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Having more than 500 Million Daily Active Users, Instagram undoubtedly opened up great opportunities for small business owners to substantial corporate brands to make their products seen in the market. With the help of a few tools and apps, you can grow your business to unimaginable heights!

Most people know Instagram as a simple photo-sharing app. An app that allows you to take pictures, edit them and share them with your followers. The sad part is that they don’t understand the true potential of this simple app. 

But you, as a business owner or as an influencer, can take the best advantage of Instagram. We have made a list of the best marketing tools that’ll help you boost your presence on Instagram and your business. So let’s get started!


Instagrams default editing tools are “okay” if you are posting pictures in your private account. But to catch the eyes of the audience, those editing tools are not up to par. As an influencer or marketer, your aim is to grab the attention of as many people as you can and direct them to your business.

In this case, VSCO is the #1 app for photo editing. It has emerged as the best tool as compared to other apps in the market. VSCO is not only a photo editing app. It is also a social media network in itself. You can share your images and videos with other users in the app, and you can direct people from this network to your main network. Get the best of both worlds!

This app is available on all iOS and Android devices.


Canva is the best tool you could find for designing your posts for Instagram. You can select the preset formats, or you could customise them as well. Canva also has a feature where they give many images, templates and fonts to design your post. Here, you can also upload your pictures and videos if you’re not happy with the stock images. 

But wait! It doesn’t end there; you can also use this app to make thumbnails and cover pages for YouTube and other social media networks too! 

You can use this on PC as well as mobiles.


Snapseed is another great photo editing tool. As Google now owns it, it is jam-packed with tons of features ranging from essential tools to advanced tools. This app gives you the option to fine-tune your pictures by allowing you to select and edit a specific part of the picture, while Instagram editing tools edit the whole image at once. 

Another great feature from Snapseed is called Stacks which allows you to create and save groups of filters as a template. With this feature, you can apply the templates to other pictures in the future. Even if you don’t know how most tools work, spending some time in the app and experimenting with them will surely give you some exciting results.


UNUM is a simple app that lets you store your photos and arrange them in a visually pleasing manner. You can plan your Instagram feed by adding selected pictures that you have already uploaded.

You can change the images and hide them that doesn’t match your other photos, and doing like this will make them aesthetically pleasing.

Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom is by far the best and professional app you can find among the list of photo editing apps. With the help of their cloud services, you can start editing images on any devices you want, be it a mobile phone, laptop or pc. You will find it up to date.

Lightroom also has access to a variety of Premium Lightroom presets made by professional photographers. Apply those to your pictures, and you’ll be amazed, and that’s for sure.

This app is available on all devices, including iOS, Android, Mac and Windows.


Afterlight is a minimalist photo editing app that comes packed with many filters, fonts and frames, giving you different options to tweak your images finely. You can also make a variety of custom filters and save them as presets for future edits.

It is one of the most simple apps to use as it doesn’t have any complex interface, and everything you need is right in front of you.

Life Laps

Life Laps is a very interesting video editing app. What makes this app stand out from the other ones is that you can create stop-motion videos and other features.

All you have to do is take photos of your product, resize the video, set the image speed, and add some fun music. Bang! You have something that’ll surely catch some eyes.

A Color Story

Unlike Instagram, this app offers standard filters, which allows you to enhance all the colours in your picture. You can also save all the custom filters you have created and use them on future projects.


Later is the all-in-one social marketing platform for the top social networks. 

Here, you can plan, analyse and post with a simple click of a button.

With Later, you can track the analytics of your content and also, you can make a shoppable link too.


“Plann is your all-in-one Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn auto-scheduler, social strategist, designer and content calendar”

With Plann, you can schedule your posts and stories and get the analytics. All you have to do here is to drag and drop your posts to curate your feed.


This app allows you to take advantage of leading analytics tools to develop your business on Instagram and Facebook.

With Iconosquare, you are given features like in-depth analytics of your posts, managing comments, feed planning and much more! 

This app is available on Android, iOS, Mac and Windows. is a great site that provides Instagram analytics like followers gained and lost, user interaction, engagement rate and much more.

You can use this site to know which post from your feed was most interacted with, peak engagement timings of your followers on your posts and much more.

Sprout Social

Sprout Social is yet another social media analytics platform that simplifies all start to end-user analysis. Besides Instagram analytics, they also provide in-depth analysis on Twitter, Facebook and other popular networks.

You can use this tool for maintaining a comprehensive overview of your performance on all sorts of social media platforms.


TapInfluence is a platform designed to simplify marketing campaigns for creators, agencies and brands. The primary features of this tool are campaign management, detailed analytics and influencer search. 

They also offer data about the influencer’s past performance and a system to work out fees and payments.


WebInfluential is an influencer marketing network that gives you tools for influencer search, analytics and campaign management. What this site does is that it matches you to suitable influencers in a similar type of work or niche.

Along with that, they also provide reports on your most successful campaigns and how well you’re performing compared to the market average.


Hypr is another platform made for influencer marketing. With its help, marketers can reach many audiences by targeting influencers based on their demographics like age, interest and location.


With UserGems, you can pull information about potential big influencers and micro-influencers based on your requirements. Plus, you can also gain new customers in your target market.

UserGems monitors your target accounts and surfaces and provides valuable information about the new prospects that match your target persona.


AdEspresso is a service that mainly focuses on managing your advertisements put out on different social media. With their simple automated tools, you can create and scale your ad campaigns in a few clicks.

Along with their marketing tools, they also provide in-depth analytics about the performance of your ads, plus expert opinions on how you can get to the next level. 

“To take your campaigns to another level, it’s not enough to have the best tools; you also need a great marketing strategy to get the most out of your ads. Instead of having to learn everything yourself, that’s where our team of marketing experts can help!”


AdRoll is a platform that provides different tools for effective targeting and segmentation that reaches other customers with relevant ads at the correct time. They can do this with dozens of factors, including consumer behavior and preferences.

It is undoubtedly a great platform to direct traffic to your business, boost business growth and spread brand awareness.


TapBio can be used by anyone looking to promote themselves or their business by changing their social media followers into loyal customers and fans. This site is in the form of an Instagram story. 

What it does is that TapBio makes a landing page where you can direct people where you want them to go. To start right away, the only steps you have to do is to press and select the content you want to promote and place them in the story as cards. 

Final Thoughts

So there you go! That was the list of the 20 Best Instagram Marketing Tools you can use to grow your business, boost your social media presence and brand awareness.

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