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The blogosphere is always changing, and with the increased competition for views and readers, we all need to be on our A-game. As you may have noticed, it’s getting harder to compete in this space as more bloggers are coming up each day.

Blogs provide tutorials on everything from knitting patterns, food recipes, or how to build your own computer desk. Google is no longer just about finding information, it’s also useful at telling us what people have been thinking through these blogs.

Bloggers come from all over the world and are a diverse bunch. Coming from all walks of life and having different backgrounds, cultures, interests, or skills.

However, there are some Australian bloggers that have managed to keep their spot at the top of the list year after year (who are in no particular order might I add) by giving their followers what they want, which is quality content. 

This post will provide you with a list of the top 50 Australian bloggers that are worth following! 

Top 50 Australian Bloggers You Must Follow Today!

1. Darren Rowse

Darren, in my opinion, would have to be the ‘father’ of blogging in Australia. He has been making a living since  2004 from his blogs and continues to provide valuable information to his audience. He is the owner of two very successful blogs, Problogger and Digital Photography School. 

ProBlogger is a blog that aims to nurture and empower bloggers so they can make their blogs better, which will ultimately increase the potential earnings. 

While Digital Photography School, as the name suggests, is a blog about bringing like-minded photographers looking to increase the quality of photos that they take and can then share those with the rest of the community. 

2. Yaro Starak

A blogging millionaire by the age of 30, Yaro grew up in Brisbane, Australia, and knew that he didn’t want to get a ‘normal’ job if he could help it. He now has his own blog at where you can find all kinds of information about building a laptop lifestyle business. 

Yaro is still committed to teaching and helping the next generation of online entrepreneurs succeed through his flagship course, Blog Mastermind 2.0, and members-only community, The Laptop Lifestyle Academy. 

3. Tim Denning

Tim describes himself as an unconventional blogger on the platforms LinkedIn and Medium where you can find most of his work. But it hasn’t been all smiles and roses for him. Tim has pushed through failures to become one of the best writers in the space. 

His mantra is “to inspire the world through entrepreneurship and personal development”. You can find him at

4. Jeff Bullas

One of my favourite bloggers in the space, Jeff has been featured across major brands and blogs including Forbes, Inc., The New York Times, and The Huffington Post. He is definitely an expert to follow (just like 700,000 other people do) if you want to know all about digital marketing and how to get started with online business. 

5. Joshua Smith

A serial entrepreneur, Joshua has a personal blog (, several other digital assets, and an e-commerce business to keep him extra busy. With over 1 million organic visitors across all of his websites, Joshua blogs about mindset, e-commerce, and business. 

6. James Schramko

James is a real powerhouse at turning ordinary people into earning at least six figures across their online businesses through his mentor program SuperFastBusiness. James has done it all, blogging, podcasting, courses, books, and that’s not including his own products. If you’re serious about business give James a follow. 

7. Rebecca Judd

Bec is a fashion and lifestyle blogger living in Melbourne. She is also one of Australia’s best-known TV personalities. Bec always had this passion to share products that she uses and experiences she managed to find along the way. Plus she promotes it across her blog Rebecca Judd Loves and social media accounts. 

8. Donna Moritz

Donna has a passion for visual storytelling and helps others (like me) who need a little direction on how to create the best visual content to get better traffic, which leads to better engagement and ultimately, more sales. Her blog Socially Sorted has been featured in Forbes and Inc, along with key international speaking events. 

9. Kayla Itsines

An Australian celebrity in the world of personal training and fitness, Kayla is the co-founder of Sweat and co-creator of High Impact. She has educated and encouraged plenty of women around the world on how to improve their health through fitness. 

10. Caroline and Craig Makepeace

An Aussie couple who have migrated over to North Carolina in the United States and have made an incredible impact within the travel niche. They make travel part of their lifestyle and have been through 53 countries (and counting!). What makes this blog great is that it’s mostly from their own personal experiences of traveling with a family. 

11. Katrina Chambers

A blog about design and interior, and just life, Katrina is a familiar face around Australia after being a contestant on the TV show The Block. Her blog was awarded ‘Top Blogger of the Year’ by Kidspot in 2012. 

12. Rob Kiernan

Born in England, Bob shows what it’s really like to live in Australia, he gives plenty of tips and advice to help people with the move down under (a great choice if I do say so myself). Bob’s blog covers practically every city from every state within Australia. 

13. Lydia and Wehan

High school sweethearts Lydia and Wehan are bloggers from Perth, Western Australia, and share all of their DIY projects, food experiments, and gluten-free recipes. Their gluten-free Big Mac pizza recipe is actually really tasty! 

