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The word “foodie” is thrown around so easily nowadays that it seems you can just snap a photo of a beautiful meal, use #foodie, and thus seamlessly glide into the world of experts.  With the start of #eatingfortheinsta, snackers have been trying to steal the foodie crown. A true connoisseur though, holds no candle to us mere mortals in the food game. The world of Italian Foodies opens a whole other level of glitz, glam, and inevitable envy. Now, I’m not going to lie to you, there are a ton of Italian food bloggers out there.

7 Blogs To Find Easy and Delicious Italian Recipes

1. Elizabeth Minchilli in Rome

Published author, app developer, and winner of the 2015 Best Food Blog Award by Italy Magazine, there’s no doubt that Elizabeth can proudly wear the Foodie Crown.
On her website you’ll find mouth-watering recipes, cooking workshops, and an insider’s scoop on where to dine in Italy’s cities. She writes about “the good stuff in Italy”, so you’ll grasp all aspects of la Dolce Vita. Based in Rome, Elizabeth is the ultimate specialist for The Eternal City.

2. My Little Italian Kitchen

Alida Zamparini is a guru in healthy yet traditional Italian recipes.  She effortlessly disproves the stereotype that all Italian food is cheese and carbs (*quietly sheds a tear) and shows the multifaceted nature to the national cuisine. Although now based in the U.K. she was born in the northern Italian region of Friuli, something which is incorporated into her recipes.

3. An Italian in My Kitchen

This is a blog after every expats heart.  Rosemary Molloy moved to Rome in 1989 and immediately fell in love with Italian food and culture. Sound familiar to any expats out there?
She began eating food that opened her eyes to a different style of cooking, and she learned what the coveted title of “authentic Italian food” truly meant. Rosemary developed her own vegetable garden and even put in the years of work to grow her own vineyard.
She has developed recipes using local methods, basic ingredients in most dishes, but the “how” will make or break them.
Check out her “Cooking Tips” section of her blog for the insider secrets before you test out any of the recipes. After her 20 years in Rome, she now balances her time between The Eternal City and Toronto.

4. Emiko Davies

Another expat who made Italy her home, Emiko focuses on Florentine and Tuscan cuisine and food culture, which is where she calls home. She also has hints of southern recipes which are oh so yummy! Her blog is built around her published cookbooks and developing recipes. These all use traditional Italian ingredients and historical methods from Tuscany.
Broaden your understanding by checking out the “Travel” section of her blog. Here you’ll find restaurant recommendations, cooking with your children, top local food to try, and hidden gems in various cities and towns.

 5. Toni Brancatisano

Raised in Australia by her southern Italian father and English mother, she was always surrounded by fresh produce and wonderful home cooking by her mother, and learned that food has a story.
Now,  she tries to replicate that same situation for her family.  As an adult, she lived in Tuscany for 14 years before settling in Rome, where she is currently based.  Thus, her recipes display that Tuscan and Lazio flavor; as we now know, Italian food is defined only by its regional cuisine.
Although she develops recipes for various parts of the meal, her specialization is in sweets, as is shown in her cake decorating cookbook and decorating classes. If you dabble in the Italian food channel, you’ll have seen Toni host various series.

6. The Roman Foodie

The Roman Foodie blog was created by The Roman Guy for all those travelers that were visiting Italy but simply weren’t getting the best Italian foodie experiences that are available. So “The Roman Guy Foodies” decided to create a blog filled with the best restaurant recommendations, cool foodie places, where to get the best cocktails in town as well as Italian recipes to get people cooking and looking forward or reminiscing over their Italian vacation!

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