50 Amazon Affiliate Website Examples: Making Money in a Niche

Working remotely continues to grow popular as the days go by. This has proven that people all over the world continue to shift to becoming digital nomads. Some of the ways that people try to work remotely include engaging in affiliate marketing, putting up their own business on eCommerce websites, and offering their skills for hire.

Many people invest in a website in order to start earning money through becoming an Amazon affiliate. But what do you need to learn about becoming an Amazon affiliate? Should you study the Amazon SEO guide in order to get ahead from your competition?

Defining an Amazon affiliate website

An Amazon affiliate website is a website that profits by linking products from their website to an Amazon store. The website is not limited to a blog only. It could also be a platform that mentions items on the review websites that link back to Amazon. This way, customers easily add to cart or buy that product instantly.

Bloggers mention some products within their blog posts and make sure they link it to the page on the Amazon store. Others include photos or even small ads that show products that are on Amazon. Surely, these ads link back to the Amazon page.

What happens when people engage with the links or ads is that the blogger or the website owner earns a commission. This happens especially when someone clicks through and orders something from Amazon. Usually, they get at least 5-10% from the total amount of the purchase. The activities connected to the link are being tracked by Amazon through a unique code within the link.

Finding your niche

Everything begins with a single idea that continues to unravel as you go along the way. Wanting to start a business seems simple. It gets complex when you factor in the niche you want to try to get into, as well as choosing the platform you’ll use in order to put up your store. With everything that’s going on, the eCommerce platform overcomes almost anything. Not only that, but if you choose Amazon to be your platform, you also need to think about your Amazon product launch and how your business will flourish.

One great tip to remember: make sure you have plans from A-Z so you won’t get stuck when your initial plan does not follow through.

Picking a niche involves research, choosing your target market, choosing a platform, and even determining the process on how you will do your business. Follow these tips in order to find your niche.

Know your interests and your passions

People get interested in so many things. This happens even in movies and hobbies. The first step in discovering your niche is to list down your interests as soon as possible. Putting up your own business is not as easy as it seems. Working in a field that never got you interested may result in a catastrophe, especially if this is your first business ever.

Here are some guide questions to help you discover what your interests are:

  • What do you do during your free time? Do you look forward to doing activities?
  • Do you have any hobbies that never faded away?
  • Are you a member of any clubs or organizations?
  • What topics make you curious ?
  • Do you research these topics during your free time?

Determine problems that you can solve

After discovering the topics that interest you, you now proceed to the next step. You eliminate other problems that hinder you from flourishing. When you aspire to start a business that earns profit, you determine problems that your target market currently faces. After, check what solutions you have for those problems.

How to identify problems in very specific areas:

  • Conduct a survey of your target market
  • Lurk on online forums
  • Research on relevant keywords

Study the competition

Every industry has competition, and studying the rival businesses is not a bad thing. Some research yields that business owners may have already chosen a profitable niche even from the start. Doing a complete and thorough study about the rival websites and stores gives you an edge. Save all these data in a file then you can go back to it from time to time.

Identify the profitability of your chosen niche

While choosing the niche that you want to put your business in, you always think about how to obtain a return on investment. Though maybe you have not chosen your niche from the list you have made previously,  you need to ensure that your niche is profitable, too.

Remember that when you start your business, you don’t necessarily have to manufacture the products. You may start as a reseller of a specific business then slowly create yours. In order to boost your sales, you may need Amazon PPC advertising to reach more people.

Niche site ideas

This list gives you insights on the different niches you can dabble into for your business. Look into these ideas and check out which interests you. If you feel that you may flourish in one or two niches, then you may list them down then narrow that list down afterwards.

  1. Arts and Crafts
    1. Beading
    2. Crochet
    3. Craft organization
    4. Designing storage
    5. Knitting
  2. Beauty
    1. Hair care
    2. Makeup
    3. Nails
    4. Skin care
  3. Technology
    1. Computers
    2. Laptops
    3. Anti-virus software
    4. Printers
    5. Scanners
    6. Monitors

When you find your niche, you become ready to start your website and become an Amazon affiliate.

