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The pen is mightier than the sword might feel superfluous at first, but the pandemic has taught us that people still love to read. Plus with the amount of literature being consumed through digital and print media, the stats are simply staggering.

Hence, for a company’s standpoint, blogging amplifies SEO (search engine optimization) and makes your customers more agreeable with your venture. Apart from making your organization more approachable, blogging withholds the power to educate and inform audiences while building towards greater awareness of the masses.

According to a recent study by Oberlo, there are currently more than 600 million blogs out of 1.7 billion websites on the internet. Tumblr, a micro-blogging platform, reports nearly 488.1 million blogs and numbers are growing with the passage of time.

On WordPress, nearly 78 million new posts are generated every month. All of this translates to over 2 billion blogs being produced every year. If you do the math correctly, that comes to over 3,800 blogs being published every minute. Woah!!!

In light of this information, let’s take a quick look at New Year blog post ideas

  • Apparel & Fashion

Who can deny that people around the world simply love to have an affair with vanity? With an industry that is worth over $2.5 trillion, here are some topics to catch your audiences’ attention this year:

  1. Biggest Fashion Events of the Year

Fashionistas and couturiers around the world always keep a lookout at the biggest fashion events of the year. You can even write about five main events in the world, including the likes of Arab Fashion Week, London Fashion Week, Milan Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week, and Paris Fashion Week.

  1. Seasonal Attires & Trends From The Biggest Fashion Brands

Every year the biggest fashion brands release their newest look for the year, and this includes seasonal attire such as winter clothing, summer, and spring looks. You can also write about runway walk shows hosted by the likes of Burberry, Chanel, Gucci, Hermes, House of Versace, Louis Vuitton, Parada, and Ralph Lauren, to name a few.

  1. Cosmetic Products & Reviews

Here you can discuss and compare products like color cosmetics, deodorants, fragrances, hair care products, makeup, skin ointments, and sun care lotions. You can further segment your discussions for men and women products, as well as compare items available on brand outlets, drug stores, general department stores, and supermarkets  

  1. Best Casual Attire/ Formal Wear for Men & Women

Depending on your audiences and your niche market, you can discuss the best formal and business wear or talk about causal attires for their lounging needs. Mention the latest trends for each and further segment your topics for gender differences.  

  1. The Best Accessories, Footwear, Hats & Outerwear

For the love of outdoors and the ones who want to appear rugged, you can include topics for who like to go camping and hiking. Accessories can include bags, sunglasses, boots, caps, hats, and outerwear.  

  1. The Best DIY Natural Care Products for Skin and Hair

People nowadays are becoming aware of natural ingredients that can help them take care of their personal needs. Here you include Do-It-Yourself and homemade skincare products, ointments, hair care products, and other personal hygiene and grooming items. 

  1. Latest Fashion Trends for Men, Women, Boys, and Girls

Fashion and style are dynamic, and they are constantly moving and improving, unlike many other static things in our lives. Here you can discuss the latest trends that are being set or forecasted to become the next big hype for the masses. 

  1. Product Comparisons: Brand A vs Brand B vs Brand C

Many brands are competing with each other in the world of fashion, and while for a person from the outside, the things might look docile, but there are ferocious rivalries. Here you can compare two or more products in the same category.

  1. Top 10 Lists for T-Shirts, Hoodies, Sweatshirts, Streetwear, etc.

Obviously, with numerous brands competing to take the top spot, consumers around the world are looking for the best items to fill in their wardrobes. Top 10 lists are great for users who can be picky about small details and trying to stay within their budgets.  

  1. Top Styles from Celebrities & Influencers

People look up to the public figures, social media influencers, and celebrities for inspirations that can provide them with popular references and adopt new looks. Your audiences, preferences, and market niche can help you decide which celebrities you need to focus on. 

  • Automotive Industry

One of the biggest industries in the world and projected to generate around $10 trillion by 2030, cars and passenger vehicles are admired by people regardless of age. Here are some ideas to keep you going this year:

  1. Top Motor Shows in the World

No one and absolutely no one wants to miss out on what this year has to reveal when it comes to the latest cars. Popular motor shows include Geneva, London, Dubai International, Tokyo, Paris, Detroit, Frankfurt, etc.

