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The mobile application development company has been seeing a bloom over the years. It is quite difficult to survive in this industry where there is cut-throat competition. To survive, you must adapt. With changing times, you need to reinvent and bring something that will attract your audience. If you are aiming for an Android app, it is probably wise to hire a professional android app development app, for example.

The times that we live in, smartphones have become an integral part of our lives. It has the power to transform the fate of business models or operating models in the marketplace at its very fundamental level; that too at a very shocking rate. Statistical research shows that by this year, the total turnover of the mobile app development industry will be approximately $693 billion. 

However, unfortunately it is quite possible that mobile apps fail. Primarily, your mobile apps are likely to fail because of the lack of proper implementation and tracking of the latest mobile app technology trends.

To be up to date about the latest trends regarding mobile app developments. One way you can do it is by following some blogs on development of the latest mobile apps. 

Some of the mobile development blogs you can follow

VisionMobile Blogs

VisionMobile provides the readers with expert insight into the economy of the mobile application. Therefore, you should really subscribe to this newsletter to have their expert advice and analysis about mobile applications. 

Mobile Dev Memo Blogs

Mobile Dev Memo is a centre for incredible blogs. However they additionally distribute their own posts that create engagement with the audience. Moreover, it provides an extraordinary method for tracking down the most famous posts of the day. 

Savvy Apps Blogs

Savvy Apps have a very classy blog that attempts to address however many inquiries as could be allowed for mobile app developers. They have around 20,000 subscribers, most likely on the grounds that they distribute incredible posts consistently.

Furbo Blogs

Furbo is one of the blogs that has been around for the longest time since 2007. It’s an extraordinary blog for versatile app developers actually searching for progress.

Vungle Blog

The Vungle blog is an amazing blog to learn and to know about mobile application development. You can explore their site or buy into their newsletters for all the latest news with respect to mobile application promotion.

Developer Economics Blogs

It might not be the regularly updated blog. However, Developer Economics puts up a few exceptionally great posts. It puts in a lot of effort to give prescribed procedures and provide its readers with a decent perspective on the mobile app development world.

The CommonsBlog

The CommonsBlog covers everything to do with Android and updates each two or three days. In addition, it can tell you the best way to accomplish various special visualisations for Android and has likewise distributed various books on the subject of Android advancement. 

Square Island Blogs

Square Island is updated and written by Chiu-Ki Chan, a computer programmer with more than 6 years of working experience with Google. The blog gives a lot of improvement tips with code models and pictures. The pamphlet is an extraordinary method for keeping up-to-date. 

Riggaroo Blogs

Rebecca Franks control Riggaroo. Rebecca likes to share her abilities through her blog. The blog posts include tips about how to develop mobile app development tips. 

Android Developers Blog

The Android Developers Blog is one of the authority blogs. They give tips regarding mobile apps for the Android Platform. In addition, it is a standard blog to look up for Android declarations. One of the Android Developers Blog’s best features revolved around posts where Google sheds light on some of the few not so usual activities that have been going on with their platform

Android Authority Blogs

While Android Authority can be more gadget orientated, their “How to” area has a few extraordinary fast aides for designing Android gadgets for improvement purposes. It’s the spot to go assuming you really want gadget help!

Android Hipster Blogs

Android Hipster is a routinely and regularly updated blog. It is loaded with instructional exercises and fascinating assessment pieces. They additionally produce some video recordings for reference. 

Grafix Artist Blogs

Grafix Artist centres around visual parts of mobile app development for Android. And it is an incredible asset assuming you really want assistance making your application or game look extraordinary on the Android stage. It has an exceptional segment loaded with tips as well, which is an incredible beginning stage.

Mobile Engagement Blogs

To further develop your skills to attract a good audience, is this the best destination. Or, look at a portion of these online blogs or discover the furthest down the line method for enhancing your application store pages.

Sensor Tower Blog

Individuals at Sensor Tower know a great deal about versatile commitment and are glad to share it. The Sensor Tower Blog is for any mobile developers who hope to develop their client base in application stores and get the bigger mobile app development environment. The ST blog entries are smaller than usual reports, best practices for improving your application store posting, as well as week by week dispatches on the applications we’re watching.

Application Annie Blog

Application Annie is one of the business’ directing specialists with regards to deciphering mobile app information and they put forth a valiant effort to share this understanding on their blog. To know what the end client resembles all over the planet, look at the App Annie blog.


SOOMLA blog is a web-based asset for anybody in the versatile biological system. It incorporates information reports, tips and direction, well-qualified feelings, unprejudiced instrument examinations, industry news and considerably more. The adaptation classification is the most well known segment – showing application distributors how to transform their applications into a productive business.


The Apptentive group is watching out for the versatile world and passing on their adroit perceptions through their blog. To know how the absolute best applications are succeeding, look at this blog.


The Apptamin blog needs to tell you the best way to make effective applications by offering guidance on versatile publicising. You can upgrade your applications and games with the knowledge given on this blog to get the best return of venture on your advertisements.


Portable Action is the blog to look at for the best tips on application store improvement. So look at it now to discover how the present best games are getting players.

Localytics – Mobile Engagement Blog

The Localytics blog is a mine of valuable information. Look at it now to get the most recent on versatile commitment.


Chupamobile distributes a blog entry essentially consistently and answers every one of the inquiries a portable engineer could have. So look at it now to make significantly more fruitful applications and games.

The Fiksu Blog

The Fiksu Blog thinks of probably the most top to bottom blog entries about client obtaining and life time esteem. They additionally give extraordinary critique on the absolute most well known applications accessible today and how they’ve ended up being fruitful.

Admob Blog

Admob is perhaps the greatest name in versatile publicising and they consistently update their blog with declarations and tips for engineers. You can buy into staying up with the latest with all the most recent news from Admob.

You’ll gain some useful knowledge about promotion arrangement and how clients feel regarding advertisements by perusing this blog.


The Trademob blog is an extraordinary pursuit for anybody that needs to further develop their portable promoting efforts. They give various administrations to assist you with your promoting needs, yet they additionally blog regarding how you can get your portable publicising efforts right. So make a point to look at it!


The ArcTouch group is one of the few mobile app developments that provide precise advice regarding the previous problems that you might incur while developing one. 


MobileGroove is the spot to go to learn about making fruitful applications or hear what the specialists need to say. Other than their site, they have an incredible web recording and video series for you to gain from.

To wrap up

The evolving mobile app industry is here to stay. Constant upgrades in hardware capabilities, backend platforms and the like will help you survive in this industry.

Whether it is the Android or iOS platform, development of mobile apps can get really tricky. Therefore, it is very important that you note the recent and latest trends in the mobile app industry. Referring to mobile app development blogs is probably is one the best way to learn about everything related to the mobile app industry. How you will not miss out on any strategy that could help you succeed even amidst cut throat competition. Moreover, you could stay aware and informed regarding any kind major announcements due by your rival companies, among many other types of help. This article aimed to focus on the different blogs that you can refer to and learn more about the latest mobile app trends. Hopefully it was informative enough. 

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Prashant Pujara is the founder and CEO of MultiQoS Technologies Pvt. Ltd., a web and mobile application development company where you can hire iOS developer for your business. He is in charge of the company’s commercial and delivery operations and strategic planning and strategy.

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