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Being the second-largest country in the world in terms of its population and the fastest-growing economy ranking 5th in terms of its nominal GDP, India has much to offer to the global fitness community. As a birthplace of yoga, it combines many western trends with local health practices such as Ayurveda that promote a holistic worldview balancing mental and physical wellbeing. The popularity of vegetarian and vegan diets in India also means that many dietary experts are focused on these increasingly popular dietary plans. Below, you will find the top 10 health and fitness bloggers and influencers in India. 

1. Rahul Yadav (Fitness Anytime Club) blog success in this endeavour provided a unique perspective of this resource offering a lot of materials for medium-aged and older adults who have a slower metabolism and various health-related problems that make training more difficult. Most of the exercises are easy and do not require specialised equipment, which makes them especially interesting to people staying at home during the COVID-19 lockdown. The website worldview regarding dietary plans implies the need to have a variety of options in order to reduce the urge to have accidental cheat meals and break your diet. 

2. Put That Cheese Burger Down

This blog is run by a certified nutrition therapist who is also focused on improving the followers’ mental health by taking greater control of their lives. This combined approach offers a unique holistic perspective since articles cover a variety of topics from Indian healthcare to detox plans and fighting anaemia. The resource also covers various mental health topics such as coping with postpartum depression or professional burnout. The main idea promoted by the author is the need to build a healthy lifestyle by balancing different spheres of your life that is easy to maintain throughout your life. 

3. The Picky Eater

If you find it difficult to maintain a healthy diet based on oatmeal, vegetables, and lean meat, this blog is for you. Its author is a food connoisseur who is willing to teach you how to cook quality meals that are also extremely tasty. With recipes ranging from vegetarian chilli to tofu scramble with southwestern spices, any fitness enthusiast can find a healthy dish to their taste. The blog also offers reviews of health products such as baby formulas and children’s vitamins. Some posts cover parenting topics such as surviving the first year after childbirth, dealing with picky kids, and building your exercise routine as a busy parent. 

4. Zig Verve

Zig Verve is one of the oldest Indian websites on health and fitness that presently covers a wide range of topics including nutrition, fashion, general health, and travel. This platform can be viewed as a lifestyle resource offering advice on mental wellbeing, relationships, parenting, and staying fit. A large number of health-related articles allows people to recognise developing conditions and take the necessary precautions to prevent any problems in this sphere. Overall, Zig Verve can be seen as another holistic platform where you can find guidance for many problems you can encounter in your life. 

5. Wholesome Mamma

This blogger is a mother of two boys who is highly interested in the evolutionary lifestyle including such concepts as paleo diets and short high-intensity workouts. While this approach may not be suitable for all fitness enthusiasts, there are lots of articles on losing weigh in the postpartum period and other topics interesting to women willing to stay fit and healthy after childbearing. The recommendations do not require a gym membership, which makes them even more convenient for busy moms. 

6. Health Beckon

The Health Beckon resource was started by an Ayurveda practitioner interested in holistic living and healthy eating. While the website design is rather ascetic, it contains a lot of information about nutrition facts for various categories of foods, dietary myths, and recent studies related to health and fitness. The author reviews various diets, such as the traditional Asian diet and the South Beach diet, and provides specific plans for their implementation as well as convenient charts with all relevant information. 

7. Perfect Skin Care for You

Perfect Skin Care for You is another blog on a holistic lifestyle that is tilted towards beauty products and healthy habits development. As a software development engineer in the past, the author follows a highly systemic approach to analysing different products and practices and leads a separate diary for every set of personal care activities. You can also find well-designed plans allowing you to improve the state of your hair or skin by allocating 15-20 minutes per day. Product reviews are performed in a highly objective manner appraising their longitudinal effects over several months as well as their perceived price/value ratio. 

8. My Beauty Gym 

This is another health and beauty resource that also offers weight training recommendations to lose weight. You can find tips on proper nutrition, healthy cooking recipes, oral care, skin care, and fighting certain medical conditions such as diabetes or heart diseases. From the fitness standpoint, the resource provides a balanced overview of different approaches such as training at home, using free weights or using machines at the gym. This allows readers with all health situations to find a safe training routine they can start today with the assets they have. 

9. Medical Island

Medical Island is a resource created by a medical practitioner to share some health-related insights and educate the general public on various medical problems such as oral hygiene and dental issues. There are also a lot of articles on addiction treatment, supporting your friends and family members fighting addictions, and avoiding drug and alcohol abuse. You can also find recommendations on highly relevant recent topics such as working out at home, identifying hormonal imbalance symptoms, and finding dental specialists during the COVID-19 lockdown. 

10. Dietburrp

This resource was started by a clinical nutritionist with an MBA in Hospital and Healthcare Management and 16 years of consulting experience. At some moment, Payal Banka realised that her vision of diets was contrasting the traditional ‘staying hungry and exercising till exhaustion’ views. Her website advocates planning your meals and using healthy foods to lose weight in a healthy and tasty manner. The exercising and dietary suggestions make specific provisions for such conditions as diabetes, heart diseases and pregnancy. Many recommendations are also available in video format, which may be convenient for commuters and long-distance drivers interested in health and fitness topics. 

The size of India and the unique cultural characteristics of its population suggest that western brands may be better off using local bloggers and influencers in the promotion of their products. These experts possess a good knowledge of the local market as well as holistic healthcare trends and have a well-developed follower base. The unique aspect of most aforementioned bloggers and influencers is associated with their storytelling approach to blogging. For example, medical experts tend to offer training recommendations to people with various injuries, diabetes, and other health conditions as well as beginner athletes. Similarly, lifestyle bloggers cover such topics as mental illnesses and openly discuss their personal traumatic experiences such as being a single mom or going through postpartum depression. This offers a unique ‘humane’ perspective to their stories and suggestions that makes their recommendations more trustworthy. 

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