14. Jessica La

Having a background in business analytics and consulting for an AI startup, Jessica is on a  mission to help others take actionable steps to improve and grow. Her blog is a hub for business, tech, AI, and writing enthusiasts. She reviews the best productivity tools to keep you on track and 10x your career.   

15. Jody Allen

Jody is the face behind the successful lifestyle blog Stay At Home Mum. Her blog covers a whole range of topics for parents and mumpreneurs. Jody has connected thousands of women from her awesome money-saving tips to living their best life. 

16. Katrina Springer

Kat is the proud owner of the blog The Organised Housewife. Her tips and tricks for having an organised home have helped my family immensely, especially with two young kids. She knows that not every family is unique and so you can adapt her tips to suit your family’s needs. 

17. Melissa How

Melissa is a highly regarded entrepreneur with over 20 years experience working with other businesses that want to achieve high growth and reach their goals. Her blog is a reflection of her extensive knowledge in the space of digital marketing. 

18. Ruchika Gupta

Living in Victoria, Ruchika blogs about how to make money online. Her blog, Eyanki Media, has been built up through Ruchika’s passion to be independent and provide for her family and teach others how they can do the same. 

19. Cent Muruganandam

Driven by his mentors including Neil Patel and Pat Flynn, Cent is all about creating content that is easy and appealing to the eye. He delivers plenty of content, infographics, and checklists with plenty of actionable items to get you to reach your goals. 

20. Lorraine Elliott

I love the name of her blog, Not Quite Nigella. If you want to know about food and combine it with travel, you’ll find it here. There doesn’t seem to be a cuisine she doesn’t like (which is amazing!). You’ll even find recipes so you can cook your own exquisite meal. 

21. Johanna Castro

Johanna is the editor and independent writer behind Lifestyle Fifty, a blog about mature women over 50 wanting to get the most out of life. You can find all things fashion, adventures, and indulge in guilty pleasures. 

22. Ryan Faulkner-Hogg

An Australian living in Sweden, Ryan looks to his blog Atlas Geographica as just an extension of his interests. There are over 100 articles on his blog, each article more interesting than the next. He also owns and operates a number of other business ventures. 

23. Kristy Riggall

A nurse who battled with the constant pressures from her work and life, Kristy has built her blog (Project Inbetween) to help others battling with stress and trauma. To increase her reach, she has a podcast and YouTube channel as well where 10% of the funds will be donated to those in need. A great cause and an exceptional blog, well worth the follow. 

24. Paolo Avis

A born and raised Filipino, Paolo has since made the move to South Australia. Coming from a busy city with millions of people, he found it hard to adjust to the laid-back life that Adelaide offers. In his blog Hey Paolo, he hopes to reach out to others migrating to South Australia and show them what it’s like to live there. 

25. Ashlea Bradford and Jeremy Salem

Nomadasaurus is an adventure travel and photography blog. The couple started off documenting how they were going to get from Asia over to Africa without flying and the website exploded. They prove to be an extensive resource for all things travel and have some really great tips. 

26. Brooke Saward

Brooke has made it her passion to travel around the world. This country girl from Tasmania visits popular tourist destinations but also those cities you may not have heard of before but actually so picturesque. Her blog World of Wanderlust covers all things travel, living and entrepreneurship.

27. Tara Whiteman

An Honours student, she dedicates her blog Tara Milk Tea to documenting her daily lifestyle of travel, food, and the people she comes across on her adventures. With a growing audience, she hopes to inspire others to become entrepreneurs too. 

28. Chris Walker-Bush

Never really interested in the standard 9-5 job, Chris set out on his travels a bit later than most of us and stepped on an aircraft for the first time at the age of 23. His blog Aussie On the Road has been a huge part of his adventure as he documents the life of an expat and has made up for lost time travelling. 

29. Annabel Candy

A travel blog aimed at women over 40 who want more adventure and fun along the way. Annabel has lived in eight countries and been to over 40 throughout her journey with no signs of stopping anytime soon. Her blog Get in the Hot Spot helps you get into the space of planning your next adventure. 

30. Loreena Walsh

Loreena and her family are the stars in their blog Little Aussie Travellers. A blog about travelling as a family around Australia and the problems and pressures that come with it. They provide expert tips for planning your next trip and all the places you could stay along the way. 

31. Frank Arthur and Scott Purcell

Co-founders of Man of Many, these guys have built up a blog to better the modern man by inspiring and enriching their lives now and for the future. They cover everything from lifestyle and fitness, to grooming and fashion. They blog daily to over 5 million people monthly. 

32. Shai Coggins

A woman of many talents, Shai is best known for her work in digital, social media and blogging. Her self named blog is about helping people find success in creativity, entrepreneurship and living a good life. 

33. Kate Waterhouse

Journalist, and media personality, Kate is the daughter of famous thoroughbred trainer Gai Waterhouse. She started her own blog in 2013 and is famous for reporting on all things fashion, trends, beauty and lifestyle in Australia. 

