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Marketing is an essential skill in any business. No matter how good your product or service is, unless you know how to market, your business may fail. From the fundamentals of marketing to the latest trends, you need to do it right to grow your business. That’s why it is important to learn and upgrade your skills and understanding. 

For that, You can participate in various conferences, summits, and business meets. In case you can’t attend them, YouTube is a great place to participate virtually. Therefore, you can subscribe to the top marketing YouTube channels out there. 

If you are a marketer, it is extremely beneficial for you subscribing to the following YouTube channels. 

Top 10 Marketing YouTube Channels

The list contains the top marketing YouTube channels. If you have not much time to read the full article, you can quickly review the summary of the article here. 

  1. Behind the Brand: More than just marketing content, it shows you the scenes behind a brand. 
  2. Marketing 360: Best marketing channel for small businesses. 
  3. Hubspot: Hubspot is one of the best channels for inbound marketing. 
  4. Social Triggers: This channel focuses on building business and get credibility from the market instantly.
  5. Pat Flynn: Best for small business and marketing.
  6. Jay Baer: Hosts a show called Jay Today that provides short powerful marketing video content. 
  7. Entrepreneur Online: It focuses on the entrepreneurial spirit of a marketer. 
  8. Michael Hyatt: This channel focuses more on leadership and motivation, indirectly related to marketing. 
  9. Gary Vaynerchuk: Although it is directly not related to marketing the motivational content is really useful for marketers.
  10. Element 3: Element 3 also provides great content on inbound marketing. 

Now if you want to know about these channels in detail, then read the full article. You can decide easily which channel best suits your needs. 

1. Marketing 360

For small businesses, marketing is very crucial because they need more reviews and referrals to grow their business. Again, they face many problems with competing their peers, so if you are running a small business then Marketing 360 is a great YouTube Channel. It provides valuable content to grow your business by building meaningful connections through referrals and reviews. It also provides powerful videos on email marketing and how to do it effectively. The channel also teaches you how to use your marketing skills to get ahead of your competitors. 

In a nutshell, the channel majorly focuses on three main areas of marketing.

  • Referrals, reviews, and recommendations of your brand
  • Email marketing
  • Competitive advantage

No matter which organization you run or work for, you can follow this YouTube channel for the marketing of small businesses. The channel is really posting original content and educational videos on marketing. 

  1. Behind the Brand

This is one of my favorite channels in marketing. Because you will get some real information with valuable tips and advice from different brands. The idea of the channel is to show you the scene behind some popular brands out there. So you will get to know some in-depth knowledge not just from marketing individuals but from a brand itself.

In this channel, I really love the video by Seth Godin, who is a marketing legend. For real marketing lessons, you must follow this channel and get updates about different channels. 

If you want to know how the top brands are working to get on to the top list, then you should watch the videos of this website on a regular basis. I am sure you will find this channel useful for building your brand apart from marketing.

  1. Hubspot

Hubspot is one of my favorite YouTube channels for inbound marketing. No matter how small or big your business brand is, you can use this channel for powerful inbound marketing strategies. 

Apart from this, this is one of the best content marketing platforms which provides content on various topics from simply writing to running a business. You can also follow the Hubspot website for getting updates on different topics related to businesses. 

The official website of Hubspot provides much valuable content on website building, content marketing, and blogging. The YouTube channel of Hubspot is also as valuable as its website. 

If you want to build your own website, you can check out my previous article on Best Website Builders. I have written many articles on website building on various platforms.

  1. Social Triggers

Social Triggers is not only a YouTube channel it is a company that provides online resources for marketing. Derek Harplen runs this channel and his intention behind this is to help famous entrepreneurs to build and grow a business. He shares some valuable tips like “how to gain instant credibility.” 

The channel contains a lot of videos on marketing, customers, business, entrepreneurship, etc. You will find many useful videos on marketing. He also makes some broadcast videos that are worth watching. So this is one of the useful marketing channels for markers. You can also follow him on social media to learn about marketing.

  1. Pat Flynn

Pat Flynn is an American entrepreneur who focuses on blogging and content marketing. He posts many helpful videos on different businesses and he also made a case study on how to build a profitable food truck business. 

Although his videos are not directly related to B2B marketing, you will definitely get some valuable information on it. Pat is also passionate about podcasting, so you can also learn how to run a podcast and many other content marketing strategies. 

His main intention behind the channel is to help people make more money, save more time to enjoy life. You ca follow his channel if you want to run small businesses. 

  1. Jay Baer

Jay Baer, a thought leader in marketing was hosting a show named Jay Today. In that show, he was sharing 3-minute powerful videos on marketing. Even though he had ended that show, but you can watch the episodes for learning about them. 

However, he planned to start a new show where he will post videos in an organized manner. Earlier, he was posting videos randomly but this time he will focus on some particular topics. He is also active on various social media networks and shares news updates. So if you want to get some valuable tricks and tips on marketing then you should follow this channel. 

  1. Michael Hyatt

Michael Hyatt is a great leader who gives advice that works in real life. He is not someone who built his marketing knowledge from any startup, it is just how he does his work. He was also the CEO of a publishing company called Thomas Nelson. He has a blog where he provides membership. 

He has also written a book ‘Platform’ on marketing and it was a bestseller. Although he does not talk directly about marketing his motivational and leadership content can help you understand about marketing. He is also a leader for businesses, so it is very helpful to watch him on YouTube. You can also visit his websites to et premium courses on leadership and more. 

  1. Entrepreneur Online 

This site is helpful both for marketing as well as for motivation. Along with marketing, this channel focuses on many aspects of a business majorly on mindset. The channel says that every marketer has a spark of entrepreneurship inside, you just need to ignite it. 

So if you are not getting much motivation for marketing, then this is the right place for you. Follow this channel to get marketing tips along with powerful motivational content. 

  1. Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary Vaynerchuk is one of the most popular YouTube channels for motivation. His videos are more inclined towards motivation than marketing. However, it is also worth following the channel as it provides some real value on marketing skills though indirectly. His content is really worth watching and it provides some real value to get from the marketings. Although many people take this channel as a motivational and productivity category somehow this channel is also inclined towards marketing. 

  1. Element 3 

This is also among the top marketing YouTube channels which are mainly focused on inbound marketing. If you are working in a company, or in an inbound marketer or want to recruit inbound marketers for your company, then this is a channel you must follow. It provides much useful content on marketing, business, etc. 

With all of the above YouTube channels, let me wrap up the article and share some marketing tips which I have learned from these channels. 

Wrapping Up

The above YouTube channels on marketing are only useful only when you apply them in your business or job. Otherwise, there is no point to subscribe to these channels and consume content regularly. 

One important and most valuable thing I have learned from the above channels is to strengthen your intention to serve or help your customer. Once you take care of this one thing, all your effort will fall in line with your marketing goals. Hopefully, the article has provided you some value to choose a relevant YouTube channel on marketing. 

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