estimated monthly organic traffic for the blog. This information can be used to get an idea of how good the PPC blog is likely to be. Although, it is important to note that the amount of traffic a blog receives is not always a good indication as to how good its content is. Sometimes you can find some gems that haven’t been discovered yet. The ahref data is for the homepage.

In addition to including some metrics from ahrefs, I’ve also added links to the blog’s LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook pages. Alongside this, I have included the number of people that follow them on each social media platform. A strong social media following could be an indicator that the blog is quite successful.  

Top 20 PPC Blogs and Websites For Pay Per Click Advertisers

  1. Wordstream

Wordstream offers tools to help PPC agencies to improve and automate their services. If you’ve ever searched for PPC related information online, you will probably have come across a blog post on the Wordstream site. 

Wordstream covers a variety of topics on multiple PPC platforms, including Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising, Facebook, and Instagram, to name a few. Their blogs are often written in detail, and their writing style is usually quite informal and easy to follow. 

They also have a free Google Ads performance grader which can help to give some general insights on how advertisers can improve the performance of their Google Ads account.  

  1. SEMrush

SEMrush is a very popular competitor research tool. They cover a variety of digital marketing topics, as their tool can be used by digital marketers in general and not just by PPC experts.  The blog is updated regularly with multiple posts being uploaded every week. However, they don’t tend to post as much PPC related content as some of the other blogs in this list.

  1. AdEspresso

AdEspresso by Hootsuite is a tool that can help to automate various tasks on Google Ads, Facebook and Instagram.

Most of their content is around social media advertising tips on Facebook and Instagram. In addition to running a blog, AdEspresso also has Guides, webinars, eBooks, case studies and a Facebook ad examples gallery for people to benefit from. This means that businesses interested in Facebook and Instagram advertising have a lot of resources valuable to them to find out how to maximise their profits.

  1. Search Engine Watch

Search Engine Watch is a high-quality resource read and trusted by exerts from all digital marketing fields. They regularly post digital marketing news and optimisation tips. Their PPC section covers a wide range of PPC topics including Google Ads tips, paid search marketing, landing pages, display advertising, Twitter ads, Facebook ads, Remarketing, quality score a PPC strategy

  1. Tinuiti

Tinuiti offers various digital marketing solutions for brands, and they also have an excellent digital marketing blog and host webinars. Their blog covers more top-level strategy topics for digital marketing managers.  

  1. iSpionage

iSpionage is a competitor analysis tool for PPC marketers. It can give various insights on your PPC competitor’s marketing efforts. Amongst other things, iSpionage can give you an idea on the PPC keywords and ad copy that your competitors are using. 

iSpionage has a blog that mainly focuses on topics such as carrying out competitor research, but occasionally they do cover more general PPC topic as well.  

  1. Portent

Potent is a digital marketing agency based in Seattle. They offer a wide range of digital marketing services including SEO, PPC, conversion rate optimisation, analytics, and social media marketing. 

Their PPC section mainly contains content on optimising Google Ads campaigns as well as some content on conversion rate optimisation. The content on the Portent blog is often easy to read and includes images to illustrate what is being discussed. 

  1. PPC Protect

PPC Protect is a tool that can help with reducing PPC advertising related click fraud. PPC Protect uses its award-winning analysis and detection capabilities to detect and block click fraud.

Their blog content mainly focuses on giving PPC advice on the Google Ads platform. They write about Google Ads news, guides, and optimisation tips. They also allow for the wider community to contribute high-quality posts on their blog. It can be beneficial to get a take on PPC advertising from a variety of PPC specialists.   

  1. PPC Hero

Part of Hanapin marketing, PPC Hero, is a hugely popular blog to learn about all things PPC. It has over 34,000 subscribers and sometimes posts new content daily. While they do cover all PPC advertising platforms, they mainly cover optimisation tips on Google Ads.

  1. Acquisio

Based in Montreal, Acquisio is an AI-based tool that agencies can use to help them manage PPC advertising campaigns across search, display and social.

Acquisio is aimed more at agencies, which is why their blog content focuses more on advising agencies. Their content focuses more on creating an advertising strategy and less on explaining how to do specific day to day PPC tasks.  

  1. Klient Boost

The primary service of Klient Boost is helping with the creation of conversion-focused landing pages. In addition to this, they also have services for PPC management. These include call tracking, copywriting and retargeting campaigns, to name a few.

