5 Features You Need to Look for in A Mass Email Plugin

Plus, we explore how you can find the best mass email plugin that works for your business

No matter who you are, it is very likely that you check your email several times every day. Whether you are checking your email messages for work purposes or are just browsing to see if you have any new updates on the latest package you ordered, the ubiquity of email is undeniable. Because email is such an integral part of our daily lives, it means that it can also be used as a powerful tool to grow your business’s reach. In fact, email marketing is one of the most effective ways to get the word out about your business and can achieve a high ROI when executed correctly.

To get started with email marketing, you’re going to need some help. We advise against trying to send hundreds of emails at once without the assistance of a mass email plugin. A mass email plugin is a type of mass email service that is seamlessly integrated into either Gmail or Outlook to assist in the sending of mass email campaigns. These mass email plugins are powerful tools that boast a wide variety of features that simplify the planning, creation, sending, and reporting of email campaigns. Today we’re going to be exploring what mass email tools are, how to use them, and the key features you need to look out for when you are searching for the right plugin for your business. Let’s go!

What is a Mass Email Plugin?

Mass email plugins are useful tools that are essential for successful email campaigns

Mass email tools help businesses send thousands of personalized and effective marketing emails.

A mass email plugin, also known as a mass email tool or a bulk email service, is a tool that allows users to easily organize, create, and send emails for marketing or sales purposes. Using a plugin, businesses can send hundreds of emails at once to their audience and then easily track audience interactions. The ability to track the performance of campaigns is one of the features that gives email marketing a leg up over more traditional marketing tactics like direct mail or print ads. While the traditional methods can garner a high ROI, with email marketing it is easier than ever to pull data on how your audience is interacting with your messages and identify ways that you can improve on your next campaign.

Additionally, mass email tools can automate many aspects of the process of executing a campaign. For example, you can automatically personalize hundreds of emails for your audience via a mail merge or you can schedule for automatic follow-ups depending on how an individual recipient interacts with your message. But, we might be getting ahead of ourselves here—before we can get into the different features of bulk email services, we should take a look at a few of the different reasons people send mass emails.

Why Send Bulk Emails?

Bulk emails include several different types of messages, including newsletters and sales promotions

Businesses send mass emails because they are effective at engaging audiences and creating conversions.

As we previously discussed, everyone relies on email for both work and personal reasons, meaning it is a great way to access your audience beyond traditional channels. But, what kinds of messages are sent as a part of mass email campaigns? Let’s take a look at a few of the most common types of messages that are sent as a part of bulk email campaigns:

  • Newsletters – A company update is a great way to keep your audience engaged. Often, people who give you their email address expect some sort of regular update from the company, so email newsletters often produce great engagement metrics. Newsletters also usually offer some form of exclusive content only available to active subscribers.
  • Sales –  Some businesses use bulk emails to drive sales and make new business connections. These campaigns often involve sending “cold” emails to recipients—which is a sales strategy similar to a “cold” sales pitch. Often these emails include business or job opportunities that offer value to the recipient.
  • Important Announcements – If your business is undergoing any major change, then you have good reason to send out a mass email to your recipients. It could be a change of hours or the discontinuation of a product—it doesn’t matter! If you think that the information is important to your audience, then you should send out an informative message.
  • Incentives or Discounts – Another excellent reason to send out an email campaign is to inform your audience of exclusive discounts or incentives. By providing your recipients with a valuable discount or incentive, you keep your audience engaged and can increase site visits and conversions.

Now that we know why businesses are sending mass emails, it’s time to take a look at the top features that you need to look out for in a mass email plugin. Let’s find out together which features your business needs to create and send successful mass email campaigns.

What are the Top Features to Look for in a Mass Email Plugin?

Starting a mass email campaign can be confusing, which is why we’re breaking down the top features you need from a mass email plugin

Pro tip—try out a mass email tool for free before investing.

We’ve established that you need a mass email tool to execute a successful campaign—but, what exactly do these tools accomplish? When you are searching for the right mass email plugin for your business, you will likely encounter an overwhelming number of features listed. To help you determine which ones are the most important in choosing your mass email tool, we’ve created a list of the top features you need to start a successful email campaign. Let’s get started!

  1. Personalization Via Mail Merge

The first feature of your mass email plugin we need to discuss is personalization. Personalization is the key to sending out mass emails that people will actually open. When we talk about personalizing an email, we are talking about automatically inserting a recipient’s personal information into designated places in your message copy. This feature allows you to properly address messages with the recipient’s name and any other relevant information.

After you have completed your address list in a Google Sheet or Excel spreadsheet, your mass email tool needs to be able to execute a mail merge to personalize your messages. A mail merge occurs when you send out your message and the message is automatically personalized using the information from your spreadsheet. Personalization not only makes your messages more appealing to your audience, but it also increases your deliverability rate, which is a key metric for any mass email campaign. 

  1. Email Throttling

Speaking of deliverability rates, email throttling is a feature you want to look out for maximum deliverability. When you are sending emails from a Gmail account, there is a limit on the amount that you send per day. Starting out, that limit is 500 messages per day. For most businesses, their address list exceeds 500 recipients which is problematic without an email throttling feature. If you accidentally exceed the daily message limit, your email address will be penalized which will hurt your deliverability rate. 

When your mass email plugin “throttles” your messages, it sends the maximum amount of messages per 24 hours without exceeding the limit. That way, you can press send on your mass email tool and you won’t have to worry about damaging your sender reputation by accidentally exceeding your daily allotted messages.

  1. Tracking and Reporting Capabilities

One of the key reasons why email marketing is so effective is because of the tracking capabilities made possible by mass email tools. Any mass email tool you consider needs to have comprehensive and easy-to-use reporting capabilities so you can learn about what is and is not working with your campaigns. Using your mass email plugin, you should be able to track the following basic email campaign metrics:

These metrics are your key to campaign success and improvement over time. As you get more data on how your audience reacts to your messages, you can optimize your future campaigns and even create automated sales funnels.

  1. Automation

To produce conversions using email marketing, you will need a mass email plugin that can intuitively set up automated email sequences. For example, if you send out an email with a discount included you may want to follow up with your audience to push them a little bit further down the sales funnel. However, your follow-up messages will depend on how a recipient interacted with the message.

Using your mass email tool, you can schedule automated follow-ups with different drafts depending on recipient interaction. If a recipient did not open your message, you might send out an automated follow-up with the subject line “Don’t miss out, this is your last to redeem our discount.” If the recipient did open your previous message you could send a message with the subject line “Are you ready to redeem your exclusive discount with us.” These automation capabilities help businesses automate sales funnels so that you can create conversions and increase revenue without manually sending a single email.

  1. Intuitive Message Design

Another important feature that is necessary for any mass email plugin is an intuitive designer. Most people who begin sending mass emails are not graphic designers, which is why so many email tools have easy-to-use drag and drop design functions. Using your mass email tool, you need to easily be able to format newsletters, embed videos, add links, CTA buttons, images, and more. The way your email looks is important to your audience, so intuitive design features are a must for any mass email tool.

Though there are many more features that are included with mass email tools, we wanted to list the most important ones all email marketers should keep in mind. Many of these mass email tools offer free trials, so if you want to test out any of the features before investing, you can do so by using the free trial. Ultimately your decision will depend on how you respond to each of the features and whether or not your mass email tool is creating results. So, shop around while keeping these 5 key features in mind and you’ll be on your way to sending out beautiful and effective mass emails. 

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