Top 50 SEO Companies in Australia

It’s no surprise that the internet is an integral part of our lives. People who are looking for information, entertainment, and many other things will often turn to Google and other search engines to find what they’re seeking. 

The thing about this is that we don’t always get the best results when we search these sites. This is where SEO agencies come in. Their job is to make sure your website pops up higher than all of your competitors on Google’s first page so you can reach more customers. 

There are over 50 companies in Australia that offer SEO services, but not all of them provide quality work or have proven track records with clients.

The list includes agencies with large budgets as well as small startups that offer affordable pricing options. Find out which ones (in no particular order) made the list by reading this article!

  1. StudioHawk

Named Semrush’s agency of the year, StudioHawk has definitely proven itself to be the number 1 agency in Australia. They have been able to achieve a staggering 300% ROI for their clients, and they can do the same for you. 

SEO services they provide include local and SME SEO, link acquisition, content writing to rank you higher in search, and full technical SEO audits. 

With offices all along the east coast of Australia and the UK, StudioHawk is committed to contributing to the SEO industry with plenty of social initiatives and resources. This includes their online course and even a robots.txt check to make sure your site can be crawled by Google. 

Whatever your goal is, StudioHawk will be sure to help you find a better way to build your business with SEO. 

  1. Clearwater Agency

Based in Melbourne, Clearwater is committed to becoming an integral partner of your business. They have been trusted by some of Australia’s biggest businesses including the Australian Government, Melbourne University, and CoinSpot. 

They focus on the most impactful ranking factors including taking a look at your content, architecture, and code.

  1. Prosperity Media

Prosperity Media is an SEO-focused, results-driven agency. Booking a free strategy call with one of their SEO experts, they will go through strategies to increase your ROI, content creation, link acquisition, and more. 

Even with their main office in Sydney, they have clients all across Australia, Singapore, and the United States. They mostly serve medium to enterprise-sized businesses with some startups if you meet their criteria. 

  1. Webomaze

Webomaze is a full digital marketing agency but their services are tailored to the entire package of your website. According to their website, they were able to get a 200% drop in bounce rate for one of their clients with a redesigned site and SEO tactics. 

  1. Local Digital

Having a Google penalty is every webmaster’s nightmare. It can have devastating effects on your traffic and more importantly, on your sales. If you have been hit with a penalty or even been hit by an algorithm update, then this is just one of the services this Sydney agency can do for you. 

  1. High Voltage SEO

This Melbourne-based agency specializes in white hat SEO strategies to grow your business through organic traffic. Industries they work mostly with include SaaS, B2B, eCommerce, and national brands. 

They also include a 3 part training series from their CEO Kyle, showing how they have been able to 20X their long-term client’s monthly organic traffic values. 

  1. Melbourne SEO Services

The services this boutique agency offers covers everything from an initial starter pack, all the way to monthly coaching sessions and consultation with the founder of the company, David Jenyns. They have been able to double the traffic of a well-known Australian brand, in just 12 months. 

  1. SearchMax

A multidisciplinary digital agency in Melbourne and also with an office in Sri Lanka, SearchMax has been in the game for over 10 years. Their services include both SEO and SEM for the healthcare, real estate, and education industries. 

  1. Savv Digital

According to their homepage, Savv Digital in 3 to 6 months has been able to achieve 400% more sales and a 50% increase in profit for their clients. Clients include the Universal Business School of Sydney and Open Colleges Australia. 

Founder and Director, Rani Arsanios is passionate about helping other businesses grow that he even has his own podcast show interviewing the world’s top entrepreneurs. 

  1. Due North

Due North helps you plan your journey and navigate the right path through the digital marketing maze. They will help you scale as high as you can manage with their expert team of SEO specialists. They have been able to achieve a 25% year-on-year growth for the last four years for their clients through search and content management. 

  1. Evolut

Evolut is a boutique agency in the heart of Brisbane that started with just a simple idea. That idea came from the founder of Ben Stokes. Ben has a wealth of experience leading digital experience and transformation teams. Evolut is about delivering real outcomes for their clients. 

  1. Stavridis Group

Home to the nation’s capital in Canberra, Australia, this boutique agency has won several awards and provides a range of services. These include extensive market research, ongoing access to a consumer psychologist so you know exactly who your target audience is and how best to serve them. That is real value offered by this company. 

  1. SEO Artillery

Located on the beautiful Sunshine Coast in Queensland, this company will help you get more traffic, make more sales, and build real brand authority. These experts pride themselves on being able to get your business to the most prime real estate of the internet, page one of Google. 

  1. Four Dots

A Sydney SEO agency, that is an official Google partner, is dedicated to inbound marketing solutions for your business. With experienced digital marketing strategists, each specialized in their field you can be sure that whether you’re after CRO, increase in search rankings, or just want better content, then you’ll be getting the best person for the job. 

