Top 10 Digital Marketing Podcasts You Need to Listen to Right Now



Currently, numerous digital marketing podcasts can serve as a guide to advance and acquire knowledge of the online world. And taking into account that we understand more easily what we hear than what we read, they are a perfect alternative to improve your campaigns.

Our brain processes sound more easily and make us retain information longer and more efficiently. Therefore, although we are used to writing texts on blogs, we should also take this format into account.

A blog is a good tool to provide information, guides, or references accompanied by images and videos. It is a format that allows the text to be accompanied by more types of content. But the podcast goes further. Also, the way our brain processes them is very similar to the behavior we adopt in front of videos. And still, it is more complete.

Why? To read a text we need something more than the desire to read it. We need attitude and, above all, attention. To fully understand what is being read, we must focus all our concentration on it 100%. What is not always achieved.

Videos allow us to see and understand them without paying 100% of our attention to them. Someone explains something to us and we see it through a sequence of images. It is easier for us to understand and requires less effort. But what about the audio?

We don’t need any of that to listen. It is not an effort nor should you leave everything to dedicate yourself to it. Or, if not, think of all the times you have done different tasks while listening to music or a radio program. You can be doing various things and find out what you are listening to. That is why podcast marketing is an increasingly recurring technique.

Some benefits of podcasts

Audios have great potential and can increase your visits. They are a perfect tool to share content more originally and completely and offer your listeners other alternatives.

Also, as the podcast is a downloadable file, you will save yourself the issues related to domain changes, hosting, or server failure. Another of its great advantages is that the user can listen to it as many times as they want. It has no expiration date.

Therefore, if you want to expand horizons, you have the perfect support to do it. Those are some of its main benefits:

  • The podcast is much cheaper. We know that video is one of the greats in the world of audiovisual content. But what about what it costs to produce them? The podcast is just as easy to understand and its cost is much cheaper.
  • Portable and without schedules. Sometimes there are situations in which you want to find out about something from your mobile and the connection fails or the data is not enough. In the case of podcasts, you have the advantage that they can be downloaded and listened to offline. And on various devices. Above all, this support provides you with the freedom to consume it whenever you want. And if you are not interested in what you hear, you can advance it.
  • Simultaneity. Its strong point is that you do not need to dedicate 100% of your attention to it or stop everything you are doing to consume it. You can do different activities while listening to a podcast.
  • Improve your SEO positioning and positioning in your sector. Some platforms specialized in managing podcasts like Ivoox help improve your organic positioning. Also, creating good content related to your specialty will give you more strength. And it will certainly reinforce your brand image and your reputation.
  • Connection with social networks. On Facebook, you can create a tab for your podcast. Of course, it must be linked and they will be updated automatically every time you upload a new one.
  • They will help you reinforce engagement and increase conversions. Using a podcast as a tool to reinforce engagement with your users is a good idea. Of course, as long as you provide valuable information and do not settle for uploading a podcast just because. Once you manage to increase the trust of your users, the next step for them will be to make conversions. 

Top 10 Digital Marketing Podcasts for you to follow

1. Media, not Marketing

In this channel, you can learn how to use quality content to attract your customers over the internet. Aimed mainly at entrepreneurs and professionals in communication and digital marketing, it has episodes lasting from 4 minutes to 1h30min. 

2. SEO cast

This program is more focused on SEO. Therefore, it presents contents such as changes in the algorithm and techniques to improve the ranking in search engines. On average, it lasts 20 minutes and can be accessed through the website of its creator and on Apple Podcasts. 

3. Open Source

This Podcast aims to promote a frank conversation with the professionals of the future. For this reason, it always brings great names from the national communication market so that they share their knowledge and experiences.

You can follow Open Source through Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Pocket Casts.

4. Checkers

This Podcast is different because it proposes a reflection on marketing and communication from a female perspective. It addresses various subjects, such as:

  • Curiosities about the market;
  • Professional trajectories;
  • How to reconcile work with personal life;
  • Relationship between social and female issues with marketing and innovation.

Although it is no longer produced, it has several episodes available on Spotify.

5. Brain cast

This Podcast is considered a classic. It discusses the transformations in the communication market and how it is being influenced by social changes, driven by digital culture.

Usually, it has the presence of 6 people at the table, bringing various points of view and very rich debate about innovation, technology, and creativity – always having communication as a reference point. 

You can follow Brain cast in one of the following applications:

  • Spotify ;
  • Apple Podcasts ;
  • Google Podcasts ;
  • Pocket Casts.

6. Head on: Digital Marketing

This channel addresses different topics regarding the world of online business, being a great source of information for those who want to open their own business or need to improve their results.

The episodes last, on average, 50 minutes, and can be found on the website on Spotify and Apple Podcast. 

7. Head on: Digital Marketing

This is an excellent podcast for those looking for content more focused on innovation and entrepreneurship.

Here trends and consolidated practices are put on the table and discussed.

Even making small inception, in the 3rd episode of season 4, reflections are made on podcasts and the entry of major players in the market (such as Grupo Globo) in 2019.

8. The Digital Marketing Expert

Anyone who wants to get practical tips and new ideas about Digital Marketing in a few minutes needs to know this Podcast. The episodes have an average duration of 12 minutes and bring together topical themes, such as:

  • Digital Marketing in Agribusiness;
  • UI and UX in Digital Marketing;
  • IF THE;
  • Paid traffic;
  • Metrics.

Its catalog already has more than 80 episodes and can be accessed through Spotify, Apple Podcast and PodBean.

9. Cast for Closers

The Cast is Closers is more directed to professionals who work with sales inside and want to put your goals in your pocket (sic).

Always with some name of the market being invited, subjects pertinent to the area such as sales techniques, lessons on leadership, productivity, and how to send the right Lead to the sales team are presented, each episode is a lesson.

Even though the target audience tends to be salespeople, this type of content is interesting for those who want to understand the entire sales process and how it relates to marketing. 

10. Traffic and Conversion

Focused on SEO and traffic, this Podcast brings content about link building, website optimization, and organic ranking, among others. You can find some episodes on Spotify, the Apple Podcast, and also on Listen Notes. 

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