15 Motivational Speakers of Pakistan Who are Influencing Millions



Pakistani organizations and individuals are realizing the value of motivational speaking and that is the reason many are adopting it as a full time profession. If you have an inner voice to motivate someone to do something, then you can definitely become a motivational speaker and convert your voice into revenue. 

Many are getting the relevant training to become such speakers but people want some credible background to listen to someone. He or she must have achieved something substantial to prove the credibility. TED talk is a wonderful platform where many of the high achievers come and narrate their story to motivate others.

 In Pakistan, this trend of listening to the high achievers is increasing. Most of them are using the religious sentiments to motivate the masses while others are just sharing their real life experiences. Here are the top 15 motivational Speakers in Pakistan that you should listen to:

Qasim Ali Shah is listened to by different sects of people but he is more popular amongst the students. He has diverse styles of motivating people depending upon their background. He has transformed the lives of many and helped them to realize the true value of education. His focus is to increase the literacy rate of Pakistan and also to get the true essence of education. He is also a public speaker and a wonderful writer. He is a self-made man, born in a small town of Punjab. 

Qasim Ali Shah Books

  • Kamiyabi Ka Paigham – How to become successful
  • Zara Num Ho-  Quotes and motivational verses
  • Apka Bhi Kamiyab Ho Sakta Hai – Complete Guide For Parents
  • Bari Manzil Ka Musafir – Success
  • Apni Talash – Self Discovery
  • Umair Jaliawala

Second is the sensational Umair Jaliawala, who has many young followers in Pakistan. His videos are also very popular in India as well. Umair Jaliawala has built his name in motivating the people, specifically the business students. He is also linked to the global organization all because of style of thinking and communication. His focus is on marketing; to motivate the marketers to add value to the product. He is very good at convincing people to pursue the career in marketing.

  • Zaydan Khan

Zaydan Khan belongs to the wonderful city of Quetta and graduated from the local university. Such personnel from Balochistan are quite rare as the education level of the region is not at par. He leans towards the personal development and inspires the people to use their mind and recognize their value in general. He serves the people by providing them training in an institute called Aizan development. His aim is to develop self-recognition amongst the youth and that is the reason he founded the ODY organization.

  • Muniba Mazari

She is considered as the most talented and persevere lady in Pakistan. Mazari is an inspiration to many young girls who want to do something but are restricted by their condition. She is actually a model and a motivational speaker. She had an accident when she was young but after that she never lost hope and started motivating others. She is a survivor that never loses hope despite losing both of her legs. She is not just famous in Pakistan but also across the borders. She is working for women empowerment. 

Sadaqat Ali is from Lahore and he is a well-known public and motivational speaker in Pakistan. He is a doctor and focuses on the Addiction Counselling. Apart from his practise, he gives motivational speeches to the youth to stay away from the drugs and focus on self-development. Most of his speeches are science based rather than the personal experiences. His voice is soft and he speaks with his heart that is the reason there are many followers of his. He also comes on many TV shows to provide his expert opinion.

  • Sohail Zindani

Sohail Zindani is famous for his motivational speeches and workshops through the internet. His approach is to do intense research on the world’s successful people and point out the factors that lead to their success. He is a very jolly person to listen to and through his humour, he motivates the others to be happy in the worst situations. He persuades the student to focus on their strengths rather than the weaknesses. He tells the students to be brave and face the realities of life. 

  • Shireen Naqvi

Shireen Naqvi is a well-educated woman, graduated from IBA. She focuses on the development of communication skills. Her approach is not to make the conversation too complicated but simple and desirable. According to her, communication is the key to any solution and with the right interaction, any problem can be solved. She also addresses the social relationship between the people and also highlights the importance of leadership. She started the Young Leader Conference to equip the new generation with required leadership skills. 

Javed Chaudhry is a very famous anchor and TV presenter. He comes on TV and that is the reason many already know him. He is an excellent motivational speaker as many listen to him with respect and interest. He has a degree in Mass Communication, thus aware of the art of convincing the people to do something through motivation. He has more than 1 million Facebook followers. He is also a self-made person and struggled to get where he is now. He is also very famous on YouTube. He was also a very successful writer and journalist in the Jang Newspaper. His audience is not particularly the youth.

Atta Shah is another motivational speaker from Quetta, included in this list. He is relatively new but a very energetic and effective person. He has a voice to motivate others. His words are magical and his way of talking inspires many. He is an entrepreneur and also a consultant. Many get motivation from him as he has achieved a lot at such a young age. 

  • Shahid Ullah

On number 10 is Shahid Ullah, a wonderful and very energetic motivational speaker. He is from the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. He is an electrical engineer and also possesses the certification to train the students. His full time job is motivating the students and other professionals to pursue their dreams no matter what happens. From the last past 8 years, he is linked to this public speaking and motivated thousands of students to complete their graduation and develop the skills to add value to any organization.

Tanzila is another female motivational speaker of Pakistan. There is a reason why we have added her on this list. Like Muniba, she is also a handicapped speaker but with immense talent and a diverse skill set. She knows the art of convincing people to adopt good habits and be thankful for what they have. She is effective as she tells her story of being handicapped and still able to do so many things in her life. She enjoys her life because she lives it with passion and love. She wants everyone to be optimistic rather than pessimist. She has the skills to put her effect on the lives of the people. She is also a writer and the author of ‘The story of Mexico’.

He is from Peshawar and a graduate of UVAS Business School. He completed his M. phil. and started the work of training and motivation. He is a coach and provides training on developing business skills. Many students follow him and get motivation from his ideas to add value to their organization and overall business. He trains all types of people with diverse backgrounds. He has the art of listening to the problems and then suggesting a solution that is quite general.

He is actually an executive of SkillCity Dubai. He is a very multi-talented guy as he is a consultant, a motivational speaker, and a coach. His focus is the inclusion of women in the leadership role. He realizes that women are quite different from men and including them in the BOD team will let them think differently. He also focuses on training the trainers. He is also recognized for training the international business leaders including the Fortune 500.

When it comes to young motivational speakers, Sammad Abbas comes on top. He is known as the best speakers in Pakistan as he comes on many morning shows to motivate people. He has built a stack of knowledge to engage the audience and explain to them the real factors that leads to success. He has the art to convey the message through the proper reference. He quotes many of the authors and their books in this talking to connect the people with books. He is an intense reader of the books.

This kid is from a very small place called Mohmand. He is titled as the youngest motivational speaker of Pakistan. The way he speaks and communicates is just a marvel and unique. He seems legitimate and original. The future is very bright for him as currently, he is involved in Freelancing and Writing. He is just a perfect kid that inspires many. Freelance writing requires a personal blog in addition to profile on platforms such as Upwork, Fiverr etc. Hammad Saafi encourages young aspiring writers to start their personal blog by purchasing a professional web hosting and then registering a domain name to go live.

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