Top 20 Best Appointment Scheduling Software

Today’s business era keeps you on toes and you might be held with too many things in your mind. It is important for the businesses to stay ahead of the competition by staying organized. If you are running a business it would be really hectic to manage your daily tasks and activities as you might be handling all at a time. So, how do you stay organized and schedule your appointments with your business clients? With the help of the appointment software it is easy to book your appointments, track them, get reminders and miss out none of your appointments to grow to business.

When the software industry is spoilt with choices of appointment scheduling software products, which one would be the best to choose? Which would be cost effective? Which would be user-friendly? Here is the answer to all your questions that pops up! The list below is the top 20 best appointment scheduling software. 

1. Hupport

If you are looking for a best free appointment scheduling software, Hupport is one of the best appointments scheduling software in the market today. 

Hupport allows you to book appointments effortlessly. It is absolutely user-friendly and comes with handful of features for easily scheduling appointment. For small businesses, this Hupport software is a very brilliant choice. It supports multiple appointments and meetings like one-on-one, collective or group and round-robin. Also SMS alerts on the appointment status are highly effective.

Pros of Hupport 

  • Customization of appointments eliminates to and fro of emails between business and clients. Highly user-friendly.

Pricing of Hupport 

  • Contact sales for pricing

2. 10to8 

Ideal for small businesses, 10to8 online scheduling appointment software helps you with booking appointments. It has an easy-to-use platform that let you communicate with your clients conveniently. 

Pros of 10to8 

In the free version, you can create up to 100 appointments free per month and this appointment scheduling software can run on desktop and mobile.

Cons of 10to8

  • User Interface is completely out-dated

Pricing of 10to8 

Free Plan: 10to8 free version offers 100 appointments per month for small businesses.

Paid Plan:

  • The paid plan for 10to8 starts at $12 per month.
  • This software offers a 20% discount on yearly plans.

3. Calendly 

Calendly is cloud-hosted appointment software that solves the problem of using the manual scheduling process. It is simple and easy to use. However it comes with its own pros and cons. Group scheduling and mobile access are the main features of it.

Pros of Calendly 

While this software is ideal for both small and medium-sized businesses it can be integrated with your calendar apps to set reminders.

Cons of Calendly 

  • Calendar reminders are available only on certain events

Pricing of Calendly 

  • Calendly offers a free trial and the Paid Plan is as follows,
  • The premium plan of Calendly starts at $8 per month.
  • Pro plan for Calendly starts at $12 per month.

4. Appointment-Plus 

Appointment-Plus is cloud-based scheduling software that is ideal for all sizes of businesses. Calendar sync and mobile friendly usage are the main features of it.

Pros of Appointment-Plus 

Helps in tracking the client’s appointment history and if you are looking for medical appointment scheduling software, this one would be good to use. 

Cons of Appointment-Plus 

  • Small businesses may find this software expensive.

5. Timely 

Timely is ideal for small businesses and freelancers like the one are looking for appointment scheduling software for beauty salon.

Pros of Timely 

It provides real time updates along with online booking

Pricing of Timely 

Timely offers a free trial for each plan.

Paid Plan:

  • Basic Plan: $15 per month.
  • Build Plan: $20 per month.
  • Elevate Plan: $30 per month.
  • Innovate Plan: $35 per month.


This particular software helps in integrating to multiple calendar apps and is free to use. However this might be suitable for only small businesses and freelancers.

Pros of can be integrated with various calendar apps and help in real-time bookings

Cons of

It is quite not suitable for large businesses

7.Ovatu Manager

Ovatu Manager is excellent to work offline and it supports multiple appointment types. It comes with Built-in management system and has wide compatability.

Pricing of Ovatu Manager

Free plan: Ovatu Manager is available in a free version and offers a free trial for all plans.

Paid Plans:

  • Solo: $15 per month.
  • Small: $30 per month.
  • Medium: $50 per month.
  • Large: $75 per month.

8. AppointmentCore 

You can create meetings slots as per your convenience and it aids you in auto-scheduling and calendar sync of your appointments. As this software sends remainder before 48 hours of the event, you can stay alert and also you can integrate with multiple calendar apps.

Pricing of AppointmentCore

AppointmentCore offers a 30 day free trial for each plan.

Paid Plan:

  • Personal plan: $27 per month.
  • Team Plan: $47 per month.
  • Professional Plan: $87 per month.

9. TimeTap 

Timetap provides support via mails and calls and is easily available in both iOS and Android versions for easy online scheduling of the meetings and appointments. Recurring scheduling and booking management systems are the major highlights of this software.

Pricing of TimeTap

Free Plan: TimeTap has a free version and offers a free trial for the paid plans.

Paid Plan:

  • Professional Solo: $24.95 per month.
  • Professional Team: $39.95 per month.
  • Business Solo: $44.95 per month.
  • Business Team: $74.95 per month.

