20 Top ASO Tools to Boost Your App Downloads



If you are having trouble with your App Store Optimization strategy you have come to the right place. We provide a compilation of essential tools that will definitely help you boost your mobile business.


Keep track of the main KPIs for your business and increase your installs with these tools


Listen to what users have to say about your product and deliver a top-notch user experience


Find your audience and engage with them properly to drive more traffic to your app


Trial and error is the key to nail your strategy. Experiment with your app listing to hit the target!


It’s vital to understand how mobile business works, so the more insights the better

What is ASO & What do you need to track

App Store Optimization, also known as ASO or App Store SEO, is the process of optimizing an app or a game to increase its visibility on app stores, such as Google Play Store or Apple App Store. It also helps boosting traffic to the product listing, therefore generating more organic installs. It brings free and high-quality users to your app or game, so it makes it a must for any mobile app marketing growth strategy.


In order to do App Store Optimization properly, we could use the help of an ASO tool to monitor our work and keep track of our KPIs. You can go after many different goals that depend on the product stage of your app or game. It can be organic growth, an increase of app rankings, Conversion Rate or revenue, engagement… It’s not easy to keep track of all those variables without a powerful tool. And there are many options that come in a variety of features, functionalities and pricing, but here are some of them that can be useful for our mobile business.


The Oldest ASO Tool

Sensor Tower is the oldest platform focused on app analytics and organic user acquisition. It helps companies to analyze their app’s performance using App Store Optimization, as well as benchmarking competitors and managing reviews & ratings.

With Sensor Tower it’s possible to get insights that will help improve its clients’ mobile ecosystem, such as estimations for app downloads and revenue, free Ranking and Leaders tool to research competitors and many more information received daily by email.


The Best Choice for ASO strategy

TheTool is a great one for app marketing strategy. This platform allows to track lots of aspects related to App Store Optimization: Top Charts rankings, feedback, Conversion Rate, revenue, keyword rankings, and many, many more.

TheTool will help boosting mobile business by giving all the information that marketers / developers need in a simple way, so the task of understanding where to put efforts and strategy becomes easier. It is an all-in-one App Marketing Tool.


Cheap & Aprofitable

ASO Desk is also a powerful tool for ASO for individual developers and large companies. It has many useful insights such as keyword analytics with accurate traffic score data, keyword auto-suggestions and organic and ASO comparisons reports.

ASO Desk also offers personalized audits so as to help in ASO development and app marketing strategy. It’s a cheap and more than valid option in order to get better ASO results.

What else do you need to do?

Usually, more than one App Store Optimization (ASO) tool is necessary for mobile business. There are many aspects to cover: user feedback, user acquisition, benchmarking. Moreover, the app listing needs constant experimenting to find out which elements are performing better. There are solutions available in the market for each one of these aspects, and we are getting a recopilation of the best tools every marketer should consider having when working on mobile business.


One of the most important things for any mobile business is to get leads, but it’s even more important to engage with them in order to deliver the best user experience possible. By taking a look at users’ opinion it is possible to get powerful insights that will help improving the service or product. Therefore, customer feedback should be a part of the core of a mobile business, and whilst there are many tools that can help handling that without needing your app development team, here are some of the best.


Learn what your customers are saying

Telescope allows to see all of your mobile apps’ and games’ reviews from Apple App Store and Google Play Store. It has a Slack integration that becomes really useful for team collaboration.

Among its features stand out its instant emails, which you can receive the moment a customer leaves a comment, and its translation service in order to understand users’ comments from over 30 different languages.


A global solution for app reviews

At Appbot they know the importance of feedback, as it can help building a better product. It was, originally, a reviews and ratings aggregator, before thousands of apps started to use Appbot.

In 2014 it started to analyze reviews in order to get very useful insights to improve apps. Among other features, it can keep track of reviews in all stores, lots of integrations (such as Slack, Zendesk, and more) and email reports with useful summaries.


Cheap real-time tracker feedback tool

Review Bot scans reviews on the major app stores around the world: App Store, Google Play, Amazon, Google Places, Yelp. It also has integrations to stick to the tools your team is already using.

Its main purpose is to help you turning bad reviews into good ones, as every review pops up with a link in order to reply to it instantly. It also has other interesting features such as pre-translations and social sharing so as to get visibility.


