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YouTube holds the second rank after Google when it comes to top search engines. This digital platform is being used by millions of people and it has become a major source of employment for masses. This video streaming app is more than just a source of entertainment.

If you own a business and want to utilize multiple social media mainly YouTube and digital platforms to increase your user base then you must look for the best MCNs to work with. If you don’t know much about MCNs here is the definition:

What are MCNs and what services it offers?

“MCN or Multi-Channel Network is a service provider having affiliation with many YouTube channels. These MCNs offer multiple services to its customers including content programming, audience development, monetization, rights management, collaborations, sales, and many others too.


Vidgum is a YouTube partner network that positions itself as a network that is already changing the future look of the YouTube business. Vidgum entered the market with a revolutionary offer for creators: 100 to 0 terms. It does not charge a commission for the influencer being in its network and using all basic functions, but works on the principle of “pay as you go” for additional services.

Maker Studios

With 55,000+ partners and a subscriber base of more than 650 million, Maker Studios is one of the top MCNs in the world. This service provider can deliver huge exposure to your content and product and help you boost your sales. It was founded in 2009 and had surpassed the top MCN and became the number one MCN in 2012.

It had worked with a lot of brands including Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, Babble, Polaris and the list goes on. The audience reach of this networking platform is extremely diverse and it is very popular in the USA, UK, Australia, and Brazil. It is working in increasing its audience base in Asian and European countries too.


Originally founded as a gaming website in 2000, Machinima launched its networking channel in 2006. Machinima has a network of 12 million+ subscribers which makes it one of the top MCNs in the world of multi-channel networking. Other than networking, Machinima also provides programming for video games including Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, Legacy, Assasin Fist, and many more.


Every MCN is dedicated to different types of content and so does the Tastemade. This MCN is a digital network service provider for food, travel, and lifestyle blogger and content marketer. Founded in 2012, Tastemade has a monthly user base of more than 100 million and receives billions of views.

No matter whatever content related to food, travel, and lifestyle you are looking for, you can access through Tastemade. The contents of this service provider can also be accessed via your smart TV by subscribing to it. The video quality is just awesome and quite diverse to entertain you 24/7.


The first network listed here is dedicated to gaming and gamers. This MCN is fully geared for gaming channels and provides the best YouTube network for this particular industry. If you own a small channel then collaborating with Curse could be the best move to increase your reach in the digital world.

The best thing about this multi-channel network is that it provides its services at very low shares of revenue around 10%. It does not impose any kind of revenue cap meaning delivering better services and more revenue to its clients.


Fullscreen is one of the big names when it comes to the world of MCNs. This YouTube network has a large reach and can leverage your success. If you are looking to collaborate with Fullscreen then go ahead, it could be the best move to achieve your goals in YouTube marketing.

One thing unlike Curse, Fullscreen does not offer the same revenue share. It gives a 70% revenue share which is quite impressive for the quality of service it provides.


Disney itself is a big name when it comes to the entertainment industry and now it also owns an MCN. This entertainment conglomerate has acquired shares of Makers Studio in 2015 and provides quality MCN service in the name of Maker Gen.

Many people will find the revenue share of Disney networks quite disappointing as it takes 40% of the total generated revenue and gives 60% to the clients but it’s not a big deal when you are working with such a world-renowned brand.


Studio71 is one of the most popular YouTube networks in the digital world and you must look for collaborating with the MCN and make more from YouTube. This Germany based networking service is owned by a Media Company named ProSiebenSat.1.

This MCN has done 500+ marketing campaigns previous year 2019. It had collaborated with some of the most famous German digital celebrities including Lily Singh, Flula Borg, Rhell & Link, and Epic Meal Time.


It was one of the earliest YouTube networks founded in 2001 for fashion, lifestyle, and beauty creators. StyleHaul had made collaborations with top beauty brands such as Maybelline, Walgreens, Sephora, and many more. Having a partnership of 6,000+ content creators and YouTubers, StyleHaul receives millions of views each day. 

Broadband TV

BBTV boasts itself as a YouTube network owning one of the largest users and audience base. It is a Canada based technology and media company founded in 2005 owned by Shahrzad Rafati. BroadbandTV ranks second in terms of viewers’ capacity and receives views from more than 12 countries worldwide.

This media company provides premium quality and end-to-end technology solutions and content management to its clients. Currently, it has collaboration with top brands such as Sony Pictures, FreMantle Media, and NBA. 


Almost every renowned MCN prefers working with bigger names and channels except Freedom. This networking agency works with smaller channels and helps them grow. They come with an array of nice features capable of helping in order to thrive on their YouTube channel.

The requirements for an ideal YouTube channel are the lowest and you can collaborate with Freedom even if you receive around 1,000 views a month. The best thing about this MCN is that they don’t come with a payment contract, which means you can leave whenever you want. The revenue sharing is quite impressive and it will be a win-win situation for a YouTuber or brand to collaborate with Freedom.

Bottom Line

YouTube is growing with every day passing and currently, there aren’t good alternatives to this search engine giant. It generates billions of dollar revenue and also helps others to earn a lot too. These days being a YouTuber or content marketer is seen as a decent job and people are making actual money by creating videos on YouTube.

Growing your business or channel on YouTube isn’t an easy job and you have to put a lot of effort and time to achieve your goals. You can go with the best MCN services to leverage your audience base and increase sales instead of doing all the marketing and content creating job itself. Best MCNs will help you grow your business on YouTube and collaborating with them could be the best idea.

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