  1. Safest Family Cars – Top 5 Models

Family cars and daily drivers are the biggest segments when it comes to users and audiences. You can cover the latest models from car manufacturers, including Toyota, General Motors, Ford, the Volkswagen Group, Mercedes, BMW, and Honda, to name a few. 

  1. Light Weight Trucks – The Best of Ten

A light truck for some out there is equivalent to a family member, a long term companion, bread earner, and much more. Here you can range from topics including the top-10 list and comparisons between two or more models of the same or different makes. 

  1. Hatchbacks – Top 10 List with Specs

While they may not be popular in the US, a lot of Europe still admires them. Popular hatchback manufacturers include Ford, Honda, Kia, Volkswagen, BMW, Mazda, Toyota, Nissan, etc.  

  1. SUVs – Top 10 List with Fantastic Features

One of the largest automotive segment that accounts for more than one-third of the world’s passenger car market, you cannot simply negate SUVs. You can talk about mid-size, full-size, and compact crossovers.

  1. Crossovers – Top 10 List with Specs

Lying just in the middle of SUVs and Sedans are the crossovers. Over the last four years, crossovers have spiked in popularity, and this alone is more than enough to write about them. 

  1. The Top Sedans To Buy This Year

For young drivers and new drivers, sedans are still considered quite a popular category across various cultures. Your best picks include the likes of Honda, Kia, Nissan, Toyota, and Hyundai, to name a few.  

  1. Most Wanted Car Features for Daily Drivers, Family Cars, and Office Use

Car technology is rapidly improving from safety, security, to passenger comfort and facilitation. Connected cars are all the rage, and this gives you enough space to talk about the best car features and make comparisons.

  1. Top-10 Lists for Comfort, Mileage, Aesthetic Appeal, and Utility 

You can make the top-10 list for the popular car category and market segmentations. Best cars for gender-based driving, office use, inner-city travel, mileage, fuel consumption, and the list goes on. 

  1. The Best Hybrids & Electric Vehicles

For those who are looking to reduce the carbon footprint, especially concerning their day to day travels. Electric and hybrid cars are growing in demand, and a lot of people are interested to know about them even more than ever.  

  • Business & Marketing

The corporate sector of the world encompasses major economic activities ranging from small & medium-sized businesses as well as large enterprises. A lot of their efforts usually entail finding marketable opportunities to grow and expand their ventures. Popular themes and ideas include:

  1. Latest Branding & Marketing Trends

Branding and marketing trends change with time. This is where you can research all the latest trends and tendencies that businesses around the world are adopting and yielding maximum results. 

  1. The Best Digital Marketing Strategies

The realm of digital marketing is expansive and covers almost every platform in the digital landscape. Here you can also introduce other approaches like Omnichannel marketing and dedicated single platform marketing.

  1. Search Engine Optimization – How To Rank Your Site

With internet penetration projected to increase in the coming years steadily, there is no doubt that search engines monopolize the majority of online traffic. SEO topics are plentiful to keep you busy throughout the year.

  1. Search Engine Marketing Strategies

Relating to your websites’ promotion through paid channels, you can discuss various methods, strategies, and approaches toward SEM. 

  1. The Best Email Marketing Practices

People often consider that email-marketing is presumably dead, however with your efforts they can be made aware of just how powerful this tool is still, especially for Millennials.     

  1. Customer Support & Services Trends

Brands and businesses are competing with each other on the basis of customer services and support. Every venture out there is adopting technology to facilitate and accommodate their targeted audiences. It is time for you to join the fray.

  1. Innovations & New Developments That are Changing Business Landscape

Every year some new technology is being introduced that shakes up the world and offers major breakthroughs. Past iterations include blockchain, AI, machine learning, 3D, VR, AR, MR, big data, and the list goes on. 

  1. Customization/Personalized Services & Messaging Businesses Are Adopting

The services sector is trying their level best to retain customers and attract new prospects. Customized services and personalized experiences are becoming popular in every sector.  

