Top 20 CPA Networks for Advertisers and Publisher

The world is online. At least, half of it is, if you consider the figures of Statista!

With such a widespread internet penetration rate, it comes as no surprise that consumers of all kinds can be found online. And they use search engines during the product purchase journey. According to Oberlo, over 63 percent of all transactions begin with online searches.

Therefore, to reach consumers at the right time, marketers around the world invest in digital advertising. In fact, as per HubSpot, over $50 million was spent in 2018 on advertising by US marketers. And over 33 percent of marketers use such advertising methods to boost their brand awareness.

PPC advertising is a very popular form of digital advertising, with 74 percent of brands claiming that it is a major driver for their businesses, as mentioned in a report by the State of PPC.

There are different types of pay per click bidding models. This includes cost per click (CPC), cost per acquisition (CPA), and cost per thousand impressions (CPM).

Since not every person who clicks on your ad converts into a customer, many consider CPA networks to be the best in terms of return on investment, not to mention that this affiliate marketing tactic is excellent for publishers wishing to monetize their platforms.

We asked Dani Z, the CEO of a digital marketing agency, and this is what she has to say about CPA.

“When it comes to products and selling online, every channel is important. I am a big advocate of organic channels, but at the same time, I also understand the importance of alternative marketing channels and their benefits in terms of quick results. IMHO out of all the marketing channels, the one that I recommend and appreciate for online selling is the CPA. CPA is Cost Per Action, so the money that you are investing in it is surely going to get you in action, unlike PPC where your investment on click might end up as a user but not a conversion.

As I said, any channel that gets you quick conversion in for a commencing is great. But one must make sure that you are looking at the bigger picture. So that a year down the line you are not contingent for quick conversions only and should work on branding and growth for the business simultaneously”.

Here are the top CPA networks advertisers and publishers can choose from.

  1. CPALead

CPALead is quite popular among the publishers and is among the top 50 fastest-growing companies in the world. The integrated platform helps connect marketers with affiliates while presenting ideas to best generate targeted ads that are likely to improve conversion rates.

The platform provides native ads, banner ads, pop-under, content looking, and various other tools. Hence, the network is ideal for beginners.

  1. MaxBounty

Since its inception in 2004, MaxBounty has managed to gain the trust of both advertisers and affiliates. It is among the highest paying affiliate programs and offers excellent support from affiliate managers.

JP Sauve, the founder of MaxBounty, believes that the reason for the network’s success is its effective risk assessment. In one of their published reports, he commented, “The balance of looking out for both our affiliate and advertisers is critical. Protect your clients, and you protect your business.”

  1. CrakRevenue

CrakRevenye offers excellent payouts and features advanced analytics that helps the platform in delivering highly customized and fast insights about the traffic of the affiliates. This helps them in connecting the right advertisers with the right affiliates.

This is further ensured by their geo-targeting tools that offer ads based on the geo-location of each visitor that visits the affiliate’s platform. This increases the chances of conversions.

  1. PerformCB

PerformCB manages to be among the top 20 networks because of the experience that its people possess. In short, the cumulative industry experience of its experts amounts to a whopping four centuries!

Additionally, the network features a plethora of curated offers on a variety of online advertising verticals. This includes niches like Entertainment, Health, Financial, Dating, and Lifestyle, etc. It also has an impressive client list, illustrating its credibility. Experts at Optizmo Technologies are particularly appreciative of the platform’s “commitment to compliance” and role in “eliminating online fraud.”

  1. Click Dealer

While a relatively new network, Click Dealer has managed to gain different accolades since its launch in 2012.

Mainly, the network offers solutions for popular sectors like Ecommerce, retail, gaming, and mobile. However, you will also find considerably fun incentives for social media and software niches, which make the platform a beneficial network to invest in.

  1. TravelPayouts

Travelpayouts has a clientele of over 200,000 webmasters and travel bloggers. As you can guess from its name, the network is dedicated to the travel niche. Therefore, if you are looking to invest in a travel affiliate network, this is your best bet.

The network has over 80 affiliate programs for boosting your conversion rates. The dashboard of the network is also easy to navigate and features multilingual support.

  1. Advendor

Advendor is particularly popular among affiliates. This is because, unlike all the other CPA networks on the list, the process of approving affiliates in Advendor is not as strict. Instead, the platform approves requests within a day, keeping in mind they are credible.

