Top 10 Websites to Outsource Your Design and Marketing Tasks

 Let’s face it, you need a lot of work done and unless you’re a fortune 500 company, you can’t hire all the staff needed. Outsourcing websites have been gaining popularity over the last few years because of their convenience and usefulness. Use this list of 10 of the best outsourcing websites to get your job done on time and on budget.

Best Freelance Sites and Outsourcing Services for Business

1. Fiverr

One of my favorite outsourcing website for many reasons. Not only are amazing designers and virtual assistants available for a starting price of $5, but turnaround time is always fast. So, if you need a quick designer for a project and don’t really have a large budget, Fiverr is for you.

Entrepreneur Tip: use Fiverr as a marketing tool for your services. Offer the first project for $5 and charge your usual fees for future projects with Fiverr‘s new personalized offer feature. Percentage taken out of your pay.

2. oDesk

Another great website to use for outsourcing work. oDesk is less about budget and more about experience; you can find very talented designers on oDesk, but not all of them will fit your budget. If you’re a freelancer, you can also search for great starting projects to get your portfolio rolling. Percentage taken out of your pay.


Similar to oDesk, gives you a wide range of options when looking for freelancers. What I like most about this site is how quickly you receive proposals for projects; I’ve had anywhere from 10 to 20 proposals sent within five minutes of posting a project. Again, you will receive offers for all kinds of prices, remember rule number 1 before hiring anyone. Percentage taken out of your pay.

4. Elance

Simply post your project and budget and watch the proposals roll in. Elance is a great outsourcing website to use to find budget-friendly freelancer who are both talented and fast. Percentage taken out of your pay.

5. People Per Hour

This is a great tool to find projects and outsource work. People Per Hour used to be free, but now it costs a few bucks per month to have more options available as a freelancer and hiring manager. There’s also a percentage taken out of your pay, as a PPH commission.

6. Guru

With more than 1 million jobs completed, Guru has a wide database of freelancers, all looking for their next gig. Simply post your project and budget and patiently wait as freelancers from around the world send you their application. You first pay Guru through a secure web tool, and Guru pays the freelance only if the job was completed and well done. If you’re not satisfied, you receive a refund.

7. Hire The World

Specializing in designs, logo and website more specifically, Hire The World provides you with great budget-friendly options for your needs. All you need to do is send your project brief and wait for designers from all over to send you their designs. You only pay for the ones you love! Of course, you can’t use the designs you don’t pay for, so make sure you choose wisely. There’s a registration fee to be part of Hire The World

8. Zirtual

If you need someone to search keywords for you or read your 1,000 emails and respond on your behalf, Zirtual will come in handy. This outsourcing website provides virtual assistant services for all those busy entrepreneurs who just need a little more time to accomplish everything in their to-do list. Zirtual gives you the opportunity to buy time through US-based virtual assistants. You need to pay a monthly fee to use the Zirtual services.

These are only some of the best outsourcing websites I’ve used, but there are dozens more available that will fit your budget and needs.

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