The Klient Boost blog can be useful for anybody who wants to read about digital marketing in general and not just PPC focused topics. It contains interviews with other digital marketers.

  1. Supermetrics

Supermetrics is a very useful tool that can automatically pull data from a wide variety of sources into Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel, or Google Data Studio. The data can then be manipulated to create automated reports.

The Supermetrics blog covers a wide variety of digital marketing topics, including Affiliate marketing, Paid Search, SEO and Social media marketing. However, as it is mostly used for reporting and data analysis purposes, the Supermetrics blog also covers data management, data visualisation, reporting and web analytics related topics.

If you already have Supermetrics, then it also has a handy template gallery section. Here you can access ready-made Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel, and Google Data Studio reporting templates that you can use in conjunction with Supermetrics. You’re bound to find a template that is right for your needs or one that can be modified to meet your requirements.

  1. Jon Loomer

At the time of writing this blogpost, Jon Loomer has the largest number of followers on Facebook within this list. He also has a good Twitter following. This is not surprising, seeing as though Jon mainly focuses on social media advertising. There is a lot more content available on the internet on paid search advertising on Google Ads. There is less content on paid social advertising, which is what makes this blog one to keep an eye on.

  1. Optmyzr

Optmyzr is a tool created by ex-Googlers in 2013 that can automate many mundane PPC tasks. It has automated processes that can help with finding new keywords, setting up ad copy tests, Quality Score optimisation and reporting to name just a few. 

The Optmyzr blog mainly contains information on how to use Optmyzr’s features and the latest Google Ads feature updates. They also occasionally write content around using automation to create and optimise PPC campaigns.

  1. Google Ads official blog

The Google Ads official PPC blog is where Google gives its take on general news regarding the latest digital marketing updates concerning Google products. It can be a good place to see what is trending on Google’s products. This means you can read news on what searches are trending on Google’s search engine as well as on YouTube. Google also gives its take on the kind of areas that are likely to be popular soon. Being informed on what is likely to be trending in the future can help with your general marketing efforts.  

  1. Clix Marketing

The Clix marketing blog is regularly updated (often multiple times a week) with in-depth and high-quality articles on PPC advertising. The Clix marketing blog often includes blogs for beginners that talk about how to set up a specific feature within an advertising platform. They also cover more advanced topics as well. Every Friday, they give a roundup of the latest blogs written on other popular PPC blogs.

  1. Microsoft Advertising official blog

Similar to Google’s official blog, Microsoft also runs its own official Microsoft Ads blog. The Microsoft Ads blog focuses mainly on highlighting the new features within the Microsoft Ads advertising platform. It also showcases some of the positive results that some advertisers have seen with Microsoft Advertising. 

In addition to talking about its own platform, the Microsoft Advertising blog often writes some interesting pieces on privacy, user intent and building trust online.

  1. Zato Marketing

Zato marketing does not have as much traffic or social media following as some of the other blogs, but the content can be beneficial for the right people. 

Zato Marketing focuses on small budget PPC management. This means that their content is geared towards smaller businesses who need more actionable and simpler PPC advice. Their blog often gives away free templates on how to do various day to day PPC advertising tasks. The content also focuses more on ‘how to’ topics that small businesses would be searching for.

  1. Rothman PPC

Jason Rothman is a freelance PPC expert and co-host of the popular Podcast and YouTube channel, the Paid Search Podcast. Based in Oklahoma City, Jason has been doing PPC advertising full time since 2014. Jason mostly writes about creating and optimising a campaign on Google Ads. 

  1. Pepper PPC AGency

Based in the UK, Pepper PPC Agency offers PPC management services. It has a PPC blog that is mostly updated by myself. We update the blog weekly on a Tuesday with general PPC marketing tips, new features and optimisation tips.

Wrapping up

So, there you have it. 20 PPC blogs that you can read to learn more about PPC marketing, stay up to date with the latest features and sharpen up on digital marketing practices in general.

There are a lot of PPC blogs out there, and the ones that you choose to read will depend on your writing style preferences and the type of content that you like to read about. A more junior level PPC person may want to read on topics related to how to create a highly optimised campaign and how to add certain features to their campaign. A more senior PPC expert may be more interested in consumer trends and creating a high-quality PPC strategy. Find the blogs that are right for you and use them to stay up to date with PPC and to make you a better digital marketer.

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