Top 10 Magento SEO Tips to Improve Your Search Engine Rankings



Have you been wondering regarding the top 10 Magento SEO Tips? Here, you can go ahead to improve your search engine rankings excellently. Let us check it out in an ideal manner. 

  • Always Go With Friendly URL Structure –

Magento always recommends going with a friendly URL structure indeed. Whether it is a product page, category page, or sub-category page, every page’s URL must have an easy and friendly URL. In case you carry a large product catalog then you may go ahead with the option of a flat URL structure. You have a page URL like

Have you been wondering that how it would be done? All you need to choose Stores>Configuration>Catalog>Search Engine Optimization and setting Use Categories Path for Product URL to NO and then Use Canonical Link, Meta Tag, for categories to YES. 

Accordingly, the expert Magento Seowill truly help you to keep your index bloat putting your best efforts to make sure that each product page can only be accessed following a single URL. Apart from it, you should make sure that optimal URL structure should be used while you are still following the Search Engine Optimization. 

  • Go Ahead To Optimize Meta Tags – 

The fact cannot be ignoredthat Meta Tags including Title and Meta Description Tags do hold a strong impact on all sorts of searching engine ranking as well as the click-through rate. It is quite important to optimize the Meta tags to make sure that you would be having a high ranking in search engine results. 

Experts say that SEO-friendly page tilesmust be created following 50-60 characters only. It should have the main keyword when you are supposed to focus on a particular page. Talking about the meta descriptions, the letter lengths must be between 50-160 characters. Whether it is about your main keyword, secondary keywords you would also love to target. 

It is quite important to make sure that you have added one or more secondary keywords. You also need to make sure that you will stay in a way where Meta description needs to sound such as something an individual would be writing. Moreover, it should not be forced at all. Keywords should not be stuffed forcefully at all. 

  • Do Never Go With Boring Product Description At All –

Yes, creating a unique product description is indeed quite important. You must take this factor lightly at all. Always make sure that you go with the excellent product description. They should be informative and creative both at the same time. It should have the power to fetch more and more clients to it. 

Several ecommerce businesses sell products but do not manufacture them at all. These products are bought from a wholesaler and manufacturers they generally come up with the excellent product description that manufacturers create. Most reputed businesses do not get bothered about creating their quality product descriptions. It always believes in staying stick with the ones that have already supplied to them. 

Product pages should have little valuable content thatcan easily be found anywhere indeed. It means they probably not be introducing any sort of excellent value to their users at all. Google generally does not show interest to rank this sort of webportals at all. If you want your SERP to rank better in the SERPs, you would be required to come up with excellent and different product descriptions. 

  • Do Not Forget To Enhance Your Internal Linking Structure – 

Internal links point to different pages available on your webportals. Holding a good internal linking structure can truly help to make your search engine will truly have a simple and easy time. Doing this makes it possible to search engines to have an easier time crawling to your website. Following the excellent Magento Seo Tips, it also helps to understand the hierarchical structure. The best thing is that it also helps to improve your user experience in an ideal way simplifying navigations. 

You can easily set up the internal links saying YES in Magento following this pattern called Catalog>Products, Selecting a product and then you will leaded to Related Products, Up-Sells and Cross-Sell>Related Products>Add Related Products. Once URLs of the products are added then you would get able to show them is a related product following the particular page. 

  • Go With Schema Markup – 

The next on the list is Schema Markup, which is a type of Microdata, which makes it simple in the respect of search engine to organize information. It makes it quite easier for the search engine to organize the entire information in a highly managed way. Get it implemented on your respective webportal to get the best results. It makes you able to display more and more information indeed.  The best thing is that more information will be there regarding your products such as reviews, pricing, images, availability, and so on. 

Doing all this will truly help you to take your web portal’s visibility in the search engine results. It will also play a major role to bring a huge improvement in your SERP click-through rates indeed. You may implement schema markup going with SEO extensions called Reload SEO, SEO Suite Ultimate, SEO Toolkit, and so on. Does not it seem great indeed?

  • Image Optimization Is Important –

Google images are searched incredibly. So many new web portalskeep hunting for good quality image search. To bring traffic that is more organicto your site, it would b quite crucial to optimize the traffic. Have you been wondering that what ways could be followed to bring a huge change to improve image SEO – 

  • Go Ahead To Compress Images – You should go-ahead to host and display a variety of high-quality images on your webportal. However, they could reduce the speed of your website if they are not compressed in size. It is quite important to improve the browsing experience of the visitors. Therefore, it is said that compressing images is quite important. You may go with the extensions called Image Optimizer or different services called to reduce the size without compromising the image quality. 
  • Go With Excellent Descriptive File Names – All types of your webportal images need to have descriptive file names that display what is in your image. Professional Magento Seo Services says that it needs to mention that each image’s file name is regarded to be added in the main keyword you probably hunting to rank for going with the particular image. If you think that organizing images is the only thing to enable it becomes easy for Google to understand the image content whenever relevant searches are done. 
  • Set ALT Tags Regarding All Images –All Tags hold text, which can easily be,displayed a specific image for different reasons. It probably occurs if the user turns off image loading in their browser settings or is supposed to use a screen reader. You are required to set ALT Tags regarding all sorts of images in the context of ensuring both search engines and individuals would easily be knowing that what your image would be containing. Going with the file name, you also require to striveto include the prominent keywords in all kind of ALT TAGS. You may go-ahead to use extensions easily such as SEO Images ALT TAGs to automate the entire process regarding adding ALT TAGs regarding your images. 
  • Time To Speed Up Your Webportal – Yes, the speed of your website matters a lot and you cannot ignore this fact. People want to go with new age and stylish website, which get loaded easily. Studies say they do not believe in going with the site where the site takes time to get loaded. 40% will leave the site if it does not get loaded in three seconds. Google also goes with page speed being a ranking factor for mobile. Your website’s speed must go to the next level. Here, we are going mention some of the important ways –
    • Switch Hosting Providers – Are you not receiving satisfactory page load speeds going with your current web host then you need to consider other different hosting providers then you could have incredible performance indeed. Several web hosts introduce Magento Hosting Packages, which are highly optimized in the context of Magento’s infrastructure as well as requirements. It could be about the hosting, which will almost impart you the incredible performance in comparison to a generic hosting package. 
    • Use A Content Delivery Network –A CDN can also take your website’s speed by imparting website content right from servers, which are closets to a visitor’s physical location. Going with a CDN to cater to your webportal content can boost load speeds. There are several free and paid CDN options available. 
    • Go With Utilizing Browser Caching –Browsing caching enables you to collect static website content following the user’s device. Going with this will truly eliminate the requirement for visitors to keep downloading the same files every time they explore one of your pages. Here, it needs to help take your load speed eliminating the total amount of data visitors require to. 

In The Last

Going with this information will truly bring more profit and change to your business website. As of now, several individuals have used it and found it quite beneficial indeed. So, what are you waiting for? It is time to go with the best Magento Tips to take your Search Engine Ranking to the next level. Hope this information has helped you a lot to understand everything in a better way. 

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Ronak M. is a serial entrepreneur and who has worked with small-medium-large companies. He is a co-founder of Magneto IT Solutions / Magento Development Company in Dubai and has been closely working with eCommerce ventures as an eCommerce Consultant since 2010.

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