  1. Digital Treasury

Digital Treasury offers no fixed contracts and 100% transparency over the entire work that they will do to get your business moving. Each campaign is custom-built for your business to achieve maximum growth. They have proven this even with their own website and rank for some SEO terms, to show that they not only talk the talk but walk the walk. 

  1. Online Marketing Gurus

Working with companies of all sizes, however, they are more targeted towards enterprise SEO including working with big brands such as Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, and the Holiday Inn. These SEO gurus understand what it takes to get a business ranking and use evidence-based campaigns to deliver long-term growth. 

  1. Portal Ventures

What makes Portal Ventures different than other SEO agencies is they only work with one marketplace in each market and vertical. They are marketplace experts with low ongoing costs with remuneration directly referrable to performance. 

  1. 77 Digital

What makes 77 digital a standout Melbourne SEO company is its ability to think outside the box. They utilize the right tools to grow your business and gain momentum so you rank higher in the search results. 

  1. SixGun

Sixgun isn’t just another agency, they’re an extension of your business. They will work closely with you and your team to get a deep understanding and insight into your industry and goals. From there they will create the ultimate campaign from their expert knowledge to not only rank you higher but also maintain it. 

  1. Intesols

With offices in Melbourne and Sydney, Intesols specializes in actually delivering actionable and effective digital solutions for your business. They rely on a comprehensive 7 step strategic approach to get your business to where you want it to be. They also specialize in Baidu SEO to increase your brand’s visibility with the Chinese market. 

  1. Impressive

This company is truly Impressive. Think of them as the missing piece to your puzzle. When you work with Impressive, you get access to their propriety system GAS. It is their unique approach to deliver the best results available for your business. To get started sign up for your free SEO audit in just three minutes. 

  1. CJ Tech Support

If you’re a startup business or just have no idea about SEO this could be your way into the game. You’ll get up-to-date techniques from their CEO Warren Moore on their highest-priced marketing package, including an Ahrefs website audit, backlink, and competition analysis.

  1. TopRankings

A trusted SEO company that has been going since 2007. Their experience spans a wide range of industries including travel, medical, printing, and more. They have a very strict process for onboarding your website to make sure that nothing is missed so they can deliver the results you deserve. 

  1. Louder Online

One of the top firms in the world with prime locations in Sydney, New York, Los Angeles, and London. Lounder Online focuses on both local and international SEO with a very impressive statistic on their website that they were able to increase Salesforce’s Developer blog by 30% in just 9 days. 

  1. Optimising

At Optimising, they play to win and help you reach new heights in your business through SEO, paid ads, and social media marketing. Founders David Oosterloo and Laura Foley first started by selling their diverse range of skincare products through social media. Now they bring that same success to their clients. 

  1. WebGator

The owner of WebGator, Carson Sharein has been in the industry for over 10 years. His review and testimonials page is a credit to his customer service and knowledge in all things SEO. When you call Carson you’ll be able to get to his direct number so you know that you are dealing with him personally, and he stands by his reputation to get you the best results possible. 

  1. SEO Melbourne

This agency is an absolute powerhouse when it comes to SEO. They can put together an effective campaign with their Melbourne-based SEO team to achieve the SEO results you desire. They specialize in WordPress SEO, and eCommerce SEO using Shopify or Magento. If you’re looking for a more personalized approach why not give their consulting services a try. 

  1. NO BS Agency

Going since 2005, they are one of Australia’s oldest and therefore one of the most trusted SEO companies. They provide complete SEO solutions for any Australian-based client and even to a select group of international clients. If you plan on opening up an eCommerce store, No BS SEO are accredited WooCommerce partners and can help you set it up for maximum efficiency.  

  1. SEO Sydney Experts

Director Steven Walberg takes a hands-on approach to your SEO requirements. Their passion for getting your business ranking on page one is displayed by using the latest SEO techniques. Their work is never outsourced, meaning you get the results back faster and more effectively by real experts. 

  1. Red Search

Red Search is a Sydney-based white hat SEO agency that covers all topics of search engine optimization. Even if you’ve been penalized by Google they will be able to get you back on track and ranking again. 

  1. Cloud SEO

This Brisbane city local agency collaborates with other social media site designers and web developers to give you a well-rounded and top-performing team. If you’re a small or medium-sized business, owner Claude Fullinfaw has you covered. 

  1. Top SEO Brisbane

Home to the sunshine state of Queensland, Top SEO Brisbane has been working in both on-page and off-page SEO since 2009. Along with SEO services, they also offer reputation and Adwords management. Something that if not managed correctly can severely hurt your business. 

  1. The SEO Company

Working together to drive qualified inbound leads that will actually convert for you is the heart and soul of this agency. By building long-lasting global partnerships means they can deliver exceptional results every time. 

  1. FI Digital

On the face of it, FI Digital might appear to be primarily a Zoho implementation partner for your business. However, they are also experts in SEO and developing an effective SEO campaign specific to your needs. Their in-house specialists will help your business attract the right customers and appear at the top of all relevant search terms. 