10. Flash Appointments 

Flash appointments are cloud-based and it may not be ideal for businesses as it is meant to be effecient for tracking attendance mainly.

Pros of Flash Appointments

This software is effective in tracking attendance.

Pricing of Flash Appointments

  • Flash Appointments offer a 30-day free trial.
  • Flash Appointments cost ranges from $10 to $125 per month.

11. Acuity Scheduling 

Acuity is and online scheduling appointment software that helps to integrate with multiple calendars and different time zone. This is appointment scheduling software is user-friendly and can be easily accessed from mobile phone.

Pricing of Acuity Scheduling

Free Plan: It has a free version named Freebie. Acuity Scheduling offers a 7-day free trial for all plans.

Paid Plan:

  • Emerging Plan: $15 per month.
  • Growing Plan: $25 per month.
  • Powerhouse Plan: $50 per month.

12. Bookafy 

Bookafy is an online appointment booking system that is best suited for small businesses. It comes at an affordable price and allows an online booking payment option at the appointment booking phase.

Pricing of Bookafy

Free Plan: Bookafy has a free version with an unlimited appointment booking feature. It also offers a 7-day free trial for each plan.

Paid Plan:

  • Pro Plan: $7 per month.
  • Pro+ Plan: $11 per month.

13. Front Desk

Front Desk is one of the best client management systems and is the online scheduling appointment software which is bit pricey.

Cons of Front Desk

  • Front Desk is expensive.

Pricing of Front Desk

Free Plan: Front Desk offers a free trial for each plan.

Paid Plan:

  • Standard Plan: $29 per month.
  • Pro Plan: $69per month.
  • Plus Plan: $109 per month.

14. vCita

vCita is ideal for small and midsize businesses for scheduling and rescheduling appointments when and wherever required. 

Pricing of vCita

Free Plan: vCita offers a free basic plan and a business plan. It offers a 14-day free trial.

Paid Plan:

  • Essentials Solo: $19 per month.
  • Business Solo: $45 per month.
  • Platinum Solo: $75 per month.
  • Business Team: $45 per month.
  • Platinum Team: $75 per month.
  • Platinum 10 Team: $117 per month.
  • Platinum 20 Team: $196 per month.

15. Checkfront

Checkfront is one of the best appointment booking software products for travel industry or travel business and can be integrated with online services and bookings. It is one of the awesome business management and helps in online payment during booking appointment.

Pricing of Checkfront

Free Plan: It offers a 21-day free trial from each plan.

Paid Plan:

  • Soho Plan: RM42 per month.
  • Pro Plan: RM84 per month.
  • Plus Plan: RM169 per month.

16. Bookeo

Like Chekfront, Bookeo software is best suited for travel. However it is suitable for all other sizes of businesses. It helps in activity booking like tours bookings and provides special tools for the same. It can be integrated with calendars to set reminders.

Pricing of Bookeo

Free Plan: Bookeo doesn’t have a free version, but it offers a free trial of 30 days.

Paid Plan:

  • Solo Plan: $14.95 per month.
  • Small Plan: $29.95 per month.
  • Standard Plan: $39.95 per month.
  • Large Plan: $79.95 per month.

17. HouseCall Pro

HouseCall Pro is the online scheduling appointment software to manage various businesses. It can be effectively used by clients and staff members.  

Pricing of HouseCall Pro

Free Plan: It offers a 14-day free trial.

Paid Plan:

  • Start Plan: $49 per month.
  • Grow Plan: $109 per month.
  • Manage Plan: $199 per month.

18. Appointy 

Appointy online scheduling appointment software is ideal for small businesses and also comes with a free version. It is absolutely easy to use and comes with booking and payment options with wide compatibility. .

Pricing of Appointy

Free Plan: Appointy has a free plan with basic features.

Paid Plan:

  • Growth Plan: $19.99 per month.
  • Professional Plan: $49.99 per month.
  • Enterprise Plan: $79.99 per month.

19. Setmore

If you are looking for a free online scheduling appointment platform for your business, then Setmore is a good choice. With 24/7 online scheduling feature, this software helps you handle your tasks easily. It can be accessed from mobile (both iOS and Android) and also supports multiple calendar integration.

Pricing of Setmore

Free Plan: It offers a free version for starting.

Paid Plan: Premium Plan: $25 per month and Live Booking: $89 per month.

20. Plus 24/7

Plus 24/7 offers location-based booking with ETA alerts. It can also work with social networking pages and helps with invoicing feature.

Pricing of Plus 24/7

Free Plan: It offers a free trial for businesses.

Paid Plan:

  • The monthly price of Plus 24/7 is $29. It also includes a one-time setup fee of $4.95.

Out of 20 online appointment scheduling software products, all seems to be the best online appointment scheduling software that helps in boosting your business operations.

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