34. Amanda Kendle

 Her blog Not a Ballerina is actually a successful travel blog that gets people from thinking about travelling somewhere, to actually booking it and going. Since she started travelling from 9 years of age, Amanda has seen many parts of the world and will not stop until you book your flight and take that well deserved trip. 

35. Jack Delosa

Founder of The Entourage, Jack built up his business from the frustrations he was getting himself with training, coaching and support to help startups scale and grow. Jack’s blog is full of helpful tips and ways to get the most from marketing, increase sales and conversions. 

36. Naomi Simson

A successful businesswoman, blogger, and entrepreneur, Naomi, is an Australian TV celebrity having been featured as a Shark on the popular business show Shark Tank. Her blog is equally popular where she shares what she has learnt to help current and future business owners. 

37. Kerwin Rae

Kerwin is Australia’s leading business strategist. He has mentored me through his course Nail It and Scale It, where he takes you on a 3 day journey to grow and scale your business. His blog is dedicated to helping those businesses succeed through growth and personal transformation. 

38. Michael Yardney

Australia’s leading property strategist, Michael’s blog Property Update is the number one property blog on the internet. He blogs about property investment, success and money. His blog also features other leaders in their field so you stay on top of your game with the latest in depth information. 

39. Greg Savage

Over a 40 year career, Greg is the founder of four highly successful businesses. He blogs about general business, leadership guidance and best recruiting practices. You can follow Greg through webinars and masterclasses for more insights. 

40. Pete Wargent

Personal and business coach, property investor and analyst, Pete Wargent, who originally from the UK now lives in Australia, blogs daily on his own personal website. If you’re into finance and graphs, Pete has all the statistics about the country’s economy and what it all means for you. 

41. Maria Pantalone

Founder of the Infinite Growth blog, a blog that started from passionate growth, Maria’s blog now ranks as one of the top 20 business blogs in Australia. She always adds value to her readers through her posts and is always looking to help people effectively through online coaching. 

42. Max Barry

Max is an Australian author of seven novels. He currently writes on various topics on his blog including politics. His sense of humour makes for very good reading. He writes full time and according to him “can do it while wearing only boxer shorts”. 

43. Brent Hodgson

An Aussie marketing strategist, Brent helps people with their marketing to succeed in a digital era. As a high performance marketing trainer, Brent’s blog is all about getting that competitive advantage and building strong foundations. 

44. Carmen Hamilton

What started out as a passion project, Chronicles of Her has now turned into a daily blog about the minimalist life. Carmen and her team post awesome fashion and beauty tips with plenty of “how to” style posts. Of course if you just want to see what her outfits look like for the day then take a look at the editor’s blog. 

45. Alejandra Cerball

Originally from California but now based in Australia. Award winning journalist, Alex Cerball  maintains her blog on travel and lifestyle tips that provides what you should do on your next trip with adventure guides, and how to look the part when travelling. 

46. Amy Darcy

Awarded in the top 5 of wellbeing blogs in Australia, Amy is the founder of Eat Pray Workout. She is passionate about sharing her knowledge and simple approach to healthy living. Travelling interstate often for work, she understands the importance of being at the top of your game. She provides easy to action habits on her blog to get you performing at your best. 

47. Emilia Rossi

A multiskilled lifestyle blogger, Emilia uses her blog to inspire, motivate and get people to take action by enjoying more fulfilled experiences. With over 300 posts on her blog she’s a professional marketer and writes compelling and engaging content. 

48. Peter Fritz

Having worked in business for a long time, Peter has seen it all. His first blog was built after going through a midlife crisis and shared his experiences along the way, both good and bad. Now his blog aims to redefine success and live on your terms just like he has. His articles are all properly researched and well written with no fluff that will leave you inspired. 

49. Aden Hepburn

Founder of Digital Buzz Blog, Aden has won numerous awards for his efforts. He has grown the blog into a digital powerhouse of articles about marketing, industry news, social media and insights from all corners of the globe. 

50. Chris Bournelis

Of course I had to include myself in this list! Having had experience in online marketing and e-commerce since 2015, I wanted to put all that knowledge of both the success and failures in my own blog so others can learn from it and achieve their results faster. So, I help online entrepreneurs scale and grow their blogs like a business. Ultimately we are a community of bloggers and need to help each other, pick each other up, so we can grow together and win. 

So that’s it. My top 50 Australian bloggers. There are so many different perspectives out there and it’s exciting to see bloggers from Australia share their stories. They are all more than just lifestyle and fashion bloggers, they’re real business owners. 

If you haven’t already, I encourage you to go on a journey by following some of these amazing bloggers that can help you grow your skills or business in any niche. 

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