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Pakistan’s information technology has helped me to progress, because of the basic reason that Pakistan’s young generation has created new ideas that are playing an important role. Blogging is going on, especially for students, a growing business is prohibited. Also, share a list of our top Pakistani bloggers. We are Sharing your list of “Top 10 Pakistani bloggers and their blogs“.

Blogger can earn up to 10K to 100k US Dollar easily, despite being a newbie they can easily achieve it. “Pakistani bloggers” is a very good example for newbie bloggers.

It is a very easy and knowledgeful thing for learning and sharing different ideas for people. However, If you want to earn from blogging so start today.

Top 10 Bloggers of Pakistan Who are Making Passive Income

  • Syed Balkhi
  • Muhammad Mustafa Ahmed Zai
  • Amir Atta
  • Taimoor Asad
  • Abdul Wali
  • Umer Idrisi
  • Ali Raza
  • Ammar Ali
  • Nadeem Khan
  • Saad Hamid

1. Syed Balkhi —

Syed Balkhi is from Pakistan and he is #1 “Pakistani blogger” and Also #1 Blogger in Assia on our list of “Top 10 Pakistani bloggers and his blogs”.

Though he went to the USA soon there he started his own business as he had invested in premium domains.

Syed Balkhi — Scaling Up Your WordPress Business (Perception & Planning)

After that, he started his another startup called WPbeginner which is undoubtedly quite popular.

WPbeginner is another Pakistani blog which is well known worldwide for its substance. It has a worldwide rank of 2,639.

It is claimed by Syed Balkhi who lives in the US. The blog was propelled on July fourth, 2009. It has more than 320k+ supporter. The blog has been recognized by numerous global blog for its substance. It has been highlighted in Yahoo, Entrepreneur, Fox Business, Wired, Huff Post,

in the meantime, It has been highlighted in Yahoo, Entrepreneur, Fox Business, Wired, Huff Post, TWN, and Mashable. The blog gives quality tips, tactics, hacks, and different WordPress assets that causes WordPress amateurs to enhance their blog. As of now, it has an aggregate of 158K back-joins.

furthermore, He provides WordPress solutions for front-end developers and WordPress web developer. He is a Premium Adsense Publisher.

Another key point

Know your gathering of people totally. Continuously take care of an issue for your perusers. Don’t simply make an item since others are doing it.

In other words, Syed Balkhi is WordPress Expert in blogging.

Links and Resources Mentioned

2. Muhammad Mustafa Ahmed Zai —

Muhammad Mustafa Ahmed Zai a well-known Pakistani Blogger and #2 Blogger in our list of “Top 10 Pakistani bloggers and his blogs“

In detail, Ahmed Zai also running some blogs from the name of my blogger tricks, rich income ways, smart earning methods.

His profession began in 2008 when he found STC Network, The primary enlisted organization of Pakistan which pays normal Income TAX.

His one of the prevalent site is “My Blogger Tricks” where he educates about blogging to beginners around the world and it’s outstanding amongst other Google Blogger distributer blog.

He propelled his second blog later in 2012 called “Smart Earning Methods” which depends on profiting on the web.

After his 3rd blog in 2013, he propelled his third blog called “Rich Income Ways” which motivate a huge number of individuals every day.

In other words, He is a founder of Bloggers.

Another key point

He had provided SEO tips and tricks, blogging tips and tricks, blogging widgets and blogger templates and he is a pioneer of blogger templates and widgets he started an IT company from the name of STC network in 2008.

3. Amir Atta —

Amir Atta is well-known blogger he is running Pakistan’s no 1 telecommunication blog from the name of, with 3rd rank in our “Top 10 Pakistani bloggers and his blogs“ list.

His blog provides cellular and digital companies information, resources, news on IT in Pakistan.

His source of income is from Google Adsense. ( In other words, Amir The Great “Pakistani Blogger” )

In other words, He is Tech Blogger.

4. Taimoor Asad —

Taimoor Asad from Karachi, Pakistan. Who has been developed by This Blog?

Though, he is a software engineer, in addition to that a brilliant Blogger.Thus, he provides most knowledge-full data and information about Tech news, Mobile, Cellular Info, and blogging.

Though Taimoor Asad Pakistan’s 4thd blogger of my top 10 Pakistani bloggers list. In short, you can check his rankings down below.

In other words, He is Multi Talented Blogger.

5. Muhammad Ismail —

Muhammad Ismail is a famous blogger from Karachi, Pakistan.

He earns up to 10 Million Pakistani rupees just within a 1 year and He is a good teacher and providing learning materials in face of tutorials about PHP, SEO, ASP and provide making money online ways.

6. Umer Idrisi —

Umer Idrisi is an amazing blogger of Pakistan.

He is a Blogger. CEO of “” & “

Umer provides tutorials of WordPress blogger widgets and earns money online ideas.

7. Ali Raza —

Ali Raza could be a lustful Pakistani blogger from Karachi city. He works on Social Media ads, Google Adwords, SEO, and e-commerce.

Ali likes to decision himself a web enterpriser WHO works with varied firms across the world for his or her digital selling campaigns.

As well as, he has formally certified from Google and Microsoft and even has a partnership with Google.

However, this is the reason he got the 7th position in this list, furthermore as his statistics can be seen below.

in other words he very very brilliant

8. Ammar Ali —

Ammar Ali 8th Pakistani Bloggers according to us. However, this kid is really a virtuoso, at such youthful age of 16 he has indicated incredible self-accept with his blogging, in short, this is the motivation for all the young bloggers out there.

However, there is almost certainly why we positioned him the most conspicuous and rising youthful star of the year 2012.

in other words, Ammar Ali is a youthful young person, in short, who is honored with the specialty of Blogging. Thus he also writes without stopping for even a minute as blogging is his obsession surprisingly Ammar Ali is youngest Blogger also.

9. Nadeem Khan —

Nadeem Khan was conceived in October 1990 and is a PC architect and also he is the originator and current CEO of

In other words, He is fantastic Blogger.

In detail, Chillopedia is the developing news, audits, asset and especially relevant data blog which concentrates most of all on different distinctive sorts, for example, Technology, Social Media and also Blogging.

10. Saad Hamid’s —

Saad Hamid founded in 2007 as a place where he could share his own involvement about innovation and contraptions.

in other words, Saad Hamid is very Talented.

Yet, he figures out how to pull off good looking wage around 1000$ every month and in other words, he is 10th Professional Pakistani Bloggers in Pakistan.


I strived to make this post since now is the right time expanding and difficult to pick the Expert as there are Famous Pakistani Bloggers who are doing truly awesome however not Experts like I said above.

I’m truly cherishing this post since this post is making Pakistan glad and telling the world that Pakistan has such a significant number of good callings as well.

On the off chance that you feel my diligent work and truly need these sorts of value work from my side then you should impart this post to your relatives and companions far and wide.

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