Top 30 Digital Marketing Companies in Gurgaon

Digital agencies provide a wide range of services for solving creative and technical problems for businesses that sell products or services online. Businesses usually address to such agencies to get the following services:

  • SEO
  • SMM 
  • SMO
  • PPC, etc.

Accordingly, the success of the business that you plan to promote with the help of the digital agency will directly depend on the experience and professionalism of the agency you choose. For this reason, it is better to hire only the most reliable and experienced specialists in this field. Here is the list of 30 recognized digital agencies based in Gurgaon.

  1. Brandhype

Brandhype is one of the largest internet marketing agencies in Gurgaon. Since 2014, they have been building effective online marketing for their clients, turning their websites into the main source of profit for business.

For seven years off work in the field of internet marketing, they have implemented more than 2000 successful projects. Their experience is confirmed by a large number of cases and video reviews from satisfied customers. 

The Brandhype team consists of more than 130 qualified specialists. Their offices are located in four countries: India, Pakistan, US.

  1. Whisskers 

Whisskers was founded in 2011 in Gurgaon, India. The two main directions of the agency are contextual advertising and website promotion. Over 10 years of experience, they have become experts in search engine optimization (SEO), paid traffic (PPC), targeted Facebook and Instagram ads for different niches. Thanks to being a Google Partner, Whisskers provides their clients with the newest promotion tools and methods. 

The team defines the goals and objectives of every client’s request to later determine the points of growth. If the company can’t accomplish the required task – they speak about it directly. This approach distinguishes Whisskers in the internet marketing business of India, US, UK etc.

While cooperating, the Whisskers team teaches the client basics of internet marketing, which will help them to understand the importance of the tasks performed and make the right decisions for the business. The company’s portfolio includes more than 1000 clients, including BOX catering,, Freelancehunt, AutoRia,, and others.

  1. Crux Creative Solutions

Crux Creative Solutions was founded in 2006. The company is engaged in attracting targeted traffic to clients’ websites from different search engines. To do this, they use two main channels:

  • Optimization of the client’s website and bringing it to the top 10 in search results.
  • Setting up and optimizing contextual advertising

In addition, they use web analytics tools to improve their return on ad investment. Crux Creative Solutions has successfully accomplished more than 2800 projects in 14 years. In most cases, the company takes on the promotion of websites for small and medium-sized businesses. 

  1. iBrandOX 

iBrandOX is a creative digital agency that offers 3 key services in the digital niche: design, development, and marketing. 

They create award-winning, unique, functional and beautiful products recognized by the most respected international organizations like Awwwards, MUSE Creative Awards, and others.

  1. Techmagnate 

The company has been showing its proficiency in the SMM since 2009. The company helps businesses to run and support campaigns in all possible social networks. They try to make every cent of the client’s budget work effective. Techmagnate also helps to launch all existing ad formats on Facebook and Instagram, attract organic traffic and leads, and much more. 

  1. Technians

Technians is a full-service digital agency that was founded in 2016. They pose themselves not just like an agency, but like partners and like-minded specialists. They are enver indifferent to their clients’ projects and are always imbued with every stage of campaigns. In 2020 the company was recognized as one of the most effective national media agencies by the EFFIE Awards India.

  1. Delta Web

Delta Web is an effective internet marketing agency that knows exactly what tools to use to increase sales and achieve the set goals. For 11 years of existence, the company has implemented more than 1500 projects. About 20 of their clients are included in the TOP-100 Forbes India. Web Promo is an official Google partner, so they’re first to know and apply the new trends in online marketing.

The Delta Web team values the result of their work. So if you want to hire a reliable digital marketing platform to promote your business online, hire Web Promo. 

  1. SocialBeat

SocialBeat is a result-oriented international search engine promotion, contextual advertising and content marketing company. They are efficiently in:

  • Search engine promotion
  • Content marketing
  • Search analytics (audits, niche analysis)

SocialBeat in numbers:

  • 12 years of experience in search engine promotion
  • 10 years of experience in promotion for the US, UK, Canadian, Australian and European markets
  • 100+ specialists working in-house and remotely
  • The best result achieved for the client – 2 million visitors per day.
  1. Shamoor

The company was founded in 2011. Shamoor agency creates websites, creates and refreshes brand identity, and digitalizes all business processes. The company has carried out many projects for retail businesses like supermarkets, promotion websites, applications for managing business processes and others. Their clients are numerous well-known Indian and international brands. 

