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Are you somebody who is looking for the Best Place to Buy and Sell a Domain?

Then you’re at the right place because we’ve handpicked the top 20 Marketplaces where you can buy and Sell Domain Names easily in 2021. You’ll get Domain Names at affordable prices and Easy to Sell. 

The First Priority on the Internet is given to Domain because it’s a Base of Everything. Your Brand introduced by Domain, your Website get Infront of Customers by Domain, and If you’re Someone who wants to purchase a domain for your business or already have domains to sell in Marketplaces, this article is for you.

I’m sure you all know the Domain flipping Business, where anyone can purchase Any domain and sell it at a higher price. For making this happen, they need to pick the Domain at affordable prices and sell it at a Higher price on Marketplaces.

So without wasting a second, Let’s Begin and reveal the Top 20 Marketplaces to Buy and Sell Domain Names.

#1 GoDaddy Domain Auction

GoDaddy is the most popular Marketplace for buying and selling domain names. If you’re looking for a Beat Domain name at affordable prices, GoDaddy can help you purchase it, and If you’ve some Domain names that you want to Sell, then GoDaddy marketplace can help you to Sell Domain at a Higher price.

Just create an account on GoDaddy, and you can do as per your requirements either Buy and Sell Domain Names. 

GoDaddy has its GoDaddy Domain Auction Paid Package, where you can register yourself. It’s a Complete Domain flipping Business where you can Purchase Domain and Sell it. It’s a paid plan annual membership at $4.99 only.

#2 Flippa Domain Marketplace

Flippa is a Worldwide known marketplace for Domain Buying and Selling. And for professionals in Domain flipping Businesses, flippa can be the best choice for you. Flippa is not only for Domain Buying and Selling, but this Marketplace offers so many other things like website flipping, SaaS, Applications, Amazon FBA, and many more. It’s a Big platform for Domain Buying and Selling.

#3 Sedo Domain Marketplace

It’s Completely focused on Domain Buying and Selling Marketplace. I suggest you visit this Website, and you’ll understand the reason behind the Popularity of the Sedo marketplace. Sedo marketplace currently has 19M+ domains Listed, and if you want to purchase a domain, you can purchase at affordable prices and Sell Domain Names easily. 

#4 eBay Domain Marketplace

eBay is known for Flipping, and eBay Focus on Domain Flipping also. This is the Largest online Marketplace for Domain Buying and Selling. eBay is an online store, but there’s a separate section for Domain Buying and Selling where you can list your Domain for sale or Purchase domain at a Cheaper cost. 

#5 FreeMarket Domain Marketplace

For Beginners, this platform is the best place to start a domain Flipping Business. This Marketplace is mainly for Domain Buying and Selling, but it has side Features of Premium Website Selling. 

And the best benefit of this Marketplace is, this platform charges a low commission on Each Sale. So, if you’re a beginner, you’ll love to use this Marketplace for domain buying and selling.


This is a Domain Auction-based platform where you can do bidding for your favorite Domain for buying and selling. It’s a powerful marketplace for auction. Most of the users use Bido for domain auctions. Because they get a good profit on selling domains, and they also buy domains at affordable prices.

#7 NameCheap Domain 

One of the most popular Marketplaces for domain Flipping is NameCheap. As per the name, you’ll get domain names at a Cheaper price so that you can buy and sell easily. It’s a Professional marketplace with Unique and Premium Domain Available for buying and selling. 


This platform Listed in one of the largest domain marketplaces for buying and selling domain names. Known for providing the best services in the Market. Even if you’re a beginner, you’ll get the latest updates on Domains when registering on this platform.

#9 Domainstate.Com

If you’re New in a Domain flipping Business, then Domainstate can help you get experience in Domain Buying and Selling. This platform offers many features and Domains – If you ever thought of buying or sell a domain, then Domainstate is the second platform.


An open marketplace for buying and selling domains is here, i.e., DigitalPoint, where you can actually find premium Domains and unique also at an affordable price to buy at cheap and sell at Higher easily.

All the technical legalities like – Domain registration, transfer, Resell Domain, you’ll learn step by step by using this platform.


Highly recommended for those who want to Purchase Domain at affordable prices because DNForum gives you so many offers and deals that you can’t refuse. On the Internet, this platform is Highly Reputed and Genuine for Domain Buying and Selling. 


This Website itself has a world Premium domain then you can imagine you’ll get a premium domain in this Marketplace. So if you’re Someone who wants premium domain names, this platform gives you so many deals. The most trusted Website for buying and selling Domains is here. And this platform also offers web hosting services, SSL certificates, and many more.


Since 1999, buy domains have built a High reputation in the market. On this platform, you can purchase Unique and Premium Domains at lower prices. In this Marketplace, you’ll get Millions of domain names you can buy and sell easily. It’s a Leading marketplace in the Domain of a Flipping Business.

#14 Igloo

A platform where you can do so many things together, but if you’re looking for Domain Buy and Sell, then Igloo can give you an Amazing Experience because it comes with premium domain names that you can Buy or Sell easily. Its Customer support is amazing and helpful.

#15 Undeveloped

A perfect domain name finder platform is Undeveloped. You can pick the best Domain for your business; this platform Suggest Premium Domains, which use domains at a very cheaper cost that you can even flip at a high price later. This is a Very Trusted source because you’ll see all domains listed for sale.

#16 Afternic

One of the Largest Marketplaces of Domain Flipping, where you can pick almost any type of Domain for your business or flip them. The major highlight of this platform is, it has the capabilities to transfer your data faster. 

#17 Bido

All the Specialized Domains you want you’ll get in Bido. A Marketplace for professionals can purchase Domain names at lower cost and flip into Higher costs. This Marketplace is popular with reselling because people get real benefits by flipping Domains at a higher cost.

#18 Pool

A pool of Marketplace with tons of Domains Available for you to Buy and Sell immediately. Millions of users are actively looking for Domains. If you’ve premium domains, then I suggest you list Domains in this Marketplace because Millions of people are Actively looking for Domains, and You can sell at a higher cost.

#19 SnapNames

It’s a High Priority market where you can list your domains for sale. The reason behind its Popularity is, SnapNames has an expert team that helps you and guides you for any help. You’ll get great deals in this Marketplace for domain Flipping.

#20 DynaDot Domain Marketplace

A leading firm for Domain is here because this platform offers so many things like – Domain Flipping, Web hosting, SSL certificate, Website Builder services, and many more. You must check this Marketplace. It’s so beneficial for you to buy and sell Domains.


We’ve listed the top 20 Marketplaces where you can buy and sell domains. And these platforms are highly Trusted and Popular in the Market. So, if you’re Someone who wants to start a business. We’ve listed the top 20 Marketplace where you can buy and sell domains. And these platforms are highly Trusted and Popular in the Market.

Title: Top 20 Domain Marketplaces to Buy and Sell Domain Names

Desc: In the market, many domain provide sites available but which are most trusted website? Here we share Top 20 Domain Marketplaces to Buy and Sell Domain Names

Author Bio: Jignesh Vaghasiya is the CEO at Universal Stream Solution. Universal Stream Solution is a mobile app development company in Atlanta . That helps startups to enterprise companies in mobile & web technology.

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