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Facebook is one of the most dominating social media sites that offer a lot of opportunities for salespeople and vendors. It is heaven for marketers as the number of new Facebook user’s increases up to 400 within a minute. To introduce a brand on the biggest social media market is challenging because you cannot get access to thousands of Facebook likes easily. To achieve your goal, trigger your creative skills and get an idea of an effective social media algorithm. A variety of business tools are introduced to make your way in the powerful social boom. Use of the appropriate Facebook tools helps in establishing the effective marketing strategy. In everyday life, we use a hammer to fix nails in the wood. If you use a screwdriver, what will be the end result? Definitely, you will never complete your task correctly. The same rule applies while selecting the tools for Facebook marketing. It is essential to explore your business prerequisite and use the right marketing tools for bringing traffic and converting them into customers. Here is the description of top 20 marketing tools that you must use to gain a significant position in the social media marketing world:

Communal Management Facebook Tools

Before introducing your services, get an idea of community’s mood through group managing tools. Agorapulse offers a wide range of options to cope with the community. You can check different scheduling possibilities and popular Social Inbox to find your followers and divide them into various groups. 

Basically, it is a corn tool that shows the difference between negative and positive engagement with the help of unstructured sources of content like online reviews or Facebook analysis. This business tool can highpoint the growth areas and shows the trends, common in your clients. 

It is considered as a powerhouse for Consumer Intelligence Digital products. It has access to more than eighty million worldwide sources. If you need to check and access the Facebook data, use this tool. Before initializing its task, the Brandwatch tool carries on the cleaning task to provide remarkable data with power to make sections and groups.

It is used to improve engagement through social media buttons that help out the visitors to share your posts by single click. There are other valuable tools available on Sumo platform, such as “heat map” that displays the locations where online traffic is clicking and the nature of services online public is interested in.

Tools for Developing Facebook Videos 

There is a library of animated customizable characters that are used in making interesting videos. Now, you do not need to waste your valuable time in designing animated characters. What you need is to select the animated items and drag into the settings. After that, just record what you want to describe. It is the most supporting tool for people who prefer to develop videos without spending money in video footage or photos.

In 2019, above 80% web content was designed in the form of videos, therefore it is necessary to get grip on video developing for influential business marketing. Animoto offers simple and user-friendly templates so that you can add your photos and videos to storyboards. Moreover, music, text and other visual effects can be added to make your videos more interesting. It is up to you to pick videos square just to make your content mobile friendly. 

If you want to make animated videos containing text without using any editing, try Ripl tool. This business tool allows adding just 8 still photos for text.

Most of the people using Facebook prefer to watch videos without any sound. If you desire to fit a soundtrack, use Facebook Sound to select video content without paying a penny. 

Photo & Design Facebook Tool

It is an iOS application, allows editing and uploading your photos to Facebook. While editing photos, new text as well as stickers can be placed. You can select from already designed templates fro, library or make your own creative images. 

This tool has made it simple to search, crop, modify or share the photo. There are pre-built amazing templates to solve the image sizing problem and fulfill the optimum spec demands for all social networks. As soon as the images get ready, you can share on social networks from Hootsute Enhance or make a schedule for posting later.

Facebook Marketing Tools

It gives complete authority over marketing campaign on Facebook even if you are on the way. It is a supportive app that keeps you in contact when you are not using the desktop. This app helps you to cover manifold platforms simultaneously. You can easily schedule your content, connect with clients, issue posts and approve all at one place. 

There is another marketing tool, named as Page Manager Facebook App that performs almost the same function. It can direct many pages, marketing and social campaigns when you are travelling.

Tools to Manage Ads for Facebook 

  • Compass

It is a free of cost tool that develops a report to examine what is functioning and what is causing trouble concerning Facebook campaign. Moreover, it helps in showing a comparison between your work and how other advertisers on Facebook are working.

It is an advertisement tool that allows developing and checking a wide range of ads within a few minutes. It is an easy and cost-effective way that runs a variety of ad campaigns and shows the guesswork in order to provide the best through Facebook sponsored content. Moreover, Adespresso inspires its users by giving access to above 500 top-rated examples of Facebook ads, present in a library.

Basically, the images are the best predicament for the impact of an ad; nonetheless headline gets the second position. Coschedule checks best performing headlines for conversion as well as engagement. After that the ads are passed to customers and get pasted in their headline. The advertisement tool awards a grade and target against top performing material and offers guidelines to improve the grade.

Tool for Writing & Editing

Do you want people to have an access to material that you post? If yes, start your work by writing effectively. At this stage, Hemingway editor will offer its services. It has ability to focus the complicated sentences and provide suggestions to improve the sentence structure.

