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Gone are the days when there wasn’t any kind of gender equality in the workforce. These days’ women are contributing a lot to society and doing jobs previously done by males only. They are in the field of aviation, defense, politics, engineering, digital marketing, blogging, and the list goes on.

Blogging is all about content creation, relationship building, conversion, SEO, etc, and women are really doing great performing all those tasks. When it comes to top female bloggers, there are thousands of them and many of them are Indian too. If you want to know more about those women, you have come to the right place. 

This post about the top 10 successful and professional female bloggers in India will help you go through their blogging journey, work-life, achievements, and many more. It’s not easy for a woman to break the stereotypes and make her own identity in the blogosphere where you have to deal with a lot of daily life issues and also make time for your blog.

Let’s stop chattering more and start the list, LOL.

1. Harleena Singh

Harleena Singh is one of the big names in the blogging industry and she is the ideal of many newbie female bloggers. I had worked with her regarding blog commenting and guest posts and all I can say about her that she is very humble and helpful. She owns a blog and provides valuable content on multiple categories including blogging, business, finance, health, self-improvement, tech, and many more.

She was working as a freelance writer before starting her blog and was quite successful. She never thought of being a full-time blogger but end up being an extremely skillful, talented, and hard-working blogger. The sad truth of the blogging industry is that it requires a lot of patience and most of the people quit after some time.

This lady is among those people who have evolved themselves better dealing with the challenges of the blogging world and the outcomes are really incredible. Nowadays Aha-Now has become one of the top websites having enormous traffic and reader bases from all over this blue planet.

  • Website –

2. Nirmala Santhakumar

This electronics engineering graduate loves to share her ideas on her blog, She was also working as a freelance writer before starting her own blog. She is good at blogging as well as very helpful and humble too. She is one of the few bloggers who respond to your emails regarding queries.

She is more blogging-centric and offers the best quality content on multiple topics including tech, earning tips, social media, internet marketing, blogging, and other relevant niches. She owns a unique writing skill and creates content in such a manner that even a newbie blogger can digest each blog post of her website.

  • Website –,,,

3. Shalu Sharma

This lady has a wanderer soul and loves to share her travel experience and journey through her blog I have gone through various travel blogs but the way Shalu Sharma presents India among its readers is truly awesome. She provides little details of the place and encourages people to do solo traveling and mainly boost the confidence of women to explore destination across India and the world.

  • Website –,

4. Shraddha Sharma

The website is the best example of what hard work and dedication can bring to you. The woman behind this awesome website is none other than Shraddha Sharma. She founded the YourStory back in 2008 and before she had worked with few top media houses including CNBC and the Times of India.

She belongs to the Indian State Bihar, Patna, and had done her academics from St Stephens College, Delhi. Her blog is considered as one of the biggest storytelling platforms in India. She had collaborated with Ratan Tata, V. Mohandas Pai, Vani Kola, Narendra Modi, and many other big influencers and business tycoons.

  • Website –

5. Malini Agarwal

If you are one of them who likes to get updated on what’s going in the Bollywood and film industry, then the blog own by Mailini Agarwal will help you do the same in a much better way. She is an extremely talented lady and hard working. 

She is a digital influencer, author, entrepreneur, TV host, and even a radio jockey on Radio One (Mumbai, India). Malini founded this blog in 2008 and covers Bollywood news, fashion trends, travel, nightlife, food, etc. She made her way to Bollywood through great content creation and blogging and keeps herself engaged with a lot of fashion icons and celebrities.

  • Website –

6. Jane Sheeba

Jane Sheeba is one of the few bloggers who were doing blogs when most people don’t know much about blogging in India. She started writing on many blogging platforms from 2007 before founding her own blog She had a Ph.D. degree from the renowned Lancaster college of the UK and currently living in India.

She creates and shares worthy content on various categories including influencer marketing, digital marketing, and social media, online money making, blogging, SEO, WordPress, business and the list goes on. She is an inspirational figure for the females who want to create their own identity pursuing blogging as their career option.

  • Website –

7. Shiwangi Srivastava

Digital platforms are playing an important role in creating job opportunities and many people are earning decent money online these days. There are various things to do and earn online including vlogging, internet marketing, social media marketing, website development, content creation, blogging, etc.

Women are contributing to this digital industry a lot and Shiwangi Srivastava is among one of them too. She is an entrepreneur, blogger, fashionista, influencer, digital marketer, and a proud mother. She owns the website where she shares her ideas and blog posts on multiple genres including tech, fashion, travel, food, beauty, wellness, games, latest news, and other relevant categories.

  • Website –

8. Akanksha Redhu

When it comes to fashion blogs, female bloggers are dominating and Akanksha Redhu is one of them. She herself is a fashion freak and loves to share the best fashion tips through her personal website She also likes to review tons of beauty products and provides her experience with those products. This lifestyle and fashion blogger is worth following and get inspiration via her blogging journey.

  • Website –

9. Dipti Nair

Another woman from yourstory and this time her name is Dipti Nair. She is the one who is responsible for the success of the storytelling platform, yourstory along with Shradha Sharma and others. Currently, she doesn’t own a personal blog but she has some bigger plans and she may come with worth to go through a blog in near future.

When it comes to her previous jobs before collaborating with Shradha Sharma, the list is quite big. She had worked in print, television, radio, and web media for almost 20 years. She provides a platform to small businesses and entrepreneurs through yourstory’s section called SMBstory.

  • Website –

10. Ankita Chaturvedi

She is a beauty enthusiast who likes to share-worthy beauty tips, makeup tutorials, product reviews, and a lot of other inspiring kinds of things. Ankita is a Mumbai based blogger and love to travel across the globe. She also shares her travel journey and experience through her blog She had a huge follower base in different social media and micro-blogging platforms.

  • Website –

Bottom Line

A lot of female bloggers are hugely contributing to the blogging industry and many yet to come. The digital world is growing with every passing day and more people are becoming part of this world. Women aren’t isolated these days from this digital world and many of them have evolved to the world’s famous bloggers too.

I am sure you enjoyed going through this top 10 list of successful and professional female bloggers in India. These female bloggers are doing awesome and sharing their best ideas and tips online. These women are really an inspiration for new bloggers, especially for females.

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