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Jewelry is the most elegant aspect of fashion. They delicately bring out the charm of the person wearing them and highlight their solitary charisma. The market these days is flooded with all kinds of designs of jewelry, for all kinds of occasions, and for all kinds of moods. From your intimate weekend parties to grand wedding celebrations, you can flaunt jewelry everywhere and add just the right amount of sass and glamour to your Outfit Of The Day (OOTD). While the abundance of jewelry designs available in the market benefits you as the customer, it may also leave you a bit overwhelmed while choosing the right designs for yourself. 

To ease it up a little, here are the Top 20 Jewelry design blogs which aim at departing valuable Jewelry designs lessons

  1. – initially started as an online store for one-of-a-kind designer jewelry and accessories by ex-amazonian “Vishwas Shringi” back in 2012, also maintains a high-profile fashion jewelry blog. The blog covers an extensive range of topics including trending jewelry designs, latest fashion news, grooming and styling tips, jewelry gifting ideas, and many more popular topics. Adding to this, the blog also opens a doorway for a fun shopping experience as you can shop from the finest variety of jewels handcrafted by
  1. Champagne Gem – founded by ‘Bebe Bakshi’ back in 2010, Champagne Gem is a blog about jewelry, diamonds, gemstones, and watch brands. Identifying herself as Persian, Bebe Bakshi is a diamond enthusiast and she started Champagne Gem to explore more into her passion for high-end jewels. The blog also covers topics like loose stones, jewelry exhibitions, and gift ideas. 
  1. Candere Blog – Originally gemstone jewelry and top-end diamonds e-store, Candere blog maintains a jewelry design blog. The blog covers a variety of unique topics including jewelry styling tips, famous gemstones around the world, jewelry ideas for various occasions, jewelry shopping guides, and informs you about the jewelry designs ruling the vogue.     
  1. Loose Moissanite – Loose Moosanite are originally Moosanite manufacturers and are based in Surat, India. They also maintain a blog where they put across insightful information about various jewelry related topics. The topics they cover include a jewelry shopping guide, rings size guide, all about cuts, colors, and various aspects of Moosanite, rings shopping guide among other more exciting topics.  
  1. Outhouse – Outhouse in actuality is a high-end jewelry store run by sister duo Kaabia and Sasha Grewal. Their blog-The Outline explores topics from various realms including jewelry, lifestyle, fashion, and traveling. The blog also gives a peek into the bridal jewelry collection of Outhouse, their accessories, summer collection, and their unique and offbeat jewelry designs.  
  1. Ornate Jewels Blog – Ornate jewels is a jewels store based in Pune, India. The store also maintains an exciting blog where they write about all kinds of jewelry-related topics. These topics include jewelry gifting ideas, pros of silver jewelry, promise rings, and about the beauty of silver rings. 
  1. KuberBox Jewelry Blog – KuberBox is a fine jewelry brand based in Jaipur, India that aims at serving the changing taste of modern Indian jewelry customers. The blog of KuberBox briefs you into various aspects of jewelry. It also talks about suitable jewelry designs for new-age mothers, millennial partygoers, jewelry gift ideas, jewelry styling tips, and most beautiful pieces of jewelry by KuberBox.
  1. Gehna Blog – Gehna is basically a prominent custom handmade jewelry store based out of Chennai, India. The blog of Gehna transports us to a beautiful world of dazzling jewelry. The blog is about jewelry styling tips for various occasions, upcoming jewelry trends, jewelry choosing guide, and jewelry redesigning ideas.
  1. Papilior – Papilior is a popular jewelry brand run by two brothers Vishvesh Zaveri and Chirag Patel who aspires to bring revolution to the diamond jewelry business in India. The blog of Papilior covers a broad range, they write about various styles of diamonds, latest jewelry trends, jewelry gifting ideas, their own jewelry collections, festive jewelry, and much more.
  1. Navkkar jewelers –  Navkkar is a leading jewelry brand in India that traces its roots to the year 1996. Navkkar maintains a very professional blog where they write about jewelry designs for various festivities, bridal jewelry, essential diamond jewelry pieces, and more. The blog also talks about a whole set of traditional Indian jewelry designs.  
  1. Crafted By Mei – Crafted By Mei is a Malaysian online jewelry store, which sells a wide range of accessories, custom made keychains, beaded charm bracelets, and necklaces. The blog of Crafted By Mei introduces us to a variety of photo necklaces, bracelets, and keychains handcrafted by Mei. 
  1. Krishna Jewellers – Krishna Jewellers is the pearl and gems brand in India which enjoys a rich legacy of 37 years. The blog of Krishna Jewellers is an exquisite platter which includes all kinds of pearl and gems related topics. Some topics include bridal jewelry, jewelry styling tips, statement jewelry pieces, jewelry gifting ideas, and monsoon jewelry guide. 
  1. Gem Obsessed – written, edited, and curated by Cheryl Kremkow, Gem Obsessed is an exciting blog which talks about all that is trending in the jewelry fashion industry. It writes on red carpets trends, on big shot jewelry designers, upcoming jewelry trends, celebrities statement jewelry pieces, and many more trending topics. 
  1. Gemologue – established by Liza Urla, Gemologue briefly covers topics like bridal styling, Gem talks, and jewelry events. The blog also covers an interesting foray of traveling and tells us about secret places around the world where one can find a unique and precious collection of Jewelry. Besides being a jewelry blogger, Liza Urla is also a model.
  1. Gemgossips – managed by a professional gemologist, Danielle Miele, Gemologist is a flourishing blog that dwells into Danielle’s passion for good jewelry and jewelry blogging. The blog covers upcoming gem shows, gem fairs, interviews of famous jewelry designers, gem collection, and is all about an endless talk of all things sparkly. 
  1. Diamonds In The Library – true to its name, Diamonds In The Library is a splendid library that stores an enormous amount of content on jewelry-related topics. These topics include jewelry packing guide and tips, jewelry stores profile, jewelry trends, interviews of jewelry designers, Victorian-era jewelry, Georgian era jewelry, several kinds of gems, and much more.
  1. The Adventurine – InStyle jewelry editor and author Marion Fasel started out her jewelry blog – The Adventurine in 2016. The jewelry design blog beautifully attempts to bring to its readers’ thoughtful stories on jewelry. The topics covered by the blog include jewelry designer profiles, jewelry studio tours, the origin story of various gems, red carpet jewels, celebrity engagement rings, and jewelry exhibition reviews.
  1. Pallavi Foley Boutique Jewels – Pallavi Foley Boutique Jewels is a jewels boutique run by prominent jewelry designer Pallavi Dudeja Foley. The blog of Pallavi Foley Boutique Jewels gives a peek into their rich and affluent jewelry collection, the inspiration behind their jewelry designs, Indian jewelry craftsmanship, and much more.   
  1. The Diamond Talk – The Diamond Talk was started by Renu Choudhary with an aim to build a one-stop destination for all jewelry devotees out there. The blog covers jewelry trends, techniques, events, exhibitions, and several similar topics. 
  1. Diamond Buzz – started out very recently in 2018 by Lily Nadtochi, Diamond Buzz is a creative blog which covers jewelry and gems related topics. The blog also shares some valuable shopping tips for people who are looking forward to investing in fine jewelry.   

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