  1. Social Media Marketing & Strategies for Businesses

Social media is here to stay and right now is considered one of the most viral and engaging platforms. No wonder you will be writing a lot about SMM this year too.

  1. Content Marketing Strategies and Tactics

A broad term that refers to creating, curating, publishing, and distributing content for targeted audiences, content marketing Includes both written and visual media.  

  • Consumer Electronics

The year 2020 was an eye-opener for many reasons, but more so it showcased just how dependent we have become on our electronic goods and smart gadgets. With a global market size of $1.5 trillion, no wonder people are crazy about goodies that glow with a luminescent light and have become tech junkies. Even students looking for personal statement help are addicted to consumer electronics and what the latest in the market has to offer them. 

  1. Appliances & Goods For Home and Office Use

Electrical appliances can range from kitchen items to home entertainment systems. Hence, you can discuss various products from electrical stoves, microwaves, ovens, cold storages, fruit juicers, mixers, and more. 

  1. Computers, Laptops, and Tablets – Top 10 Lists

Apple, Lenovo, Dell, and HP have seemed to have captured major market share globally when it comes to laptops. This gives a terrific opportunity to compare prices and specifications to provide users with the knowledge and information to make informed decisions. 

  1. The Best Drones That You Wanna Try This Year

From young ones to mature audiences, there isn’t a single person who hasn’t thought about the perspective of owning a drone. Due to their increasing popularity, you can come up with topics such as best drones within a budget, high-performance drones, and top-10 lists. 

  1. Top 10 DSLRs and Digital Cameras of 2021

The photography industry has boomed in recent years due to major progress and technological improvements. From DSLRs to digital cameras, you will find tons of people craving information for upcoming and new models.

  1. Top 10 Smart Phones & Mobile Devices of 2021

With nearly three billion smartphone users globally, there is no doubt that mobile devices are considered a hot topic. While Apple, Samsung, and Xiaomi take the cake, you can expect almost anything from other brands like Huawei, Vivo, Oppo, and others.  

  1. Top 10 Gaming Equipment & Consoles of 2021

PS5 and the latest Xbox Series X have hit the stores while game developers are busy making incredible titles that the gaming community simply cannot wait any longer. You can have an entire website based on gaming today due to the fact that this industry has grown exponentially over the years.

  1. The Best Home Security Devices of 2021

Popular discussions and topic can include indoor/outdoor video surveillance, automated home security, smart locks, remote access to security devices, and complete home monitoring systems. 

  1. The Latest Internet of Things in 2021

It seems like the Internet of Things have a solution for everything these days from home assistants and voice assistants to smart coffee makers and lighting systems. There is a range of goods that you can talk about and compare.

  1. Television Sets, Monitors, & Set-Top Boxes – Top 10 List

Experiencing 4K quality video can be quite stimulating for some while others have already ventured to the domain of 8K, the highest resolution to date. Fans of high definition monitors and displays are plenty to keep you busy coming with new topics.

  1. The Best Wearable Devices of 2021

From smartwatches to Fitbits, wearable devices nowadays are coming in all shapes and sizes.  A little market research and you will get an overabundance of ideas and topics to discuss about.

  • Food

Those who deny the love for food are having double standards that need to be set straight. Global food and agricultural industry is valued at more than $8.7 trillion. You don’t have to be a foodie to talk about food. It is an essential part of our lives.

  1. Home Made Recipes for Popular Dishes

For some, learning how to prepare a tasty meal, dessert, lunch, or breakfast is ultimately satisfying. People are always on the lookout to try something new and amaze their loved ones on a special occasion.

  1. Best Local Diners in Your Area

Pick your spot and your target audience. Guide them on a local tour of must-visit diners that can tantalize their taste buds to no end.

  1. Cuisine Related Topics – The Best of Each Cuisine

There are just so many to try including Chinese, Greek, Indian, Italian, Mexican, Spanish, Thai, and the list goes on. Additionally, there are delicacies to try and talk about.

