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Blogging seems to be an easy job, that it is effortless to take a picture and talk about it but if we see the real side of blogging, it is more than that; it requires your 100% of effort and energy and it is more than just talking about the product or any item. It requires you to give your unbiased review regarding the product. However, under the umbrella of blogging comes many fields of blogging, and one of them is food blogging. Let’s talk about food bloggers of Delhi, the top 20 food bloggers who belong to the capital of India.

Pinky Yadav ( She stands as one of the top food bloggers. She is known for giving her honest and brutal reviews regarding the food. She is a foodie, loves being a food blogger, and apart from it, she is also a photographer, a reviewer, and a fantastic artist. She has earned a master’s degree from MDU Rohtak. She started her journey of food blogging back then in 2015, and she is now a renowned food blogger, but she motivates everyone to eat healthily and is a fitness freak.

Sankalp: He Is also a food blogger and shares his platform with his blogging partner Isha Saxena. His famous blogging is named as Chomp Slurrp Burp by Sankalp. They started their food blog when they were in school and randomly used to review the local food along with the tool known as a camera; now, they have come a long way. However, they still give reviews regarding local food, but they have spread there reach and now they review local cafes throughout the city.

Priyanka Singh: Another amazing food blogger of Delhi who is known for giving her best reviews regarding the food and her audience reach is amazing. Her food blog name is Studio PS. She has done and completed her graduation in journalism. Initially, she did her internship in radio even, and later she also worked as an anchorperson for a private tv channel, but currently, she is running a successful blog.

Kuljyoti Dhingra: She creates unique content on Instagram and YouTube regarding the food and not only is she a food blogger, but she is also a traveling blogger. And her food blog name is Delhi Eats. She graduated in economics, but his obsessions regarding the food made her drift from her field and she worked on her passion and interest. Her Instagram followers are more than 250k and day by day, she is budding on YouTube even.

Sanya Aneja: Her blog name is New Delhi food blogger, and she is a hardworking, passionate, and very much committed to her passion for being food blogging. and she is such a motivate food blogger and she is also a wedding and party planner but it is her profession  

Subhneet Jain: A simple person who has initiated his food blog named V for Veggie. By nature, he is an introvert but seems as if his life revolves around food. His obsession with being a foodie has led him to become a food blogger.

Priyanka Singh: Her food blog name is Pixelpedia_Pri. However, she loves to tell stories and especially about the food. And she finds blogging the only way to narrate food stories. She loves to discover new places and to discover new food and taste.

Aruna Bansal: Foodiearuna blog run by her and in the true sense, she is a Punjabi who loves to explore new food and she is a Delhite by heart. She tells us that she lives to eat and, according to her, food is the only way to connect with different people. She not only explores the street food but she also very much keen to discover food from various parts of food.

Nishi: The Chatori Diaries: she is an IT specialist and works as a food blogger and a travel blogger. And she categorizes herself as ambivert and she loves to express herself more through writing and by capturing pictures. She is a food enthusiast.

Ravneet: His food blog name is fascinating itself Haq Se Hungry. By profession, he is an eligible lawyer and was born in Dubai but his upbringing is done in Delhi. He became famous through Snapchat when he used to visit various places to review food. 

Hina Gujral: Fun Food & Frolic is a blog that is run by Hina. She holds an MBA degree and incorporates sector she worked for 4 years but she was not feeling happy and complete and then she realized that she really need to make a switch from the role of being a banker to be a food blogger and then there was no going back then.

Dr. Trishnika: Depressedhogger is her food blog and she is a doctor by profession and not only is she also a photographer and endodontist but however her passion drove her towards food blogging and Instagram made her life change. 

Winston Raja: He is Tamil but lives in Delhi. He is an MBA degree holder and his food blog name is hedebonairmaven. He shaped his passion for cooking through creating content as a food blogger and he writes about various restaurants and gives reviews about them.

Arpit Garg: Alwaysbhukaa is his food blog and he is a happy-go-lucky person and loves to entertain other people and he is an avid foodie and he never loses hope even he failed twice while running his own business.

Natasha: Tasha’s Artisan Foods is her blog. She is an entrepreneur and blogger in the field of food. And a photographer. She stepped into the world of cooking after giving birth to two kids. But she remained motivated and with her hard work, she has now become a renowned name in the food industry.

Chandrima: Not Out Of the Box is another food blog. And she is an author and to be recognized, she is also won an award for her food blog and her education is regarding fine arts and literature.

Nikhil Kamath: The Salt and Pepper Food Guide is a blog run by Nikhil and he is enthusiastic about food and music. He believes in doing what he is passionate about. However, he is also a storyteller and his journey started from being a rock band to a food blogger. 

Komal Chawla: She belongs to Delhi and runs the blog Missfoodiefiesta. She is lately working in the finance sector. And provides her services to the MNC investment banking team. And she has been running her blog for a very long time and she is happy with her experience and she finds very relaxing while she writes her food blog.

Divya and Nikita: they both are sisters who run a food blog named Sisters Corner. They worked as an analyst of IT and as radio jockey; however, love for food brought both of them together in this food blogging journey. Moreover, they review street food to the international foods, and not only they are a foodie, but they also love to travel and their amazing stories attached to picture is something which catches the attention of many people.

Swati Khosla: She is a Delhi food blogger but lately, she is in Chandigarh. Her love for food is well known and she started discovering various food in Chandigarh and from there, she grew and emerged as the top 20 food blogger in Delhi.

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