Top 20 Pay-Per-Click Tools That Will Help You do Keyword, Ad Copy, and Profit Analysis



Statista has predicted the growth rate of international e-commerce sales to 20% within a bracket from 2017 to 2023. The global pandemic has also fuelled the e-commerce transactions. With this, digital marketing has become all the more important aspect of every business. It is not just about businesses. People who are forced to remain confined within their homes want more and more. The consequence is that with so many options, the attention span of consumers is getting low too. 

So, how can businesses and other online service providers aspire to make their online presence daunting, competitive, and conspicuous? The answer lies in PPC. In this article, we will tell you about top 20 pay-per-click tools that will help you do keyword, Ad copy, and profit analysis.

Pay-per-click- A revolutionary digital marketing strategy

Are you using free versions of some of the paid services? Then you might be getting irked by pop-ups now and then and bombarded with some embedded advertisements that you need to see to avail those services. This is one of the strategies of pay per click modelling for digital marketing. 

The purpose of PPC is to attract visitors to the corresponding websites which are advertising and it pays the platform on which the ads are displayed when it earns a click. The price of every click is presaged with the search engines or publishers by advertisers based on keywords relevant to their market. Generally, payment is made for an advertisement on a fixed price basis irrespective of the clicks or traffic generated. 

The bid for PPC ad is directly proportional to the following:-

  • The qualitative attributes of the ad so displayed 
  • The amount of bid that the advertiser is willing to pay to the publisher

However, these two components are inversely proportional to each other. It means that the higher the quality of the ad, the lower the amount of bid to be paid per click to the publisher and vice-versa. 

Different models of payment in PPC

The arrangement between the advertiser and the publisher where the price of the PPC ad is fixed is known as Flat rate PPC whereas the process in Bid rate PPC is quite complex where the amount which is to be paid on every click is calculated through an automated auction that takes place every time a user clicks on the ad.

Benefits of incorporating PPC to your digital marketing campaign

Are you doubting the subtleness of this pragmatic and practical approach of PPC that has managed to become one f the most sought after models for digital marketing?

We have compiled a list of advantages that you can get after employing the Pay-Per-Click tools:-

  1. PPC is the real deal- Nearly 65% of the users that lookout for goods and services online prefer to click on paid ads that are displayed by the search engines or websites they visit. 
  2. PPC generates results quickly:- It is one of the most reliable tools when it comes to page conversions.
  3. It derives only serious buyers:- Displaying paid ads reflects the seriousness of your job. People are subconsciously drawn towards service providers with paid ads. 
  4. Dramatically escalates traffic on the website:-  PPC ensures the increase in the number of visitors on your website.
  5. PPC is cost-effective:- The payment is made when traffic is drawn towards the website and not for displaying. So, the expenditure on ads could be measured against the traffic converted and monetized. 

We have curated a list for you to go through the top 20 PPC models that can help you to boost traffic.

Top 20 Pay-Per-Click Tools That Will Help You do Keyword, Ad Copy, and Profit Analysis

PPC tools can be categorized based on their purpose as follows:-

  1. Advertising agencies
  2. PPC management
  3. PPC optimization and targeting of opportunities
  4. Keyword identification  
  5. PPC Lead Generation Strategy
  6. PPC conversion tools
  7. PPC automated tools
  8. PPC analytics and research

Based on these, we have chalked out the top 20 tools for you:-

Google Ads

It suits both Business to business and business to customer websites. With this paid feature, you can target a selected and specific class of customers by targeting keyword relevant to the website.

Microsoft Ads

It has been rebranded from Bing ads. It operates similarly to Google ads. The scope of its’ user base is comparatively less but it is still massive. It serves ads on Yahoo too.

Facebook Ads

It is more target-specific. It means that your ad is visible to fewer people as compared to search engines’ ads but it is showing ads to users that are genuinely interested in your goods and services.

Google Ads editor

It is one of the most time-saving and cost-cutting management tools for PPC campaigns for large enterprises. It is in the public domain and it allows the user to alter different ads simultaneously. If you want your goggle ads to stop reflecting owing to some change in strategy, so this is an effective platform to do it. 


It serves a similar purpose as the previous one but it has a whole range of added features. With editing, advertisement campaigns could be made and optimized too as per different Google algorithms that are updated from time to time. So, you can edit all your ads from here. For Google ads you world be needing Opteo or another similar tool for creating and optimizing the ad words. 

Facebook Video creation tool

It has been proved beyond a reasonable doubt that visual images and videos attract more attention and are relatively easier to understand and memorize. So, Facebook has created a toolkit for making visually appealing videos of different lengths and sizes for enhancing the influencing protocol for ads. 


Till now we have learned about tools that can edit, create, or optimize ads for exclusive platforms. Now, AdEspresso is a platform that cuts across different channels when it comes to editing, creating, and aligning your ad campaigns like Facebook, Google, Yahoo, and Instagram.


With its help, you can devise novel strategies for ads on Google and Microsoft Ads. Managing similar ads on these different platforms could be daunting but, these tools make it as easy as cutting a piece of cake. It is befitted with some of the most sophisticated Automatisation and optimization tools.


In Bid based PPC, there can be multiple winners in the automated auction depending upon the chronology of ads and position. This is qualified by ranks that are calculated as per the cost of bid and quality score. Quality score is a scale that influences the ad rank and cost per click of the ads for Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft ads. 

Tenscores help you to devise strategies to achieve a better quality score for saving a respectable ad rank. 


It collects the data from all paid campaigns across different forums and reflects it on a dashboard in an intelligible and coherent fashion. It runs a different check on it to provide insights for escalating the performance graph. 


It is best for websites that have not treaded much on the path of paid adverts. It generates keyword by analyzing the content on the website rather than the query. So, instead of finding the right keywords, you just need to enter clients’ addresses and get recommendations. 


It is the smartest of all the tools that help you in cost-cutting and flagging if you need to spend more. It incorporates updated and fast optimization algorithms to give recommendations on bids and budget management. 


It is available in the public domain and is used to streamline the strategies for Google ads. It is easy to use and understand for generating an apt cost per click ratio, conversion tracking, keyword recommendations, etc.

Marin Software

Marin Software was launched in 2007 by a trio of Silicon Valley protégés who were convinced that there is no software for managing large online campaigns. It works on the principle of integration, alignment, and optimization of ads. 


It reveals how your competitors are ranking on the targeted keywords. It helps to increase the traffic, tracks the ranks of ads and keywords, etc.


It has one of the most interesting features. It reveals what is trending online and what kind of content are people consuming and sharing vis-a-vis your business. It also helps in finding the right keyword so that your content creator could expand their domains. 


It uses old school web analytics techniques to ascertain the traffic on your website how they are interacting with the content that you have posted with the help of heat maps, scroll maps, etc.


This Vancouver based company has come up with the spectacular feature of pop-ups. It’s PPC toolkit is designed to make landing pages with high conversion rates for Google Ads with their feature named smart traffic. 

Active Campaign

Entertaining the existing leads and maintaining their current status is as important as generating fresh leads. For this, you will need an active customer relationship management forum for sending relevant messages and emails of the ongoing transactions to the buyer. 

Report Garden

It generates free Google ads, Facebook ads, and Google Analytics report to let you have the bird’s eye view of the website’s performance. It lets you maintain the campaigns of social media and search engines through a single dashboard. 

Viola! You have the perfect recipe for building a smart digital marketing strategy. With this PPC paraphernalia, you can make your online existence striking and all the more influential. So, best of luck to do keyword, ad copy, and profit analysis. 

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