Additionally, it also gives advertisers direct access to its affiliate pool. This helps advertisers in developing their advertising plan, as per their discretion.

  1. Admitad

This network has over 2000 advertisers on its platforms. What makes it stand out is its proposition. It doesn’t just deliver interstitial and convention ad solutions. Instead, it also allows affiliates to create contextual ads for optimum monetization of traffic.

In other words, you won’t have to worry about annoying your visitors with pop-ups and still monetize your content at the same time.

  1. CPAMatica

CPAMatica mainly focuses on two niches – sweepstakes and dating. This is because the niches are highly popular among affiliates due to their significantly higher payouts.

However, you will also find offers on health, weight loss, beauty, and gaming, even if not to the same extent and payout. Regardless, the network has over 1000 offers for publishers and advertisers to choose from.

  1. AdCombo

AdCombo is known for delivering offers that feature high payouts. Compared to other networks, it offers great conversions in landings and pre-sale pages, which are available in over 40 languages.

Integration with popular platforms ensures that significant online traffic is targeted. Users are given the ability to design customized ads. When you add this to the quick payouts and smooth interface, it is easy to understand why the platform is a success.

 In a case study, Naz Ozzy, an affiliate marketer, reported that he received great conversions in his campaign via the network.

  1. Toro Advertising

This European CPA network has a portfolio that includes thousands of offers. These offers are spread over various verticals ranging from finance to mobile content. The network also operates in over 90 countries, making its audience and solution quite prevalent.

While in the initial months, the network pays out on a monthly basis; you can soon change the frequency to weekly.  

  1. DMS Performance Ad Market

DMS Performance Ad Market was previously known as W4. The network makes use of dependable and advanced technology to offer affiliate programs that are best likely to boost conversions.

Affiliates and advertisers on the network find its transparency and campaign optimization to be its biggest strengths.

  1. Mobidea

This CPA network specialized in mobile affiliate marketing. In fact, it is an award-winning mobile CPA network.

 The platform has over 130,000 affiliates in its portfolio. It offers effective account management and personalized support to all affiliates, with payments allowed to be cashed out every week.

  1. Madrivo

To ensure that the affiliates, and by extension, the CPA network earns handsome revenue, Mardrivo offers access to offers from the top brands of the world.

It also offers an extensive range of verticals, ranging from popular verticals like online dating to niches like pet subscription boxes.

  1. GlobalWide Media

For some reason, this CPA Network hasn’t managed to ensure brand recognition. What it has managed to do is work with the biggest businesses in the world. Whether it be AliExpress or Jumia, various advertisers’ offers can be found on the network.

Additionally, the platform generates over 3 billion USD worth of sales for their advertisers – something which illustrates their quality.

  1. PeerFly

This US-based CPA network is among the highest paying affiliate networks currently operating in the world. It has over four thousand active offers from 165 countries. You can find over 75,000 publishers and 2000 advertisers on the platform.

Apart from CPA, it also provides CPI and CPL offers. This gives affiliate managers the ability to choose their bidding models as per their needs.

  1. Adscend Media

Adscend Media operates in over 180 countries. It has gained appreciation from publishers and advertisers alike for its quality offers and impeccable customer services.

One of its unique features is the professional content locker that sends offers to site visitors as per the residence country of the visitor.

  1. A4D

This CPA solution is classified as a performance marketing network.  You can find thousands of advertisers, along with credible affiliates from different parts of the world.

The network is popular for its traffic filtering, which ensures that only valid traffic is reached to the advertiser’s platform. Some of the verticals it has offers in include beauty and fitness, health, finance, and Ecommerce.

  1. Above All Offers

This network pays its affiliates per every conversion. Therefore, it is ideal for publishes whose blogs or websites garner high traffic.

Its team is active 24/7 to address the queries of its customers and resolve issues. It features weekly payouts and has a low minimum payment threshold.

  1. CPATrend

CPATrend is a lauded performance-based marketing company that is specifically known for offering one of the best support teams in the industry. Not only do they help in resolving issues, but they also guide affiliates and advertisers about the best way to make money via the network.

It offers high payouts and quality campaigns and allows customers to choose between weekly or bi-weekly payments.

Ending Remarks

Whether you are an advertiser wishing to increase the reach of your brand or a publisher wanting to monetize your website or blog, make use of any of these quality CPA networks. Let us know how it fares for you.

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