  1. ISOLS Group

ISOLS is a digital agency that specializes in website design, development, and marketing. They follow the best world trends and implement them for their clients. They know how to listen and hear the needs of their clients. Art Lemon team sees the essence and find business solutions for each project.

For 7 years they’ve done more than 500 projects for the India, USA, Australia, Italy, Japan and other countries.the team consists of 60 people who know how to turn ideas into working and selling tools. 

ISOLS implemented digital marketing strategies for companies like Toyota, Kyivstar, Roshen, Durex, Heineken and others.

  1. BrandLoom

BrandLoom is an internet marketing agency that is proficient in SEO and contextual advertising. They serve businesses from India, Kazakhstan, Bulgaria and other countries. 

Areas of agency’s services:

  • Website promotion
  • Contextual advertising
  • Web analytics
  • Usability audits
  • Consulting

Their clients include numerous portals, e-commerce stores, UGC projects, etc.

  1. YoCreativ

YoCreativ helps businesses to develop and promote their websites by attracting the target audience, increasing its loyalty and strengthening the client’s brand. They achieve their goals with the help of integrated Internet marketing tools and through interaction with the leading team of experts in the market. 

YoCreativ was founded in 2004. Currently, more than 160 experts are working on 300+ ongoing projects.

  1. Conceptualise

Conceptualise is the digital marketing company that serves corporations, medium and small businesses in India, Europe, and the US. they provide the following services:

  • Strategy: define a business problem and find a marketing solution
  • Branding: create and update brand. From an audit of the current brand to a logo and complete platform
  • Advertising: create and implement advertising campaigns
  • Websites and applications: develop UI/UX design, control technical implementation
  • Digital and SMM: develop a strategy and idea, launch and support SMM campaigns
  1. Netscape India

Netscape India is a Premier Google Partner. In 2019, the Netscape team was recognized as the TOP-1 SEO agency in India and TOP 30 SEO agency in the world. 

The main advantages of cooperating with the agency:

  • Individual approach. They delve into the business, its problems, product, audience and provide unique solutions. 
  • Team of professionals. They understand different types of business and know how to effectively use digital marketing tools.
  • Partnership relations. They are open, attentive and not indifferent to the client, his goals and objectives.
  1. Webtrills

For 10 years already the Webtrills agency has been helping companies to promote their businesses online. Their main specializations are search engine promotion, contextual advertising, and social media advertising. The company positions itself as an expert in these areas of internet marketing and knows how to effectively use them to solve business problems for their clients. 

The company does not use template approaches. For each client they develop a new project roadmap based on their own cases and experience of working with companies from similar niches. 

  1. Digital Samay

Digital Samay is a team of experts who set trends and deliver high-quality services that often exceed customer expectations. Their mission is to make the businesses of their clients successful by satisfying the needs of end customers, showing them useful and high-quality ads.

Currently, their offices are based in 9 countries in Europe and Asia. 

  1. Korra

Korra is an integrated internet marketing agency. They offer their clients an integrated approach:

  • Defining the target audience
  • Creating content
  • Design
  • Branding
  • Website development
  • Drawing up the correct site structure
  • Creation of selling landing pages
  • Developing a marketing strategy

Korra guarantees that they will fully devote to every project and optimize the costs of ad campaigns.

  1. Brand Bazooka

The Brand Bazooka company provides comprehensive internet marketing services. For this, they use various methods of website promotion:

  • Search optimization (SEO)
  • Social media marketing (SMM)
  • Setting up contextual advertising (PPC)
  • Working with search engine reputation management (SERM)

The company is also engaged in complex website development – from designing the website structure and up to filling a website with unique content.

  1. Justwords

The agency follows the latest online marketing trends. They are known for listening and hearing their clients, for seeing the essence and finding striking solutions for each project. Every year, the team members become prize-winners of prestigious international competitions in the field of web development, design and advertising.

Justwords is an international digital agency. The agency is annually included in the TOP-3 ratings of Clutch, Visual Objects, and The Manifest in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. 

  1. Envigo 

Envigo is another Indian based digital marketing agency that is known for its high-quality services. Their main services are:

  • Search engine optimization of a website in a Google (SEO)
  • Google ads: search ads, Display Media ads
  • Video ads on Youtube
  • Advertising on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin
  • Local SEO and advertising

Envigo also helps their clients to enter international markets. At the moment, the geography of their clients includes the India, US, Canada, Germany, Israel, Singapore, Philippines, and the UK.

