100 Post Ideas for Food Bloggers (That Aren’t Just Recipes!)



Hey guys, If you are thinking of running food blogs, then this article is taken by you only. Food is the topic on which you can work for years and years. The food niche is an evergreen niche that will help you to make you successful. 

Here, we list 100 contest ideas that can help you to make your earning double. If you are running a food blog or you wanna start a food blog then you can go with these ideas. I am sure that you will get success if you follow these content ideas for your blog. 

If you have a food blog then you have much knowledge to share with your audience. But sometimes we forget these content ideas that can help your blog to earn more money or get ranked on google too. 

  1. Introduce your local dishes. 

You can provide the recipe for your local dish. Introducing new dishes to people can make your audience happy and the surly will follow you for further updates. 

  1. Add your favorite dish.
  2. Add the recipe of your favorite dish, its taste, and your feedback. 
  3. You can also write what you eat on a daily basis. 
  4. Street foods.
  5. Discover all nearby street food counters
  6. You can make your annual best food dish on a taste basis.
  7. Share your experience on tasting every food item
  8. You can rate food taste to help your audience to understand it better.
  9. You can provide a proper detail of the food taste and place. Where you eat that food or dish.

As we all know that food is the basic unit of life. All living beings depend upon food. So you can also aware your audience about its shortage in the market. You can create many blog posts on this topic. There are various reasons for this shortage. Cover them.

Now let go without the next food content idea.  

  1. Go with food challenges. 
  2. You can create a poll that can easily describe how tasty it is.
  3.  Today food items are used for thoughts also. You can be got for that. 
  4. Nonveg Monday
  5. Desearty sweet  Saturday.
  6. You can provide an interview article for your audience. 
  7.  State your best menu. 
  8.  Describe the best dishes you have eaten
  9. Cooking ways.
  10. Comparison of 2 dishes
  11. Efforts to prepare some awesome dishes
  12. The best food items you eat while you visit [ place] 
  13. The specialty of that area [dish]
  14. Where to  eat special food
  15. Your mother’s specialty[food]
  16. What you prepare amazing.
  17. Its recipe
  18. Facts about that dish.
  19.  Drinks 
  20. Your favorite juices. 

Hope you have found the content ideas as per your blog. If you do not get any idea of your blog here too, then you can read this article even further and publish blog articles on new ideas.

  1. Benefits of [food] 
  2. Loss of eating that [food] 
  3. Taste of particular food.
  4.  Medical benefits [  ] food.
  5. Amazing facts
  6. Facts that make you shocked about that food
  7. Stories behind the preparation of that food
  8. Your experience for a particular food
  9. Famous food dishes
  10. Food not to eat.
  11. Where you taste [food] firstly. 
  12. Fast cooking foods
  13. Slow cooking foods
  14. Facts about food that are generally controversial. 
  15. Lies about a particular food.
  16. Very interesting facts about food. 
  17. Facts about food which are very disgusting.
  18. Healthiest foods you know.
  19. You can also go with the foods which are healthiest on earth.
  20. Provide a list of nutrients in the food.

If you and your audience are interested in instant food.

Reviews are the most searched topic on the internet, did you know that? Food blogs should also pay attention to the review. They should publish a review of each food dish.

  1. Instant food dish nearby
  2. Best food dish in a particular store.
  3. Foods which are famous in stores. 
  4.  Best instant food which you love.
  5. Best instant food dishes for those who have very little time.
  6. Best foods which are frozen
  7. The reason why you love that ish.
  8. Instantly prepared food 
  9. Ingredients of instant foods.
  10. The best instant meals under a particular cost.
  11. Instant food brand name. 
  12. Instant food dishes and pre-made food dishes.
  13. Gift food for your friends or relatives.
  14. Gift by category.
  15. Gift food dishes according to a person. 
  16. DIY gifts for your friends
  17. Best sweet dish gifts 
  18. Instant prepared sweet dishes
  19. Low budget dishes.
  20. Low budget instant dishes.

In India, there are many festivals we celebrate with joy. And at these festivals we at lots of food dishes and sweets. You can also make 10 to 12 blogs on these food content ideas. 

  1. Diwali sweets
  2. Diwali’s food dishes.
  3. Holi sweets 
  4. Holi food dishes
  5. How to prepare
  6. Their ingredients
  7. Healthy food dishes during festivals.
  8. Low calories foods
  9. High calories foods.
  10. Festival special [food] 

You can provide some tips and tricks through your article to your audience. 

  1. Tips for eating good food
  2. Mention the recipes which are best.
  3. Diet but tasty food
  4. Sugar-free dishes.
  5. Good and bad food if you are on diet.
  6. Keto-friendly food 
  7. Healthy food for ill peoples.
  8. What to eat while ill.
  9. Recovery foods.
  10. Nutritious foods.

Non-vegetarian dishes reviews.

  1. Best non-veg dishes.
  2. Chicken curry review
  3. Nonveg biryani
  4. Best non-veg restaurants.
  5. Best non-veg dishes 
  6. A specialty of a particular place.
  7. Your favorite nonveg dishes.
  8. Best recipes to make the best non-veg 
  9. What we learn from vloggers on youtube.
  10. Review.
  11. The food app you like most.
  12. Platforms to share food recipes.

You can create your article on any of these and publish it, if you think that the search volume of these keywords is correct and SEO Difficulty is less, then you can publish articles on these keywords. You will get traffic from all over and your audience will like the articles written on these ideas.

On what keywords you should have to work.

If you are new to the blogging world then make sure to choose that keyword on which SEO difficulty is low but have a good amount of search volume. You can create your article on any of these and publish it, if you think that the search volume of these keywords is correct and SEO Difficulty is less, then you can publish articles on these keywords. You will get traffic from all over and your audience will like the articles written on these ideas.

Keep a blog article tracking your people’s views.

If you publish related articles of what people would like, then your blog will be ranked within a few days, people will subscribe to your blog so that your latest subsets will reach them in the future.

You cannot even imagine how good a response you will get from your audience. And you can also sell food-related products with your affiliate links.


I hope that you will definitely get some help with the help of this article. If you have an idea to start a blog in your mind, then you can start food blogs because you all know that food is an evergreen niche that has been going on since forever and will also continue in the future.

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