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Social media is all the rage with Facebook users growing at a rate of 1 million every few days. WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and myriad other social media portals have witnessed similarly spectacular user growth recently and the trend – far from peaking or slowing down – is actually accelerating. This is why social media marketing is so important.

Most business owners tend to think about social media in terms of staying in touch with family and friends. Their kids probably use it to keep in touch with their friends. But when you think of social media in such narrow terms you miss the big picture opportunities.

You see, social media with its billions of users just happens to be one of the largest potential sources for lead generation ever invented.

When someone on Facebook posts that they found exactly what they were looking for at your website their friends share the news with their friends and next thing you know you see a spike in both your website traffic and conversions.

Social media interactions help build links that, in turn, support your SEO campaign. Every social media interaction also helps reinforce your brand. And the best part? It doesn’t cost anything to create a company Facebook page and open the door to their 2.3 billion monthly users.

It does however, take expert knowledge of how to create effective, efficient content that will catch the eye of your target audience and get them sharing. And that’s where the Rank Excel comes in. Our combined years of experience with social media marketing enables us to craft effective content that will:

  • Increase traffic to your website.
  • Increase the percentage of conversions.
  • Raise awareness of your brand, product or service across multiple platforms.
  • Create positive brand associations among social media users.
  • Enhance market penetration and facilitate communication with your target demographic.

The fact is that the larger and more engaged your social media audience is, the easier it will be to realize all your other marketing, SEO and sales objectives.

The Bottom Line

Simply opening up a Facebook page and WhatsApp account for your business isn’t enough. You need expert advice on what to post to those accounts and how to leverage your content to achieve effective penetration of your target audience and to grow new audiences. We can help you do that. Give us a call today and put the power of social media marketing to work for you.

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