Attracting visitors is key for any business, but for mobile business is indispensable. In that sense, marketing becomes vital to success, as you need to drive traffic and brand awareness, or nobody will know your product exists. Don’t waste money attracting visitors that aren’t interested in your service, invest on studying your buyer persona and put your effort on approach this kind of user. Here are some tools that will help running paid campaigns and really useful to know your kind of audience


Easy, fast & effective digital advertising

AdEspresso lets you create campaigns for Facebook, Instagram and Google in the same platform, which is great because there’s no need to be switching Ads Managers. It also gives many valuable insights in different formats: Web, Word, Excel, PDF, email…

It also makes it easier to work in team, as it has an option to ask for validation from your boss or client, even if they don’t have an AdEspresso account. It also offers the possibility to ask for experts’ opinion in terms of advice or general reviewing of your campaigns.


Automation for paid media campaigns

AdStage is a complete software that brings all advertising data into one platform, allowing marketers to quickly visualize, analyze,report and optimize their ad performance.

It is possible to import conversion data from Google Analytics, CRM, spreadsheets and many more into AdStage, making it simple to measure and optimize performance based on the full-funnel impact of advertising campaigns.

The automation software for paid media campaigns


Sell more with less effort

AdRoll helps ambitious brands to organize their display, social ads, email and other marketing channels to increase revenue. Its shopper data helps you understand the way customers behave in order to impact them better and catch their attention.

AdRoll gives valuable data in order to see the most common paths to purchase, as well as the time it takes someone to complete the journey. Ad views, top ads, best audiences… All this information is easy accessible and makes it easier to adjust to increase sales


It is difficult to nail the displayed information on the app stores, specially the visual assets. Luckily, there are a large number of tools that will help with that task: A / B Testing tools. A / B testing consists on creating two or more variations of your listing and distribute them among the audience equally. You should change a single aspect of it in order to see clearly if this variable in only to see if it performs better. Below you can see some of the most interesting in the market.


All-in-one: A / B testing and analytics

Splitmetrics is a powerful and complete tool that allows testing icons, screenshots, descriptions and many other aspects on your app, in order to find the ones that perform better in terms of Conversion Rate.

Splitmetrics gives insights that will help you understand every action they take to understand how to optimize your elements in the app listing. It’s also possible to segment data in terms of gender, age, and more.


Decide what performs the best

StoreMaven believes in finding the right marketing assets in order to deliver more relevant messages to increase Conversion Rate and drive more installs. Therefore, if the app performs the best way possible, the ROI and install rate will increase significantly.

This tool lets clone the actual app store listing and sends the test to a portion of the traffic. It allows to track results on real time with its dashboard, making it very easy to see what elements are performing better in your app listing.


Mobile experimentation made easy

Apptimize is a platform that has focused on mobile experimentation since its very beginning. It has a visual editor that allows you to go live with complex A / B experiments on both iOS and Android devices in a matter of minutes.

It’s a powerful solution because it doesn’t need for you to release another version of the app, or the constant participation of developers. Non-technical users can launch experiments easily to see which elements perform the best.


Marketing Intelligence Tools are important in order to know what intelligence is needed, in terms of knowing the environment of your product or service and all kinds of information necessary for marketers. These tools take data from several data sources, such as web analytics, sales data, business intelligence, etc., and putting it all together into one platform. These are the most important in the market for any mobile marketers


Market Intelligence Industry Standard

App Annie is probably the most powerful tool in terms of marketing intelligence. It delivers valuable insights about your competition, and user behaviour in general, to help you getting to know the market in order to choose the right action to expand.

Learn everything you need to know regarding revenue, usage, engagement and many other metrics necessary for mobile business. It’s also useful to boost organic and paid user acquisition, as well as to understand how to monetize. It has many more unique features that makes it a great choice.


Amazing UX / UI Experience

Apptopia is a great tool for market intelligence that will help you acquire more users, benchmark competition and, with all its data, make the right decisions in terms of strategy. All of it in its amazing user experience.

It allows to analyze the market in order to learn where users spend time and money, how much and also in what kind of advertising are they interested in. You can also query the app store by SDKs, performance data and market movement, among other valuable insights.


Very valid option

Prioriti Data Mobile Intelligence provides the tools necessary to outperform competition in app stores. It allows to benchmark important data such as retention rates, downloads or store revenue, and track top performers and keywords, delivering daily and weekly alerts.

Its keyword intelligence also becomes useful not only for keyword research, but for apps, categories and subcategories, and over 60 countries. All of it with over 2 years of historical data. Stay one step ahead of your competition!

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