20 of the Best SEO Podcasts Every Marketer Should Listen To

SEO is an abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization and is generally a practice for increasing the quantity and quality of the traffic on your website through organic search engine results. SEO helps lead generation companies a lot to spread awareness to drive more traffic. Email marketing companies send emails with apt keywords which help to enhance rank on SEO. 

SEO is not a one time kind of thing. It requires digital marketers and SEO strategies to stay informed on every update on a regular basis as SEO is a continuously changing process.

Changes in SEO are frequent, so one needs to take time to understand and learn about those changes so that they can stay ahead of your competitors. By reflecting new SEO trends it is possible to improve your ranking potential in SERPs. Changes in SEO include many different out of which few are keywords,algorithms, voice search, topic trend and many more. Hence one needs to be aware of the SEO solutions change to keep up with the trends and ensure that the web pages are ranking on SERPs. SEO blogs, SEO training, SEO journals or newsletters and other things help in keeping you up to date with the knowledge.

Why are podcasts important?

Podcasts is an excellent learning tool which is mostly used by business owners and marketing professionals who are looking to bone up the latest SEO techniques. Many well known experts in SEO and content marketing space are being featured in SEO podcasts. Their work is to provide the most up to date tips and tricks on ranking , keywords and other SEO related items to the listeners or viewers. Sometimes real life case studies with data received is also included in the SEO podcasts. Podcasts are one of the best ways to grow your business website by simple methods. Some of the easy ways are:

  • Taking notes while listening to podcasts can spark ideas in your head.
  • Save some of the best episodes that are related to your work.
  • Share the link with your team so that you can be on the same page with your guys.
  • Skip some episodes because all cannot be always useful to your website. It saves time.
  • Manage the playback speed of the videos, Not too slow not to fast just normal.

20 best SEO podcasts are:

  1. Search engine journal show 

it is a show where we talk with all industry experts and authorities. It is a podcast show where we talk about all things like SEO, PPC, social media and digital marketing. Many hosts like loren baker , ashley berman hale, amanda jordan talk about the opportunities to grow your brand and enhance your career. 

  1. Webcology-

this is hosted by Jim Hedger and Dave Davies. Their conversation is a very enthralling show and features the endless listenable banter of both of them. Listening to them makes you feel like having a coffee break with your buddy. They have years of experience and are very expert in SEO development. 

  1. SEO 101- 

it is a regularly updated SEO podcast which is hosted by ross dunn and john carcutt. It contains all the information for search engine marketers. 

  1. Voice of search podcast- 

it is hosted by Benjamin Shapiro and he podcast about SEO and content marketing. He discusses the strategies that help to spread awareness and bestow insights from data. He also discusses the power of owning brand name and brand SERP. 

  1. The business of digital podcasts-

 hosted by Mat Siltala and Dave Rohrer. They are industry experts who have a lot of professional knowledge and experience. They discuss very important and unique topics like leadership and team building, ways to test and improve CTR from Google and Bing, tools for reusing video and audio content and social media posting patterns.

  1. Marketing o’ clock- 

hosted by Greg Finn, Jessica Budde, Christine ‘Shep’ Zirnheld, and Mark Saltarelli. They share all the digital news that happened last week and maintain a good sense of humor. It is a digital marketing news podcast. They release their new episode every week and have real conversation about what is happening in industry. 

  1. Edge of the web- 

hosted by Erin Sparks. It is a SEO brand of experts where many guests are featured who have been in the business for a long time. The guest tells about many things like how to improve your site’s search position. 

  1. Food blogger pro podcast-

 host by bjork ostrom.  They mostly focus on monetizing a website. They stream on spotify, google podcast and apple podcast. They interviewed the food bloggers and they built their career on photographing food. They give recommendations on how to help foodies and creators. 

  1. Social media marketing podcast by social media examiner-

 hosted by michael stelzner.it is a podcast on basically how to use social media as a sales funnel, how to drive more audience through it and how to improve marketing with bots. They discuss many things which are related to social media which will help a businessman to improve his sales and makes his company more profitable. 

  1. Google podcast: 

search off the record- this is a very important podcast that will make you SEO professionals. It is worth listening to. It will help you to know how decisions are made and how google search projects work. They are created by members of the search relation team. 

  1. Marketing scoop podcast by SEMrush-

 host by laura morelli. It is a podcast which is mostly published regularly which gives many advice on content creation, customer retention, increasing conversions and recovering from a google penalty. They talk about the digital trends with industry experts. 

  1. Duct tape marketing podcast-

host by John Jantsch. Hosts interview many professionals like Seth Godin and Ann Handley who will inspire you about the marketing strategies that will help you to develop popular websites. These professionals discuss the brand and SEO pages. 

  1. Search talk live-

 host by Robert O’Haver and Matt Weber. Search engine podcast is one of the best digital marketing podcasts. Their mission is to educate you with their own experience, case studies and testing. So they would provide you the best advice and information about SEO, social media, digital marketing etc. 

  1. Mozpod- 

host by host Brian Childs. It is the brilliant talk show where you can hear about any topic you want. You can share your ideas also related to any topic. They always support your concerns and thoughts. 

  1. Cashing in on content writing- 

host by Amanda Milligan. It is an SEO and content writing podcast which discusses topics like Making the most of user-generated content and how to use an SEO lens to improve your content.

  1. The in search SEO podcast by rank ranger-

 host by Mordy Oberstein. It is a regularly published podcast which discusses many news and good absorbing topics. Everytime they decide the topic is so virtual and captivating that you always get something good to learn. 

  1. Authority hacker podcast- 

host by Gael Breton & Mark Webster. They talk about many online businesses, websites and blogs. They share their own experience and give good advice that helps you build internet business. 

  1. Masters of Scale –

This podcast is hosted by Reid Hoffman, Founder of Linkedin and it basically focuses on booming a business to great heights and the ABC’s of Marketing, focusing mainly on the SEO tricks. This podcast features a great deal of Founders and CEOs from Giant Companies. It is available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

  1. Everyone Hates Marketers Podcast –

Hosted by Louis Grenier, who was a former Senior Marketing Strategist at Hotjar, this podcast covers genuine talk-shows on how to get successful. The people who are literally tired of ivy-shiny marketing advice should consider this their haven as they Grenier cuts out the high standard crap and gets straight to the points which can be smoothly implemented right away. The podcast is available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

  1. Marketing Over Coffee Podcast –

This podcast is hosted by John Wall and Christopher Penn. They usually focus on the High-technology based marketing and CRM strategy like Artificial Intelligence, Crawl Budget, etcetera. It’s most popular episodes feature Simon Sinek, Seth Godlin and Ann Handley.


According to the experts one of the best ways to learn about SEO tactics and stay updated is listening to SEO podcasts. Also you listen to them anytime anywhere without spending too much money or time. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced SEO professional, one can always find something to learn on these podcasts.

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