  1. Food Chain Industry Reports for 2021

Major food chains and their reports are also a matter of interest. These can include topics revolving around Burger King, Dunkin’, McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, Starbucks, Subway, Taco Bell, and Wendy’s, to name a few.  

  1. Restaurant News, Updates, & Case Studies of 2021

The fine dining experience is for a select few, but they undoubtedly attract foodies who want to experience what the hype is all about. Here you can discuss the latest in the luxury dining experience. 

  1. Favorite Meals & Dishes in 2021

From traditional to inspired by customs, cultural dishes travel from one generation to another. Some lose their originality, some fight to retain their roots, others get altered and completely modified to become something anew. 

  1. Healthy & Balanced Diet Plans

Eating food is not a crime. It is only our consumption that makes it impact our health. For health-conscious and aware audiences, you can provide in-depth topics concerning food items and ingredients to avoid as well as provide them with complete meal plans based on demographics.   

  1. Weight Gain/Loss Remedies

People are either looking to gain weight or lose weight. Regardless of which side your target audience is inclined towards, it is your job to satisfy them with remedies and resolutions. 

  1. The Best Natural Ingredients & Their Benefits

Artificial ingredients have rigged our lives with countless health problems. It is time we recognize our enemy and switch to organic food and using more natural ingredients.  

  1. Cure for Diseases  – Natural & Organic Food Items

Superfoods are gifts from Mother Nature that can help you fight back various ailments. Discuss natural food items and how they can help find a cure for diseases.  

  • Technology

The world of tech is upon us, and as time is progressing, we are heading towards an ecosystem that is becoming increasingly connected. The Global Tech Industry generated revenue of over $4.8 trillion in 2020. Things are projected to become more heated in the coming year.

  1. AI & ML Applications

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are still considered to be in their infancy. However, projects like IBM Watson and others are stating otherwise. Today AI and ML are being used by various industries that you can explore.

  1. Additive Manufacturing & 3D Technology

While 3D printing, scanning, and other technologies are nothing new, drastic improvements have been made in recent years. The world is close to unlocking its full potential. Be the first one to cover all these exciting new developments.

  1. Big Data Implementation & Use Cases

Data scientists and experts are in high demand. No wonder businesses and establishments are tapping into the latent abilities of Big Data as well as the marketable insights it has to offer for organizations. 

  1. Blockchain Technology and Applications

What was initially designed by Satoshi Nakamoto to serve as a public ledger for bitcoin, blockchain has quickly become the bedrock for emerging technologies for worldwide systems and record keeping. You can find currently many industries using blockchain for their own purposes.   

  1. Cryptocurrencies – News & Updates

Highly criticized by traditional banking systems and simultaneously becoming a popular form of investment amongst people of all ages, cryptocurrency is highly debated.  

  1. Cybersecurity – State of Affairs

The problems for big to small establishments seem to continue as with time, even hackers and those with malicious intent have updated their game and tactics. Cybersecurity needs more awareness in the general public to relate to potential hazards and risks. 

  1. Latest Technology Trends

Technology is always improving; new updates and patches keep on coming. You can find plenty of new trends and topics to talk about as well as tweak them to your preferences. 

  1. RPA – Use Cases, Implementation, Applications, and Future Market

Robotic Process Automation is making waves and businesses are gaining a competitive edge over their rivals. Delve into the world of robotics to find out more. 

  1. Software As A Service – Top 10 Lists

From employee monitoring and tracking to project management tools, you can find software that is helping people connect with remote resources and overcome bottlenecks. 

  1. Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, & Mixed Reality – Use Cases in 2021

When you combine VR with AR, you end up with MR. From the field of medicine to classroom education and from contraction to manufacturing and military, you can find various examples where VR and AR are having their presence felt. 


Blogging is a great way to attract attention, educate your audience, create awareness, and build rapport. At the same time, you get to establish authority and build credibility for your domain while making sure that only high-quality content is produced. 

Apart from allowing you to tell your story and create profitable opportunities, blogging also helps you to increase your own pool of knowledge and can turn out to be an incredible learning experience. I wish you all the best of health and may you blog this year to your heart’s content, cheers and BANZAI!

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