Examples of successful Amazon affiliate websites

Before you start your own website and join an affiliate program, better make sure that you do your research to gather all the data you need.

This Is Why I’m Broke

People browse the internet for cool gifts and unique mementos to give to their loved ones. They browse the entire internet to look for these things. One notable thing about this website is that with all the products they enumerate, these connect to Amazon. Hence, it makes it easier to check out and get those products.

One common factor about affiliate websites such as this is that they use various SEO tools in order to find relevant keywords for the products. These keywords are to be included in the posts, titles, and product descriptions within the website.

Some factors that you need to consider before applying as an affiliate marketer:

  • Monthly visitors
  • Domain authority
  • Page authority
  • Average post length

Consumer Search

This particular website humbly started out as a review website. It provided customers with feedback about various products which eventually helped them decide whether or not to purchase. Soon, it grew and became an Amazon affiliate. Now, it continues to grow as a review website motivating people to purchase the right products for their lifestyle.

Gift Idea Geek

This website has the same feel as This Is Why I’m Broke. You immediately recognize and notice that it is built as an affiliate website. Their niche caters to products with a huge geek and pop culture influence. You’ll see various gifts classified for couples, friends, and geeks who love Star Wars, Alien vs. Predator, and so much more.

What sets them apart from other affiliate websites is that they use a satirical approach to captivate their audience to click through their products. Moreover, they have a blog section where they share various items that will entice you to check out.

The Wire Cutter

People look for detailed reviews and feedback before they check out an item on their cart. They make sure that they have all the information they need before deciding which one to choose. The Wire Cutter is one of the best review sites on the internet. The provide the most honest feedback that takes time to explain what the product is all about. Their usual blog posts consist of at least 3,000 to 5,000 words.

The Sweet Home

This website is connected to the previous one that we mentioned, The Wire Cutter. It is another website that’s affiliated with Amazon. You’ll see various gadgets through their website reviews. You’ll notice it once you see their homepage.

Now, we’re pretty sure that starting your review website or blog may help you grow your reach and also help you become an affiliate very soon!

Gear Patrol

As mentioned in their website, they were founded in 2007, and they  inform customers about the best products they need in order to live a good life. Their website contains various stories about unearthing products across different categories not limited to cars, tech, styles, and even accessories!

Their website features a clean layout that makes it very friendly to the eyes. Through their video reviews, they reach out to people and gather at least 2.3 million monthly viewers! They believe that providing an informative review lets customers know that they can have a well-lived life through various appliances and gadgets.

Dog Food Advisor

Is there anyone at all who hates dogs or other fur babies? Well, you can never hate these cute creatures from heaven.

The website boasts of a clean and minimalistic look that gives information straightforwardly. Visiting the homepage brings you a cute image of a dog. If we’re not mistaken, it’s a Jack Russell terrier!

Through their website, they share blog posts and reviews about dogs which lets them reach out to 1.3 million people per month. Each blog post consists of at least 1,000 to 1,500 words.

Baby Gear Lab

Are you starting your own family anytime soon? If you are, this website is a must  for you to visit. Browsing all the baby websites is really preparing for becoming parents. But where do you begin?

This website helps new parents find the most reliable baby stuff that will help them when the baby comes. Some parents find it challenging to understand some terms, which is why this website does it so easily. Their reviews are quite easy to understand which makes parents buy those also.

Trivia: One of the most popular searched products is the convertible baby seat.

Best Covery

As we mentioned before, it is essential if you find your niche before you make a move. However, there are some websites such as this one that does not focus on a specific category. It’s safe to say that they’re a one-stop shop for things.

They create reviews of various gadgets, appliances, and even beauty products. Of course, the products mentioned are linked to Amazon. Their monthly visitors are at least 152,000.

Best Reviews

Do you like clean websites? This gives a professional look that you cannot get tired of. It’s easy to navigate and provides well-researched blog posts and reviews. You’ll notice their content is a mix of articles and videos that really give all the details that you need. Customers trust them as they really provide genuine and legitimate content.

