Top 20 Food Ordering Apps trending in India



There are so many food delivery apps in the world that you might get confused. Food apps are linked with hundreds of restaurants in the city to serve our purpose and provide us with the best food at home. Foodservice apps are the future of the next generation. The easiest possible way to eat food at home is by providing ease to everyone. 

Zomato (iOS / Android): This app delivers the best food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It also delivers alcoholic beverages from a favorite spot. 

Food panda (iOS / Android): This app has 50,000 restaurants linked and you can choose your desired cuisine from amazing restaurants. This app is available in 1100+  cities.

Uber Eats (iOS / Android): This app is linked with local and chain restaurants to provide us with the best food service. You can choose any type of cuisine you want and n number of times.

Domino’s (iOS / Android): You get several discounts and offers while ordering food from your favorite restaurants. 

Pizza hut (iOS / Android): This app provides you with the servicing of food, pizza, and alcohol at your doorstep with lots of precautions. They also provide you with a code that you can avail of at the time of ordering.

JustEat (iOS / Android): Using this app you can get ice-cream, snacks, and drinks with thousands of other useful products at the doorstep.

Faaso’s (iOS / Android): This app provides not only fresh food but also thousand of groceries with the minimum order value.

Tasty Khanna (iOS / Android): This is a favorite app for most of the users as it provides them with food, alcohol, groceries, gifts, and laundry. After every purchase, you get some points and can use them in your next orders. The delivery fee ranges from restaurant to restaurant. This app is linked with many local to new ones.

FoodMingo (iOS / Android): Using this app you get chilled, chef-crafted meals delivered straight to your door on time. Prices are much lower than other apps. This app also donates meals to the poor and needy people. 

Eat 24 (iOS / Android): Thousand of local restaurants are linked in this app to provide the best cuisine from a favorite place. The range of delivery options varies from restaurant to restaurant. 

Swiggy: This app is a popular app for food apps as it provides the best food from restaurants. 

Beyondmenu: It provides unlimited food services and favorite delicacies. Prices are much lower than other apps. This app also donates meals to the poor and needy people. 

Otlob; This is a fun delivery app without any call an order mistake. 

MojoPizza: This is the best pizza delivery app. They give full topping cheese on each bite. 

Food express: This is the largest food delivery app in more than 50 countries. They have a wide variety of food of different cuisines. 

GrubHub: This app has the largest section of food restaurants connected to serve the people. They provide users the option to review and rate the food items. 

Freshmenu: This app is considered as best because it gives the first-time user 100% cashback on the first order. 

Glovo: It serves authentic food to the customers and has the fastest delivery rate.

Licious: This app gives fresh meat to online users. It also ensures fresh contactless fish at your doorstep. 

Dunzo: It is an online food delivery app and also serves grocery if required by customers.  

Contactless dining has a contactless menu, contactless order, and contactless payment. So Swiggy and Zomato have come up with this method of no contact delivery where they keep the food at safe distance and you need to pick it up.


These were 20 food apps in India. Technology is advancing too fast and with the help of that many new options will be soon available for people to have cleanliness, social distancing, and a tool to save costs for the restaurants as it is becoming supreme day by day. Technology is also assisting people to have a safe distance from one another at restaurants. 

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