Top 5 Business ideas in Kolkata you must think about

The world is evolving and so is the style of doing business. Business today is a lot different from how it used to be earlier. Earlier financing was a bit difficult where our major investments were dependent on our friends and family but today we do not need to worry about the investment all you require is a box idea and the relevant expertise and experience.

If you have dreamt of building your idea but lack the funds, there are various schemes and angel funding schemes that provide money for your idea. And all this is possible is due to the evolution of the internet.

Through this, we will be discussing the top 5 most profitable business ideas in Kolkata. Business is not a gamble for sure and depends on certain factors, location is one of them.

So, if you are planning to open your profitable business in Kolkata you require to have certain information about the same. Kolkata can be regarded as a traditional state that still depends on traditional handcrafted products.

Top Business Ideas in Kolkata

The city is always open to new ideas all because of less government involvement. Not only this Kolkata is a famous tourist attraction thus making the businesses here succeed a lot. The city is even awarded as the third most productive metropolitan city. So, below are some of the best ideas that you can have if you are opting to start a business in Kolkata.

Traditional Music Centre

We say that the diction that the people of Kolkata used is the sweetest. Just like their sweets, they have the sweetest demeanor. But music is the heart of Kolkata and it has become mandatory for the local people to indulge themselves in traditional music and the various instruments.

So, if you want you can start your own music center or school there to promote traditional music more. The return for the same can turn out to be huge. You can start by hiring traditional music teachers to teach the students vocal as well as instrumental music.

Art Dealer/Enthusiasts

Kolkata is a fond place to make memories with art. The people here are art lovers and givers. This is the reason why there is a lot of demand for the painting and art pieces by the local people and the tourists as well.

If you are a painter or an artist you can simply sell your art pieces for a lot of profit. Especially the traditional portraits that are preferred by both the tourists and local people. The business not only generates profits but can even develop you into a famous individual.

Textile Business

The fastest and the best-growing businesses in the city are textile businesses. Kolkata’s textile is always in the talk and is immensely attractive to tourists. Indian traditional art is what attracts tourists more.

This is surely a major profitable business idea which is not only confined to the tourists but the locals also prefer the same. You can start the textile business as a wholesaler and even work as a retailer for the local shops. All you require is to actualize your business model. 

Tours and Travel Business

Kolkata surely has a rich history with some great infrastructure which is basically the most important factor for the tourist attraction. And for the tourists to come to the city they always tend to hire tours and travel agencies, not only this the travel agency there is said to be one of the profitable small business ideas all because of the support that is rendered by the government of  West Bengal. 

Jewelry Business

Jewelry is one of the items that attract most people in Kolkata. It is a statement of the women in Kolkata. You can think of it as a small business idea for the tourists as well.

With a prominent tourist base, traditional jewelry is one thing you can use to attract them. The market is huge and promising but remember to follow the trend. You can make various pieces according to requirements. Not only this, try keeping in touch with the traditional artisans as well.


Starting a business in Kolkata can be easy but it is important to look into some of the factors while indulging in business activity in a place like Kolkata. You require first-hand knowledge of the market of Kolkata and seek all the critical points to look for.

Having sound knowledge will be the first step to your journey of being an entrepreneur. The above are the top 5 business ideas in Kolkata from which you may make inferences for your business planning in Kolkata for a similar line. And if you ought to look into a different domain for business in the city you can try for the same as well.

Because nothing starts with just thoughts you require proper planning for the same. All this article hopes is for you to get an image of how you can start your own venture in a city like Kolkata.

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