  1. Maximum Conversions

This is not just another SEO agency. Living up to its name, Maximum Conversions has been able to 10X their client’s sales from their straight up approach. There are no interns, so when you work with Maximum Conversions, it’s just you and the director Max. 

  1. Sharp Circles

This professional company based in Melbourne provides affordable SEO packages with no lock-in contracts. If you subscribe to their annual plans, then by giving them time to work on your SEO strategy means you will get guaranteed results with first page rankings. You can even add GMB optimization to further increase your reach.  

  1. SEO Adelaide Pros

This boutique agency situated in the heart of South Australia is all about getting outstanding results for their clients. When you engage with SEO Adelaide Pros they become a part of your team and work with businesses of any size. 

  1. Clickleaf Marketing

SEO is the bread and butter of this innovative digital marketing agency. They deliver a holistic approach to seeing your business grow. Plans start from $795 per month and come with a massive amount of value. 

  1. Shoutout Digital

Shoutout Digital is dedicated to the dentistry and healthcare professional industries. They are a one-stop-shop for your practice to drive more patients and build your online presence. There are no lock-in contracts and they have a small agency relationship with you and deliver big agency results. 

  1. Australiagolive

If you want to grow your business, Australiagolive can help you from awesome web design all the way through to a promotional campaign. Their services cover everything to get you started and ranking. But it doesn’t end there. They also offer other services such as email marketing to complement your newly increased traffic to keep monetizing. 

  1. Soar360

Soar360’s dynamite approach to marketing encompasses SEO, SEM, and SMM as a complete marketing solution to gaining more traffic and revenue to your business. They can even take care of your branding for you, even if your logo needs a refresh they won’t let you down. 

  1. Maple Cloud

A Sydney-based agency that helps struggling businesses with their SEO and web development issues. Their marketing consulting services are there to help you use those same strategies that have been used by the Novotel hotel chain and Macquarie University. 

  1. PMG Digital

Offering the highest standards in digital marketing, this Melbourne agency has a wide range of talented specialists. So whatever you need help with, guaranteed they have the experts on hand. When you schedule an appointment with Platinum Marketing Group it’ll quickly become clear why many businesses across a range of different industries have trusted them for lead generation and brand awareness. 

  1. G Squared

Specialists in technical SEO, G Squared can help you with website audits, identify technical errors, fix broken links, and optimize your page speed. If you have a physical location then their GMB experts can help with optimizing that listing to literally put you on the map. 

  1. Will Mullins SEO Services

Will is a freelance SEO consultant with over 10 years of experience with SEO and has been developing websites since 1997. Today he has helped plenty of local and international businesses increase their organic traffic and search engine presence with the case studies and results to back it up. 

  1. Rocket Agency

Winner of the Best Search Agency in 2021 at the APAC Search Awards, Rocket Agency are leading digital marketing specialists when it comes to the tedious task of trying to figure out how to increase your search engine ranking. They know the drill and have the stories to prove their worth. Just take a look for yourself. 

  1. Safari Digital SEO Agency

An ROI-driven agency in Sydney that only deals in data, facts, and figures to get you real results. Safari digital will work with your team and provide ongoing SEO reports that are sure to not only meet but exceed your KPIs. What makes them unique is that they practice what they preach by not investing in PPC to gain their own clients. 

  1. Brafton

Brafton empowers companies with content marketing strategies that work. They understand the problems that their clients face and work together with them to power through them to come out the other side with a solid strategy and campaign that will see them loved by the Google algorithm. 

  1. SEO Shark

This Sydney-based agency is truly a force to be reckoned with. They have impressive statistics to prove why they are Australia’s leading SEO company. With almost 4000 number one pages on Google, you can definitely say their strategy works. Their fun and casual demeanor means that you can feel relaxed working with their awesome team. 

  1. Digital Surfer

Located in Burleigh Heads on the beautiful Gold Coast, Digital Surfer helps you get ahead of the competition with rock solid marketing strategies. The benefit of working with a set of professionals is they know that having a website isn’t enough these days and they’re here to direct the traffic to your website. 

Final Thoughts

If you would like to dominate your competitors and rank higher in search engines, it is a good idea to have an SEO agency on board. This will help you get the edge over your competition by providing expert knowledge of what Google wants from its digital marketing partners. 

In order for this strategy to be successful, both parties must be fully committed to making sure all aspects of the campaign are done correctly. 

You may want to put together a contract outlining how much work needs to be completed each month so there is no confusion about who should do what. 

If you’ve decided that an SEO agency might be right for you but don’t know which one to hire then hopefully this list has helped you out. 

Author – Chris Bournelis is a blogger and SEO strategist. He has been working in online business since 2015 and is passionate about leveraging the right partnerships, content, and software for maximum growth. Join him for the best SaaS reviews and how to build your blog like a business.

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