  1. PROject SEO

PROject SEO is a team of professionals who have been engaged in website promotion, marketing, and analytics for several years already. Their main task is achieving the goals set by the clients and popularizing their services online. In addition to website promotion, they also provide the following services:

  • Setting up and running contextual advertising
  • Website audit and SEO optimization
  • Moving the website to HTTPS without losing positions
  • Technical support for corporate websites and online stores, etc.
  1. Sparkle Design

Sparkle Design is a full-service digital agency founded in 1999. They have extensive experience in the field of brand strategy, website creation, graphic design, marketing promotion and implementation of individual projects based on web technologies. 

They prefer to take on complex, non-standard tasks, implement business ideas and creative solutions, and develop mobile applications of different complexity. Sparkle Design offers comprehensive solutions to the clients’ business problems – from idea to implementation.

  1. Zelios

Zelios is a team of IT professionals, progressive and experienced experts who keep up with the times, are aware of all the latest digital trends, and understand the needs of their clients. Thanks to the team’s professionalism, the company is eligible to analyze the client’s business from all sides and develop optimal ways of improving the website performance, increasing sales, and quickly outperform competitors.

When cooperating with the Zelios team, you’ll work not with amateurs, but with certified professionals, whose experience include numerous successfully promoted websites that bring their owners a huge income and confidently hold the top positions in search engines.

  1. Megasite

Megasite web studio provides a full range of services in the field of creation and promotion of websites. The team consists of reliable IT-developers who design and implement projects of any format. They create websites from scratch of all types and of any complexity. Megasite company is a place where you will be provided with comprehensive services. With their services, you don’t have to look for additional specialists, since all the stages of development and promotion can be covered by the Megasite inhouse team. They can create a brand, find a unique design solution, and implement almost any client’s idea.

They also provide a full range of SEO services for website promotion and contextual advertising. 

  1. VOLL

VOLL web studio was founded in 2008 in Gurgaon. The main activity of the company is the development of online projects with their further promotion to the TOP. They’re experts that fulfill projects of any level of complexity. The team uses modern Internet marketing tools, which allows them to successfully promote any business project. 

They not only send clients detailed reports after each stage of work, but also regularly hold joint briefings at which they outline a strategy for the next stages of promotion and set specific priorities. As a result, the project becomes successful, and the client starts receiving stable profits from new customers.


The company uses modern tools to make its clients’ online businesses successful. For each project they select a team consisting of professionals in their field, since each project is unique and requires a unique approach. 

GRANDMA AGENCY services include:

  • SEO website promotion
  • PPC advertising setup
  • Website design and development
  • SMM promotion of social networks
  1. Big Fish Agency

Big Fish Agency was founded in 2006 in Gurgaon, India. The company’s operation started with the execution of exclusively internet marketing projects. Today, Big Fish Agency’s activities include a full range of IT services aimed at online business development. 

What do they offer?

  • Build a promotion strategy and implement projects with maximum efficiency
  • Contextual advertising
  • Carrying out SEO optimization
  • Create, update, and fix websites 

Their services allow clients to easily monitor the performance of the promotion and track the vital KPIs.

  1. SEO-Vector

SEO-Vector was founded in 2014, but in such a short time managed to confidently declare itself as a reliable partner in the digital marketing world. Web-studio provides a whole range of services for development, promotion, marketing, and design and is always ready to take on a new interesting project, develop it, and grow with you. The market is developing rapidly and the company is developing with it. They use and introduce new technologies and methods, experiment, take risks, and achieve results. 

  1. Artjoker

Development of websites and online stores, as well as integrated digital marketing services – these are the main activities of the Artjoker company. For 12 years the company has been providing a full range of services related to the setting up and promoting the client’s businesses online. 

Being founded in 2006, the company now consists of 150 employees. Through the years of operation, the team implemented more than 500 projects. Their clients are IndiaTV, Global Spirits, Mary Kay and others.

  1. Udigital

Udigital provides next generation internet marketing services. The company’s goal is to find an effective way to promote the client’s business online and become their reliable partner in internet marketing.

  • SEO promotion – optimization of a website for the requirements of search engines
  • Google ads. The company has become a Premier Google partner in 2020 and become one of the TOP-30 digital agencies in India.
  • Targeted ads on Facebook and Instagram
  • Social media promotion
  • SERM – reputation management

Final Thoughts

Every of the mentioned digital marketing companies definitely deserves your attention. Of course, it is not easy to choose one among dozens of available agencies. To make the final decision, review every company in detail and highlight their services and values that will directly reflect your needs and expectations. Thoroughly study client reviews and make your choice. 

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