What sets them apart? They buy the products themselves and refuse to to accept products directly from manufacturers to remain objective about the reviews. Therefore, they gather at least 3.1 million visitors every month. With that reach, there’s a higher chance of earning from the affiliate links within the website.

Top Ten Reviews

Older sites boast a heavy domain authority. This particular website was founded back in 2003. Moreover, that clearly explains why the website contains a lot of content. One of their strategies include using long-tail keywords in their lengthy articles to review products. Hence, this maximizes the SEO of every page within the website.

However, the main difference that sets this website apart from others is the number of digital content that they review. With the scope of their reviews spanning from antivirus software to credit card processing and even to mobile phones. Now, you may think that those are not the usual Amazon products but the digital content they produce earn commissions through the numerous affiliate links they include in their website.

Tom’s Hardware

Were you born during the 90s? This website came to life back in 1997 so if you do the Math, it’s older than most Gen Z’s these days. If you look at their name, you’ll think about construction materials and equipment used to build a house, but, Tom’s Hardware is really a space for people who like to build their own computers.

Now, this website is owned by Purch, the team behind Top Ten Reviews. It gets around 47.5 million visitors every month. Their content is at least around 500 to 1,000 words. Isn’t it easy to read?

Pick My Shaver

This website makes reviews for high-tier shaving equipment that combines lower end and higher end shavers. Their website has a clean website design that provides photos that help people understand and see the product. Comments and questions on the website are answered quickly. Website administrators continue to update with new content.

Other Amazon affiliate websites to check:

  1. Kids Tablets With Wifi
  2. Longboard Reviews
  3. Football Snack Helmets
  4. Outdoor Gear Lab
  5. Car Seat Answers
  6. Kitchen Faucet Divas
  7. Live Longer Running
  8. 100 Days of Real Food
  9. Inflatable Hot Tub Guide
  10. Smart Monkey Fitness
  11. Drills and Drivers
  12. Choose Wheels
  13. Lucie’s List
  14. Grow A Beard Now
  15. Bpillow
  16. The Best Espresso Machines
  17. A Great Shower
  18. Shaver List
  19. Top Drones For Sale
  20. Sewing Machine Judge
  21. The Rounding Sound
  22. Knife Informer
  23. Kitchen Knife Guru
  24. eScooter Box
  25. Microphone Geek
  26. Vacuum Judge
  27. Oomphed
  28. Top 5 Lawn Mowers
  29. Shredder Select
  30. Best Electric HoverBoard
  31. Massage Chair Land
  32. Cool Camping Gear
  33. Digital Trends
  34. Best Recliner
  35. Aquarium Adviser
  36. Canine Journal
  37. Thoroughly Reviewed
  38. Podcast Insights
  39. 101 Birthday Gift

5 things you’ll learn about these Amazon affiliate website examples

Browsing these websites will lead you to discovering various facts and reviews about products. However, these remarkable five things will help you get a grasp of Amazon digital marketing.

  1. Make sure you do keyword research for your content. Avoid using broad keywords. The more specific keywords you use, the better  your ranking.
  2. Reviews sites continue to gain traction. Among the list, most successful Amazon affiliate websites continue to create reviews that provide insight about certain products. Doing so entices customers to visit and click through the product.
  3. Content is key. The majority of these websites continuously create content with at least 700 words or more. In order to rank higher, you need to create sections within your blog post in order to help customers browse through it quickly. Plus, it allows you to include keywords in the subheadings and even in the body.
  4. Combine low and high price items, yet lean towards the higher-priced products. When you create product reviews, you don’t choose to review products that cost around $5-10 with at least 1,000 words. Remember that you get higher commissions for products with higher price.
  5. Lead the people to the Amazon store. A number of these websites generate sales through clicks to the products on the Amazon store. When people continue to consistently visit your website and click through those products, it’s more likely that they will buy.


Working remotely continues to evolve especially this year. One of the most popular ways to create another stream of income is to engage in affiliate marketing. By building your own niche website, you can do a lot of things. Creating content that converts is one of those. Make sure to remember these tips and start your own website!

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