Top 20 Most Influential Wedding Blogs You Should Follow

Planning for your wedding gives you mixed emotions. You are happy yet stressed, excited yet anxious at the same time. Since you want to make your special day perfect, you hurried over Google to search for wedding inspirations. However, you found out there’s hundreds or thousands of wedding blogs.

Now, it becomes overwhelming for you to find the right wedding blog inspiration. Among the hundreds or thousands of blogs, we want to narrow your choices and give you the most suitable option.

These blogs are the most influential out of the thousands. You will have everything you need for your special day. Check out their real wedding experiences, how-to guides, printables, and inspirations for the planning process. Let these inspirations help you each step of the planning process for your intimate wedding.

  1. 100 Layer Cake

Whether you are looking for a wedding or marriage advice, concepts for wedding shower or bachelorette party– 100 Layer Cake have it for you! 100 Layer Cake provides real, practical, and inspirational wedding ideas. They bring the right wedding experience.

You will enjoy scrolling through the archives and content of 100 Layer Cake. From surprising engagement shoots to dreamy destination weddings– they can offer it to you. Other than inspirational photos of weddings and engagements, 100 Layer Cake offers advice for couples in relationships to keep the fire burning from within.

  1. Artfully Wed

Indeed, Artfully Wed breaks the norm of wedding inspirations. The blog categorizes wedding inspiraitons in color, style, and season to help you in encountering big decisions on your special day. You can get specific advice and inspiration from the Artfully Wed.

  1. Boho Weddings

Boho, from the name itself it talks like wealth. Boho Weddings is a United Kigndom-based blog. The blog mostly suggests bohemian-inspired weddings. However, after a couple of days watching wedding videos, you will remember how these unique weddings have captured their spirit.

  1. Bridal Musings

If you are looking for a stunning wedding blug, Bridal Musings have curated every step on the way for your big day. You have to think about the jewelry, gown, and shoes for your wedding day. Bridal Musings have several helpful suggestions when it comes to fashion. Moreover, they have been helpful in creating pre-wedding playlist. As you go through the website of Bridal Musings, you will be amazed of the thoughtful advice they provide for difficult aspects that might happen on the day.

  1. Burnett’s Boards

Since 2012 Burnett’s Boards is renowned globally. You can find lovely photoshoots, event styles, travel ideas, and fashion in their inspiration board. Whether you are into an intimate wedding or playful idea, Burnett’s Boards have it for you. 

  1. Green Wedding Shoes

You will be amazed of how different and unique the Green Wedding Shoes blog is! The blog aims to feature weddings that has a unique and style and feature to the couple. They emphasize more the personalized details of the wedding. It’s amazing how they can break the norm and traditions of weddings. If you want to set a wedding trend, do it with Green Wedding Shoes. Your wedding will be wholly different from others.

  1. Junebug Weddings

People love Junebug Weddings because of their passion about weddings. They have the best vendors from venues to videographers. Junebug Weddings have been featured on major media outlets like The Huffington Post and BuzzFeed with their visually-aesthetic content. The further you look into their content, you will get inspired by real weddings and Junebug Weddings recommend vendors and advices on wedding planning– they got your back!

  1. Love My Dress

It’s fascinating how several influential wedding blogs hail from the United Kingdom, and Love My Dress blog is one of them. You can get the best inspirations for a dreamy wedding. Moreover, you can take advantage of their suppliers and vendors as they are hand-picked by them. You can even search for the latest dress collections from designers. 

  1. Martha Stewart Weddings

Martha Stewart is a major brand in the wedding industry. It is known for its upscale and celebrity weddings that their works have been featured in print magazines. Moreover, Martha Stewart is associated with well-known photographers. 

  1. Once Wed

One of the most beloved wedding blogs in the industry– Once Wed. The blog has an insane collection of wedding galleries on the internet. Once Wed is a great source for achievable wedding ideas, which includes the hair and beauty tutorials and floral decorations. Moreover, they have a community wherein you can buy and sell used wedding dresses. If you do not want to keep your wedding gown forever, you may sell it in the community. Do not forget to bring your wedding gown to a laundry expert before you plan to sell it.

  1. One Fab Day

If you live in Ireland or in the United Kingdom, you know by now that One Fab Day is the most popular wedding blog in your location. They offer various content that it’s almost endless. One Fab Day offers review of real weddings by location and season, they have a collection and review of different bride’s style, they even have a honeymoon planning checklist!

You will never go wrong with the thousands of tutorials and articles One Fab Day offers. Check them out, they may have addressed questions or dilemmas that you might encounter during the preparation process or even on your wedding day.

  1. Rock My Wedding

Rock My Wedding is based in the United Kingdom. The blog offers wedding ideas, honeymoon planning tips, and several DIY recommendations to make your wedding day extra special. Rock My Wedding became popular to the general public that it released a book filled with wisdom and helpful advice to engaged couples, newly weds, and long time married couples.

  1. Ruffled

If you plan to have a DIY wedding, you can never go wrong with Ruffled. The website offers a wide variety of creative projects where you can get a wedding idea. Moreover, Ruffled has an online community where you can communicate and trade wedding decors with the memebrs. 

  1. Style Me Pretty

Style Me Pretty is one of the most recognizable wedding blog. Its highly aesthetic niche has built a household brand. Their ripple effect across the wedding industry makes them one of the most influential. They drive trends for brides and wedding planners.

  1. The Budget Savvy Bride

It’s undeniable how finances take a great part in wedding planning and it can also be the reason why you are stressed out. Gladly, the Budget Savvy Bride can help you. No matter the type of event you have for your wedding, Budget Savvy Bride has budget-specific wedding advice. The advice features from budget tips, how to buy and sell affordable fashion and decor, and how to deal with the costs of the readl wedding. You can check in their blogs real weddings that fall within their budget.

  1. The Offbeat Bride

From the blog name, Offbeat Bride, most of the weddings in the blog are a bit off the beaten path. The blog is a playful and fun resource for brides and grooms who wants their wedding to be unique. There are several weddings in their blog wherein you can get ideas from their unique and clever aspects. Check their one of a kind wedding ideas!

  1. Unbridely

Unbridely has a cool definition– it is the couple’s expression of their unique and distinguished values through their wedding plans. In fact, there are couples that don’t aspire to have a perfect, fairytale-like wedding. Thus, Unbridely offers wedding plans that suits to every reader’s taste.

  1. Wedding Chicks

Most influential wedding blogs are known to talk about the details and styles of weddings, but Weding Chicks is different. When you visit their site, you will observe how the photos emphasize the people and their emotional connections on the wedding day. It’s unique style and emotionally-inclined blog makes it a high-profile success.

  1. Wedding Sparrow

The ultimate guide for sophisticated and glamorous wedding is the Wedding Sparrow. Browse their website for stylish weddings that you have never seen and imagine. You will be inspired on the stories of each wedding process, engagement, honeymoon, and everything in between their journey as a couple.

  1. Woman Getting Married

The blog Woman Getting Married started in November 2008 after the owner’s engagement. She documented her journey in wedding planning as she struggled looking for the best venue for her wedding. But then her documentation became a resource for wedding venues. 

Now, her website offers the best wedding venues by state and you can read reviews about the places. Besides the venue, Woman Geting Married offers several wedding dress inspiration. Thus, it solves another major wedding dilemma for brides.

Did you find the wedding blog that suits your taste? These wedding blogs has the most influence on the industry as a whole. You might have noticed some wedding blogs have an aesthtic niche, while others have a broad scope that includes taking care or dry cleaning wedding gowns. But, that’s what made them influential, they have everything the readers need to know.

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