If your post has quality content, but there are grammatical errors and spelling mistakes, then the content will lose its significance. To avoid embarrassing situations, craft the Facebook posts carefully. Grammarly is the most reliable tool that will support you by making powerful word choices and suggesting right spellings.

Tools for Improving Leads & Conversion

Bots and messenger marketing has improved the lead generation as well the conversions on the most influential social media site. 

Above one billion users a day enjoy the services of Messenger, therefore you cannot overlook messenger when your target is Facebook marketing. ManyChat is an effective marketing, support and retail tool for messenger. It is promised that the users of ManyChat can get 25% CTR and open rates 80% along with opportunities to improve traffic and increase sales. It will just take a minute to develop a bot through the templates available on ManyChat or using your own design.

This tool has given a task to lessen the discomfort of marketers by running different contests, interactive campaigns and sweepstakes. The tool offers a lot of examples how the work is carried on social channels, especially on Facebook.

It is similar to ManyChat tool. It is used by popular marketers such as the Neil Patel. It is renowned as the most dependable bot marketing platform. In order to analyze the ads on Facebook Messenger, MobileMonkey is the highly recommended tool to fulfill your objectives.

Tools for Facebook Marketing 

  • Facebook Analytics

To check the growth rate, monetization and user engagement, Facebook Analytics tool offers its cherished services. You can receive conversion rates, reports regarding your Facebook pages & website and critical metrics. Make overlap charts, cohorts, funnels, data meditation and browse mechanical awareness. Get alerts whenever important modifications are added to metrics. Promote facebook page & grow you audience in few days.

  • Audience Insights Tool for Facebook

It gives collective information concerning people who are attached to your website or Facebook page, thus you can get an opportunity to make new content that can reverberate with already present and future followers. You can check the education levels, relationship statuses, gender and age. Furthermore, you can learn about the interest and pastime activities of people. Audience Insights tool associates the relationship status as well as the location just to inform you about the nature of people who have shown some interest in your page or business.

Essentially, it is an easy to use tool for getting information, previewing, mocking up and checking the Facebook ads. You can check the inspiration gallery in order to know more about making operative ads. You are given the freedom to deliver mockups to Facebook application and get the preview through any other device. It is possible through this tool to consolidate the mockups and request others for teamwork. Deliver absolute mockups to inaugurate with just one click.

Dofollow Links

These links help Google and other valuable search engines to track them and get an access to relevant websites. Dofollow link provides the websites backlink and link juice. When a webmaster desires to link back to a website, these links will make the humans as well as the search engines to follow a site. An ideal way to provide someone dofollow affection is using a keyword in your anchor text. In other words, while getting linked to any page or website, place the directed keywords in place of anchor text.

Developing a hyperlink is a way to bring the right audience to your page or website, at that place you can initiate SEO boost. It is the job of Google to evaluate each and every hyperlink carefully and find out the number of inbound links for a website or page where the backlinks are formed. Moreover, Google gets the support of simple algorithm to figure out whether you have formed a dofollow link or not. When more and more people get linked to your website, you must have to post something and that post will get dominating position in search engine end results. Consequently, the instant effect will be shown in the form of higher rank on the results of search engines. According to SEO language, the increase in the number of backlinks on a page helps in making more and more link juice. If you manage to issue backlinks on well-known websites, you will get more chances to obtain link juice for making your search engine optimization strategy. 

Facebook Instant Publishing

To resolve the slow loading issue on smartphone web, Instant Articles were designed. The publishing platform on Facebook covers interactive features that give a helping hand to stories to load on mobile, comprising image tap to zoom galleries and auto play quality videos.

It is the motive of this social media site to join people to the things they give value like photos, posts, stories and videos. When Instant Articles are opened, any publisher can convey different stories in a shortest span of time to audience, present all over the world. Facebook has association with numerous platforms to generate all-in-one incorporation with Instant Articles. The publishing tools have integration with platforms like Steller, Tempest, ShareThis, RebelMouse, Perk Distributed, Medium, Atavist and Drupal.

No Sponsored Tag

Due to recent updates, users require Facebook verified page to post branded material. Blue badge is the essential element of verified page. Absence of blue badge means you are not authorized to publish branded content. A verified page owner must follow some guidelines, such as tagging post to sponsor and make the tagging transparent.

Though there are a lot of tools that can promote your business on Facebook, but the top 20 Facebook marketing tools are designed to endorse your brand from each and every prospect. These tools are liable to improve traffic engagement, manage various communities and drive campaigns; however the most crucial part of these tools is to make your post capable to raise conversion rate. Check the tools, their uses and choose a few that match with your requirements.

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